Tired of Back Pain? Tired of not enjoying the things you’re used to? You’re not alone.  There are thousands of people who are trying everything to get back pain relief and return to their daily activities!

We have a number of members at EarthFIT who actually started off with the goal of simply relieving the low back pain they were experiencing on a daily basis. Not only have those members found relief, they are now training hard and doing things they never would have imagined.

One of those success stories is our very own Susan Trogdon, and this month we are highlighting her along with her husband and fellow EarthFITter, Doug.

Doug and Susan joined EarthFIT 6 years ago. Susan was the first of this dynamic duo to join. At the time Susan was suffering from debilitating back pain, and in the most serendepitous of scenarios she came across EarthFIT’s Back Pain Relief4Life program. Before coming to EarthFIT she had seen two doctors, had MRIs, steroid shots, 7 weeks of PT. One doctor said she would need to wear a back brace and another doctor said she would need to have surgical intervention to remove a disc in her back. Susan was told she would probably not kayak again and running was definitely out of the quesiton, but she signed up, got the relief, and has never looked back! After witnessing her amazing transformation: her back pain was gone, she was enjoying her activities again, becoming healthier and stronger, Doug decided to see what EarthFIT could do for him.

NOW… Two years ago, Four years after joining EarthFIT Doug and Susan decided to compete in their first Spartan Race (Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty), and to date, they have competed in 6 Spartan Races! They said the hardest race was in Asheville, NC, a 8-10 mile race with 25 obstacles, which included climbing a mountain and successfully completing an obstacle at the top! What made this race so tough, was that it had rained in Asheville for a week making the course extremely muddy and the creeks waist high with water! Doug and Susan completed the race in a grueling 4 hours and 51 minutes. WOW! Talk about a transformation: limited in the movements of day to day life, doing the basic things we sometimes take for granted, to racing through mud and water and climbing a mountain pain free. Now that’s EARTHFIT 😀

“Much of what we do at EarthFIT mimics the obstacles. Training at EarthFIT definitely prepared us for our races!!! Awesome Training for OCRs!”

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