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What is hormonal pain? Hormones play a major role in keeping us healthy and vibrant. Hormonal pain refers to the painful problems that occur when we have a disruption in the delicate balance of our hormones – the Hormone Hurricane of Pain…

What Is Hormonal Pain?

Thyroid disruption causes weight gain, muscle pain, and emotional pain when we start losing our hair, libido, and daily motivation.

Adrenal hormone disruption leads to pain by increasing inflammation, blood sugar levels, causing water retention, weight gain, and crushing fatigue.

Insulin hormone disruption causes blood sugar problems, lowering energy and increasing our risk of developing diabetes and dementia.

Estrogen and Progesterone disruption contributes to the pain of increased menstrual cramping, breast tenderness, increased risk of cancers, and infertility

Testosterone disruption can contribute to weight gain, severe fatigue, memory problems, as well as loss of muscle and motivation.

You may be asking yourself what can cause such severe hormone disruption and pain?

My good Friend, Dr. Peter Osborne, answers this and more in his new book, No Grain No Pain.

This new book is an absolute must read – especially if you are dealing with these types of issues without resolve. Dr. Osborne brings to light issues that no one else is talking about. Issues like –

  • Grainbesity
  • Grainflammation – why gluten free corn and rice products can sabotage your health
  • The Prescription Pain Trap
  • Gluten Free Whiplash
  • The Pain Futility Cycle
  • The Gluten Muscle Wasting Cycle
  • The 5 “Fire Walls” in the GI tract that stop leaky gut in its tracks

Right now, when you get your copy of No Grain No Pain, he is giving away A comprehensive Leaky Gut Recovery Guide (this is the same information he has been using in his clinic for 15 years). This comprehensive ebook – video combination is packed with essential information you need to combat autoimmune pain and disease. This offer expires in a few days, so make sure you take advantage of it now. The lifesaving value in this manual alone far exceeds the cost of the book.

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If you are struggling to find solutions to autoimmune pain in your life, if you have “tried everything” and still suffer, if you have seen every medical specialist and continue to struggle, this book may just be the answer you have been looking for.

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