Ian Hart interview Miguel Barthelery for his book “Healing Hackers” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book “healing hackers”. Miguel Barthelery finished biochemistry and molecular biology, has his PhD in Molecular Medicine and was doing his post doc at Harvard and working for the pharmaceutical industry when he decided to leave the US to go back to France and embark on a journey to help people heal naturally.

  1. When you workout you can pretty much eat whatever you want and you’ll be fine to a specific degree or in a certain point. (Health | 5:28)

  2. What you put in your mouth conditioned your health status. (Health | 6:33)

  3. Changing people’s diet that’s one of the pillars of the whole thing and aromatherapy is a big one. (Diet | 16:27)

  4. If these 4 pillars work your body will generate and will start healing itself. Healing is not a mind thing, it’s more of a mind learning to step away from what the body needs to do. And the 4 pillars you’re right, first thing a baby does is seeking his first breathe so breathing is a very first thing that’s why breathe work(4 Pillars | 17:54)

  5. 4 Pillars (18:24)

  6. And they don’t understand that the reason why the body is making so much cholesterol…Yeah even if you don’t eat animal protein is because your arteries are weak and it need some type of a glue, some type of something… rupture, foods going to make a lot of cholesterol to make sure that your arteries are not going to rupture and of course when you take statins the first side effect of statins are aneurysm. It’s the first thing obviously so it looks like your body is screwing up and actually it’s not. It’s trying to compensate for something that you do that is wrong and it’s thinking that it’s temporary and of course it is not because you are not supposed to live like that for a long time. And your body has a sort of middle term type of remedies for things because it’s assuming that you know you will do, you will cooperate. Your body is going to scratch your back and and is going to scratch in… (Cholesterol | 22:24)

  7. High blood pressure is when you have a lot of starch residues behind your arteries so your tissues are starve from fluids and that keeps the pressure up. The minute you take, get rid of these residues then flow starts to come back to tissues and then the pressure comes down that’s why when you exercise you don’t have high blood pressure because you put that extra work on your lymphatic system and you sort of force it to work more so you get that basically the pressure’s going to sucked up in your tissue and you won’t have that high blood pressure issue. (High Blood Pressure | 23:45)

  8. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t know how to help the body, that’s not his job, and I’m not saying that’s an evil plan from someone who’s throwing some moustache. I’m saying that it’s not the strategy of a pharmaceutical industry. As a scientist when I work in a pharmaceutical industry, the strategy was to inhibit things, it was block things, it would have target In terms of proteins and enzymes. We have targets to block their action  so when you block a protein, you block the body. Plants work in a totally different strategy you know if you could argue that plants have energy but when you give something an essential oil not inhibiting anything… When you give someone a plant you’re helping a body, you’re not preventing anything from happening, that’s a very new paradigm you know… mindset when someone is sick to prevent something from happening that’s starting from the 50s. (Health and Pharmaceutical Industry 25:11)

  9. The mindset was always to help the body. And that has completely changed instead we block the body from doing something, we even block bacteria from doing their work and that’s their job to clean up when your immune system can’t. (Health | 26:42)

  10. A disease is only 3 things… only 3 things. Disease is the blockage, the slowing down or the hindrance of elimination process. So if the body is trying to eliminate something and it’s blocked, it’s slow down or if it’s prevented in any reason for example put to medication then you get, you could have a problem, you create disease. So basically a disease is a manifestation of the body trying to cleanse itself but not being able to finish the job, it stuck somewhere so anytime you’re fighting disease, you’re fighting  the body … usually your body is stuck there because of vaccination, because of constant bombarding of people’s body with anti-inflammatory, compounds with antibiotics… (Disease | 29:19)

  11. If disease is blockage slowing down, or hindering things or elimination process when you’re talking health. What are you going to do is unblock what is blocked, speed up what is slowed down and you kind of resume what is stopped or hindered. So without plants, and without cleanses what happens… when you give the body what it really needs is you might resume the old diseases that you had before. (Disease  and Cleanses | 33:04)

