“Hey, what’s going on? So the next supplement is amino complete. Now Amino Acids are the building blocks of the protein. So these are the subunits to create the protein. Most people don’t know this, but besides water, protein or amino acids are the second most weight mass in our body, right? So this stuff is helping to build the lean muscle, ligaments, tendons, all that connective tissue, right? It’s also going to help with weight loss because you’re stimulating the muscle. And the muscle is what consumes calories, especially in training. So to recover from training, this is a great source of nutrients. Amino acids. This also has whey protein involved with vitamin B6 cause vitamin B6 is essential for helping build amino acids or you know, getting them active in the body. And so amino complete is perfect for before training for energy and after training for recovery, you’ll recover faster, you’ll be less sore. Let me just run down and make sure I’m not missing anything on my, so this provides a balanced blend of amino acids. It includes whey protein like I mentioned in… healthy for building lean muscle. And that’s why this is really important. The goal of this is for strength and mass building, but it has other benefits but that’s the main goal. So anything like athletes looking to improve endurance or reduced respiratory exchange ratios. So improving your cardiovascular health, people looking to reduce the impact of stress on the body. Um, anyone looking for further for support of synthesis of protein and proper body functioning. Even vegetarians who are not getting enough protein or don’t know where to get their source of protein from, this can help tremendously.

What Are Amino Acids and How Do They Benefit You?

So amino acid complete, just think of it like this. When we talk about eating protein, we’re essentially talking about amino acid. There’s 11 essential and then there’s about 10 non essential amino acids. There’s some that you get from your food and there’s some that the body makes. These are the ones that you need to get from food. And if you’re not getting them… You’re going to be missing out because we want to get all amino acids at the same time. And called that the complete amino acid that’s going to help the building blocks of your body and build the muscle mass, make you stronger, make you faster, make you feel better, have more energy and a recovery. So numerous benefits from Amino complete.”

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