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Finca Bella Vista – Wim Hof Method Testimonials

“Before coming to Costa Rica for the Wim Hof Retreat, I was skeptical about how much I could change in a couple of days so definitely I haven’t done something like this where the intention is in a short amount of time to have some kind of big impact or big lasting change or big change and so I’ve never done it before so I was skeptical, I mean I was excited to come cause it’ll still going to be a nice time and a cool environment but definitely skeptical about impact in 2 days.

It feel grateful that I happen to opened that email and I went for it and I came and made it here. The last 3 days has been a pretty eye opening experience for me. I felt like I entered a new realm, you know it was a big deal for me.

I would absolutely would recommend this to everybody else… you know what I think about the instructors and just this setup, it really is necessary that both you guys really I think brought so much for me that’s you had to ask yourself in today’s world people think we can get anything any time right? Because we have internet all the time, we have the solution right? That everything is always available but the truth is that it’s not so that like to get this time with you guys in this setting you’re actually able to physically be with us and to impart your wisdom, experience to be able to chat with you and so on. You can’t do that anytime and so the point is that these kinds on retreat, trips… they’re so necessary to break through this ways and to really get into these things. Online stuff is great but it cannot take the place of what (at least for me) this 3 days has been.

I said I thought I’ve been doing this sort of and I definitely wasn’t. It’s nice and relaxing but it wasn’t transformative and I feel like here I’ve kind of really have my mind opened to this whole other way of energising myself. I’m really glad I came, I also have these community of like-minded people that I feel connected to. I did not have coffee today and I don’t know what time it is but I’ve been up for probably 12 hrs you know I feel really good. And I think it’s something I would’ve also not believed if you have told me “you know what you’re going to do this, you are going to start breathing, bring oxygen into your brain and into your body and you are not going to…” you’re going to see even if you don’t have coffee you’re going to feel good, I would never have believed that.”



“Plug for the retreat here on why it was so good: When you follow your heart and when you are doing… when you are becoming your best self and like making progress towards that in whatever way that you can, it’s so cool how everything lines up so even just coming from the cabin, the 30min. hike was like the most fun hike like there are butterflies landing on us, there’s like a Toucan and it’s like everything is so magical. If you see the world as 2D, it’s like you suddenly see that as 3D, it’s like they’re like suddenly so much more like everything is more like tactile… just try it for yourself.

You don’t have to rely on a drug or a pharmaceutical necessarily or anything like that like we have so much within us, that all those things can unlock and then we can unlock within ourselves so that was like a really potent, like wow! Something is happening here! Just so powerful and I was not expecting that layer and it was like way I’m like here it’s a huge benefit that was pretty awesome and I think it also gives you more mastery of your own self so when you do meet in a center for whatever you are doing, it’s a lot more powerful.

Actually there are some pain in my body that went away too like some aching, it was like unpleasant and then I kept breathing and then it was gone and it was okay…. So if you like have that breath it’s like boom! Like reach hard so that’s like such an excellent state to meet your partner.

I don’t even know how to explain it, you just have to try that for yourself… because you can dive so much deeper and unlock your superhuman abilities.

Yeah I’d recommend to do it. Say how you’d feel. I highly highly recommend it. It’s a tremendous experience. Yes I would definitely recommend this for anybody, everybody and also especially couples… the benefit of doing it with someone else is just like you synchronize the breath, you get the neuro level… it’s more like in-depth you get like a deeper connection.”

Jake and Astrid


“I would absolutely recommend this retreat to anyone interested in healing their body or healing their mind or just to you know become centered and present in life. This experience has been over the top because we are surrounded by nature and being in nature you feel so much more connected to your surroundings rather than doing this in a classroom or office setting, its really special to hear the birds around you, to put your feet in the river and we actually had a ton of animals come up when we are doing the breathing exercises this morning because all of our energy was so intense doing this and I thought that was really special.

The food here has been absolutely amazing, the best chili sauce I’ve ever had. It’s amazing how fresh and organic food tastes when you are living in a property that it comes from.

The positive benefits that I’ve gain have been a decrease in pain from a chronic injury I have as well as my mentality has been very clear and my happiness has increased as well.

This experience has been over the top because we are surrounded by nature and being in nature you feel so much more connected to your surroundings rather than doing this in a classroom or office setting, its really special to hear the birds around you, to put your feet in the river and we actually had a ton of animals come up when we are doing the breathing exercises this morning because all of our energy was so intense doing this and I thought that was really special.

Before I came here I was very skeptical about the ice bath because I am a little bit afraid of putting my entire body in a bath of ice. The cold therapy isn’t necessarily as scary as I thought it would be. Growing up in a warm environment I was pretty terrified to do it although once I get into the bath and you relax your mind, you can really control how you feel in there.”

I’ve already noticed positive benefits from using the breathing and ice bath within just 3 days which has been amazing.

I also did some work this morning and I noticed that I was answering emails and I was making them sounds so happy and I was putting that through this positive experience into real life situations and influencing my work habits around that.”



“Just simply changing your breath pattern and oxygenate yourself and changing the ph to your blood you can have some real top notch things that scientist have been searching for you know the fountain of youth, if you will. I’m just, the only thing that I’m sad about is I didn’t find this when I was 20… I’m 55.

Of course everybody says they’re skeptical, of course I was skeptical you know does this really work… Is there some kind of magic formula to make me feel better, and make me live longer, make me happier….