  12. When you used plants and when you use cleanses you help the body out, so you finish the job and sometimes if you use cleanses the right way you won’t even see the manifestation of disease starting up again because you’re going to keep clearing the lymph, the circulating lymph, it’s going to clear it as it gets loaded by the body regularly to be expelled later. So plants do that especially in particular they will trigger gene expression they will reactivate organ function. What essential oils do on gene expression is just astounding. They will also… so people talk about certain essential oils like tea tree or cinnamon or oregano like antibiotics than anti-anything… ortho biotics. The suffix Ortho in greek means right angle, makes something right. So it puts the balance back in the microbiome, in the diversity of the microbes you have. So it’s going to prevent by helping the body eliminate faster, it’s going to be prevent the accumulation of the bacteria, pathogens and that we’ll talk about maybe later and it’s going to prevent them from proliferating too much and help the good ones establish some sort of a barrier against them. So it’s never going to kill everything. If you give somebody antibiotic, it can kill everybody. And they’re just as effective. In the end, no more infection but one of them killed everybody and the other one… so the difference between having a global war everybody dies and then theres no more war or having be able to declare peace treaty. At the end no more war but you have 2 different scenarios there… (Cleanses | 34:07)

  13. Breath works is an amazing way to get rid off acids. When people want more information on that they can listen to what Wim Hof has to say about it. (Breathe Work | 37:18)

  14. The minute you add cooked starches to your diet, you clog your body. You threw wrench into the body’s mechanism of cleanses. (Food and Nourishment – Starches | 41:04)

  15. We need to give the body what it needs. It’s like having a car like a regular car and having put in your engine a diesel gas. So the first thing you need to do is stop and put in a regular gas in your car, that is the first thing you need to do. You’re not going to keep putting diesel in your engine. But second thing you need to do is cleanse your engine. So it’s one thing to give the body what it needs to start regenerate but you need to cleanse the body. And you won’t cleanse the body until the body has enough energy to do so. The first thing that’s going to happen is to give and stop eating crap and give the body what it needs and that’s going to give the body energy and the energy is going to rise and rise… And whenever the body hits an excess energy, that’s when the body starts cleansing. 2 cases when your body cleanses…So the first thing that the body does… The 2 cases when your body start to cleansing mechanism on its own, the first one is when you have excess energy. You’ve eating a lot of fruits, you’re on vacation you’re going to the sun it’s summer, taking time you are resting. So all the pillars are getting better and better, you toggle above a certain thresholds that is variable between one person and another and then all of a sudden your body cleanses. Second case when your body does that, and that’s one of the reasons people you know they’re like – oh you know I went to vacation and now I’m sick… “And now you’re body is able to get rid of whatever they get rid off. It looks like a disease because the process slows down, incomplete or it’s blocked and so it’s disease. The second case when the body is going to do that is when your body has to deal with a shock. It could be emotional shock, physical shock, it could be trauma, it could be thermal shock. That’s the interesting part of the Wim Hof method. The body is going to try and cleanse because it’s in a way you’re going to trigger the fight or flight response. You’re going to trigger an impulse of internal energy to expel something. And the body is going to do that, it’s going to try to cleanse and the cleansing mechanism is very important to understand normally so you have 3 exhaust pipes.You have your colon for solids, you have your bladder for fluids and things that are soluble in water, and the colon is for things that are solid and non soluble in water and then you have your lungs for gases. When your body is trying to expel mucus and I guess it’s a good segue way to talk about mucus, when your body is going to expel mucus, you’re going to try expel a solid through your gas pipe, that can’t go right when you’re having bronchitis that’s exactly what happens. You’re body is trying to expel mucus through your lungs and your lungs are just made for you to expel gases so this is going to be long and painful, this is going to be slow, that is disease because that is the only way out your body was able to find. Because usually, either the person has been denied of having diarrhea as a kid several times every time the kid had diarrhea you stopped it… that’s at some point the body to stop doing that or sometimes genetically it has degenerated so much that the body doesn’t even consider that option. And Chinese medicine also teaches you that if your colon is blocked, the lungs are going to take over. (Cleanse | 51:13)

