#1: A patent pending, internationally successful back pain relief and back strengthening program called Relief4Life which all EarthFIT personal trainers are certified in. Each personal trainer has a degree in the health sciences field and the highest level of certification. Furthermore, EarthFIT personal trainers go through a rigorous in-house education system to ensure that they have the emotional intelligence, professionalism and knowledge to execute any program specific to the client’s desired results.

#2: High vibes and core values. One of our core values is to bring high energy and “vibes” that make coming to EarthFIT feel like an oasis. When you are having a bad day or just feeling down, you can count on EarthFIT to elevate your mood, mind, and energy, so that you feel refreshed and revitalized. If you are having a great day, EarthFIT steps it up a notch. Our other core values are Gratitude and Freedom. Gratitude for the fact that we are in the fitness industry and we GET TO help others change their lives; we are super grateful for this opportunity and take it very seriously. Discipline creates freedom. Many people think that freedom is doing whatever you want whenever you want. But if you do the little things habitually like exercise 30 minutes a day, that creates freedoms that many people never know exist, like high levels of energy that last all day or happiness that is hard to describe in words or being able to engage in rigorous challenging activities that now seem pretty easy. To me, that is true freedom.

#3: The short investment of time, only 30 minutes per training session.

#4: Diverse team of qualified professionals. You will usually find top trainers working on a team. The reason being is that they get to synergize knowledge.

#5: We only hire superstar personal trainers. (And we only take on serious clients who are ready to transform their lives.) I already mentioned a few of the characteristics that define a superstar personal trainer earlier in DEADLY SECRET#4. Another distinguishing superstar quality, that all of our personal trainers have, is good character. The best personal trainers have a high moral character. They are not sleeping with their clients. They aren’t trying to steal other personal trainer’s or gym’s clients. Superstar personal trainers focus on their craft, build value, exceed expectations and do what is best for their clients’ needs.

Personal trainers that always talk about themselves or other things that are not the goal or result oriented are a red-flag. The training session should be you-focused. How are you feeling today? What is your goal? What is the #1 thing that I can do to help you get to your goal? How does that weight feel for you? The whole session should be you-focused and designed based on what you want as a result.

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