Amazing! First of all Finca Bella Vista, the experience I had here was unmatched, we go to a lot of seminars and summer experiences my wife and I and this was amongst the top because this is something that I can actually bring home and change my life and I hope change a lot of people that I know around me, their life.

During our stay at Finca Bella Vista, our instructors were amazing! I have to thank both of them for potentially changing our life and you know if we can change our life and we can change 3 or 4 people around us and it kinda goes to the world wide.”



“I’m a mother of 2 children that also came, 1 participated with her boyfriend and my husband came and participated with us in a Wim Hof Retreat at Finca Bella Vista.

Finca Bella Vista – you are living with nature every second that you are here from the minute you arrive you are brought in by lush tropical plants and trees and unbelievable birds and butterflies- fluorescent butterflies. They just make you realise how beautiful this earth is in this world that we’re living, such joy and peace and meaning to each of our lives, and especially I feel it, specially to my life. But what a beautiful spot and how in tuned in nature this whole building is, this whole creation is. That is just so well done and you are actually up in the clouds in the rainforest and it’s truly a moving experience of it’s own just being in nature and being in this place.

Food is amazing because the food is brought in from this organic garden and it’s all fresh and you can’t not enjoy every bite.

I was very skeptical about cold therapy and I also hate being cold but I watched people that I admire and respect to do it and learned that there were benefits to the cold and cold is very very hard for me and for myself to get in there 3 days in a row is shocking to my own self. I can’t believe I did that but I got in and I got in by focusing my mind to take me to a different place and a place that has enlightened me, brought me much joy, much closer to my true inner self and my nature by being in this place and nature, by doing the breathing and the cold therapy.

It’s very challenging but very freeing at the same time and freeing in the sunset well. There’s so many things in life that could be challenging but our worth challenging yourself far.

Well, people that are living in fear I think specially should try this because I think so many people live in fear feeling better, feeling what they really should feel and they’re feeling just what the world’s telling them to feel and they need to try this because they need to feel alive and not just as for themselves but for the whole world that we live in. I think the connection and the community and being part of the nature here makes you feel like a bigger part than just yourself and that’s beautiful.”



“I think part of what was great about this experience was doing it with a group of people, was actually having face to face interaction with instructors and doing it with other students and there’s something really great that happens when you are in a group versus just doing something on your own. I almost didn’t come because you know life, I was busy, there’s always something else to do. To make it here, I’m really happy that I came… This retreat has drawn really, really amazing people, instructors are fun, the people are fun and I think in the end of the day really we all do this to… we can just be happy and have a good time. It was like a big party. What I learned here… just as going to amplify what I’m able to do at home, this is healing like when I get in here, my body is gonna heal and my body loves that. It’s amazing. It’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna feel so good!

This whole place is amazing, just the beauty of doing this in this air, outdoor, in the sun, with this great food… oh I would absolutely recommend this. You know you have to take the time and investment  in yourself to do it. Being a retreat when you have 1 on 1 instruction is very valuable. It’s different than doing things online. It really is… I know there’s a lot of education you can get online now but I think when you are with someone face to face, it just makes a huge difference.”



“I would definitely recommend this experience. I think so many people tend to go on vacation and feel the need to I guess let loose in certain ways and a lot of people find themselves after vacations tired. This experience I think for anybody is just truly relaxing and really healthy in so many aspects. I feel just dramatically more relaxed, more peace, healthier. I never slept so well, so deep. It’s been great, just naturally getting up with the sun, location in the Costa Rican jungle, as well as the Wim Hof breathing and connecting with nature all really intrigued me to want to come here. I’ve never been this deep into the jungle and lived in a tree house for several days and been so close to nature as well as been surrounded by so many different people that all are into growth and self improvement, been also led by some really incredible instructors that have some really great experience and knowledge and are very professional so I’ve learned a lot from them and from the environment, connecting with positive people, connecting with nature, seeing so many animals, walking into the jungle, into the waterfalls, it’s been very powerful.

You are getting so deep into your body and your physiology that it enables you that ability to really appreciate what surrounds you, the people that you are here with, the nature and the whole experience, you just really take it in… things almost slow down, time slow down and that was extremely powerful, the littlest things became big things.”



“Being at Finca Bella Vista and staying in tree houses and being in this beautiful, wonderful place with all these different animals and creatures and insects and butterflies has just been even better than what I would have expected. Well I wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect coming here, I knew a little bit but I wasn’t skeptical but I’m glad that I learned what I have so far so I can take those things home with me and really get deeper into it.

I would recommend this to anybody at any age but I’m so happy that I came here in my 20s and I can take this along with me for the rest of my life and I would recommend this to anybody like I want to get my family, my friends, everybody into this and I wanna bring my parents and everybody here.

I did it. I’ve never been more proud of myself like that’s just a feeling that doesn’t go away.

The experience I had at this retreat was one of the best things I’ve ever done from getting here and going into the tree houses and being next to nature and meeting everybody that I’ve met and how open everybody has been, I’ve become so proud of myself and I’m just so happy that I came to this beautiful place.”



“I’m Tatiana from Siberia. I conquered my biggest fear of a darkness at a forest and the jungle. I got high a few times on the breath. It makes you happy so I guess before I did a lot of breathing exercise but I never give a hundred percent. I never experience to breathe 100% because I never did this as a workout, I did it more passive, so inhale, exhale but I never did that 100% so I never got a hundred percent result and I gave myself a chance and I experience the high that everyone was talking about.”



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