Personal Trainers come and go. I’d be incredibly wealthy if I had a dollar for every time I hear, “I used to be a personal trainer.”

The truth is many professionals aren’t willing to build on the craft, improve their skill over time and make it a serious profession.

While in NYC, I ran training departments for corporate gyms where I managed up to 40 trainers at any given time. About once a week, a personal trainer was leaving or being fired. The average trainer doesn’t last long in the industry. The average is 7 months. Once a trainer makes it past EarthFIT’s three-month certification process, our personal trainers stay, on average, 4 years. That is unheard of in the personal training industry.

In this industry, when trainers do leave, it is not uncommon for the people who developed a relationship with that person to be upset, and many times they can have an emotional reaction.  But the truth is, you are the only one that matters. You are exercising for yourself; not your personal trainer.

Even at the big box gyms I’ve worked at people would say, “Since my personal trainer is no longer here, I am leaving the gym because he was the best!” Then I would say, “Why don’t you give another personal trainer a shot? I will give you two free sessions with another personal trainer, fair enough?” The client would usually try the trainer out and after a couple sessions say, “I like him/her.” Then, in a few more sessions, they would say, “I actually like him/her better; she/he is the best! I haven’t been this sore in such a long time and didn’t realize what I was missing before.”

The point is, every qualified personal trainer has great assets, especially if they have the education, certification, knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence. Remember, you train and stay healthy for yourself and no one else.

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