Ok… do I really need to explain this? Just in case, here you go:

Beyond age 30, you begin to lose lean muscle. It is rare that science agrees on anything, but if there is one thing that all of science does agree on, it is the fact that the amount of lean muscle you have is directly correlated to living a longer, happier and healthier life. The reason being is muscle is essential for energy and movement and it regulates happy, feel-good hormones. Lean muscle is also responsible for strengthening the areas around the joints, which prevents issues like back pain and instability. Instability can lead to falling and falling is one of the main causes of death in elderly people.

Back pain can be absolutely debilitating and we want to prevent it, first and foremost, but when it comes up you want a trainer who knows how to deal with it ASAP.

If all you want is a cheap way to get in shape, which you might find around the corner or somewhere online, you can settle on anyone.

But if you want to ensure protection of your health, protection of your investment in your body, protection of your back, and you desire to transform your mind in a way where your body follows, then you are invited to call me at EarthFIT. The first thing we do is ask a few questions via the phone to see if you would be a good fit for our unique program.

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