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“Before the Thoracic Spine Program, I was always in pretty good shape. I did swimming, I did weights and yoga… But I’ve always had a bit of a hunch in me and it wasn’t until I worked with Ian on a Thoracic Spine Program where I was able to actually open up my chest, get my spine more aligned and from that I got benefits in everything I did. I recently got back into swimming. My swimming has been stronger than it ever was been, I haven’t swam in 10 years and then also with yoga, weightlifting at the EarthFIT studio but also, just at my desk I find myself, I catch myself hunching over at my desk where before I wasn’t even aware of it and same thing in the car. So the two places I spend a lot of my time during the day – in the car and also at the desk. I’ve been able to improve my spine and probably the best thing is I sleep better and actually feel better during the day because you know my spine is aligned, I can breathe better, I can think better. I feel better, but I also feel better about how I look and how I move about the world, like I think I move better because of the Thoracic Spine workout.

I think in all the things that I’ve done like when I look back, yoga, especially like the yoga and swimming because those are the things I’ve done for many, many years… I think the thing about this is that this really keyed in on an area where I was weak and that’s where my posture was causing different parts of my body not to function as well. And I think this has been probably the most important thing I’ve done in my exercise program because it benefits all the other exercise that I do including golf. I went out to the golf range for the first time and I actually was able to swing the club better. Now I don’t know whether I just had a good day but I really think the Thoracic Spine especially when you address the ball, you look at some golfers they normally have pretty good postures when they do that because their body can move better so even something like golf I don’t do as much as I’d like to but I still enjoy, I’m actually playing better golf too.

And the other great thing about this is that through the training I was able to do this at home and no matter if I’m at home, if I’m on the road I had just 2 bands that I bring with me and I can do all these workouts with those 2 bands. And so again, it’s a great workout that you can do on the road, at home and then I really like the idea of being able to spread this out in the community where you know, like I said, a small group of people would be able to do this either once or three times a week or whatever it maybe I think it’s a great opportunity for the people that are currently working out at EarthFIT gym but even the ones that aren’t, I mean there’s just so many things that they can get from this that will help them in whatever things that they’re doing whether it’s swimming or golf or any kind of other exercise program. I’d just say you know the sleeping, I mean you sleep better but if you think about it, if the spine is aligned, that means it’s going to perform better and I don’t think that’s a new concept but I haven’t felt that because my spine hasn’t been in line and so why I’ve been doing this which is I think we’ve been doing this for about 3 Months now. I’ve been doing the 4 workouts that are in Ian’s video religiously everyday and that only takes 10 minutes, that’s the other thing I’ve been sharing with friends of mine and I’m saying that this is something that you can do at home, anywhere on the road and it only takes no more than 10 minutes if you want to workout with it you can but it’s the consistency of doing it everyday that’s important. My God! It’s like improving everything I do.”

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