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I find that almost everyone can benefit from increasing their thoracic mobility.

As sedentary lifestyles, cell phone addiction and toxicity/neurotoxin issues increase, it creates a perfect storm for poor posture, rounded shoulders (Protraction) and humpbacks (hyperkyphosis) and tight thoracic spine (midback).

The implications for this are beyond what most people might think.

If your posture is suffering then your thoughts will suffer.  If your thought are low then your will feel low.  If your posture is poor then your mechanics will be poor.  If your mechanics are poor then you will end up in pain or injury at some point.

Do everything your power to maintain, improve posture and prevent the hunch back and a tight thoracic area.  Here is a simple program that you can do to increase thoracic (Mid back) mobility. This will also improve shoulder function as well as the way your thoughts are processed.

I created a video for you as a solution.

You can do this pretty much anywhere.
If you don’t have any of the equipment handy, you can do the exercises that do not require any equipment and still get amazing results.

Watch the video here

The body works as a connective chain and we should see:

  • Thoracic Mobility
  • Lumbar Stability
  • and Hip Mobility

But what we tend to see is:

  • Thoracic Stability
  • Lumbar Mobility
  • and Hip Stability

creating a formula which can lead to lower back pain.

We already have an internationally successful formula to help stabilize your lower back and mobilize the hips called Back Pain Relief4Life

But thoracic mobility is a missing link to even greater results.
So, for that reason, I created the THORACIC MOBILITY PROGRAM


Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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