  16. Complex carbohydrates are actually mushrooms or fungus so that’s a speciality. Actually if you see a tree trunk that is dead in the forest you’ll find mushrooms… that’s their job. But mushroom only only operate with oxygen. If there’s no oxygen there’s no mushrooms, there’s no fungus. So when there’s no oxygen who takes over? Bacteria because they can live without. So people who have issues candida albicans than people who tend to not to have issues with oxygen intake in their bloodstream, most people don’t and they will have a bacterial infection instead… So you have 2 poisons, 2 real poisons or humans. First one is animal product – proteins and the second one is cooked starches and cooked starches make mucus so it doesn’t matter if its rice or whatever it’s going to make mucus. Some mucus is lighter than other for example – gluten is very heavy. It’s going to stay around the lower part of the body, it’s going to stay around then digestive tract kind of hinder a lot of exchanges with the legs, the genitals, the leg area, the colon. It’s going to stay down there… “You have other type for example rice, potatoes, make very light type of mucus and that travels more around the body. It looks like rice has a tendency the lingo if gonna be using jargon for a minute probably call it a tropism. It’s going to preferably stay in a certain part of your body, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t go to the others but likes that area a lot, and rice loves the upper body area. It’s going to love the head area so people who have sinus infection, rhinites  ear infection, people who are shy, people who are very scared of everything, autism is another one. Rice is a bad news. Rice is going to make it worse… so many people gluten free At first it’s going to feel better because all of a sudden the digestive tract is sort of liberated in a way, you stop poisoning the digestive system so you have more nutrients coming through, you have a different type of intestinal flora, of microbiome growing. Usually the parents because they think that’s the way we’ve been brought up, the parents think that they need some sort of a starch, they’re going to start eating rice instead… (Food and Nourishment – Starches | 56:50)

  17. So autism doesn’t just dropped like that from the sky. Usually it’s a result of damage done by medication. (Autism and Medication | 1:02:42)

  18. It usually started in the vaccine. I’ve seen consequences of vaccine being other than autism. I have seen more diabetes, the juvenile diabetes coming from vaccination than autism but maybe because in France people eat different types of starches because that’s also something to consider, what types of starches people eat, what there diet. Because to me you really have to understand this are the 2 poisons – Animal proteins because they’re rich in glutamate among other things and for other reasons… And cooked starches. And these are the two types of bullet in your magazine . Everything else is just a trigger. So of course if the magazine is loaded and you pull the trigger then it going to shot. If you take the bullets out of the gun then you can pull the trigger all you want, nothing is going to happen. So pesticides, heavy metals, this and that…pollens, whatever… it doesn’t matter. If your body is clean it won’t affect you. So why does it affect you and not somebody else it’s another issue because basically you know when you look at your screen right now you have 3 diodes in your screen – you have a red one, a blue one and green one, tiny deluted ones and mixing the colours of the three things makes 16 million colors that you can have on the screen. So same for health you have the crystals or the precipitated acids, you have the mucus and then you have the genetics which is a mixture between your personal history which is epigenetic and your ancestry; which is like your hardcore genetics. So with these 3 things you’ll do every single disease on earth. And it’s going to look different like colors are different but we do it with these 3 things. So a kid… usually kid who develop autism are kids that were… not always but a lot of the times, these kids have very powerful bodies as a matter of fact somebody who is always sick is not somebody weak. It’s the total opposite, somebody who’s sick is somebody who’s body is still able to say I need to cleanse, I need to get this out of me and of course there’s other people that are the most medicated. My point was that… when a kid has had a mucus type of diarrhea, it’s more and more difficult to find kids who are able to be able to do that… like these green diarrhea, very mucousy diarrhea… (Medicine, Food and Nourishment – Starches | 1:03:02)

  19. If you don’t support the body it will kill you. Yeah… true. But if you support the body so you keep it hydrated, you let the thing and you don’t try to stop it, you help it with plants and you help the body cleanse then all these mucus comes out regularly. And kids who develops autism a lot of the times are kids that were stabbed dead in there tracts trying to expel mucus. Either mucus coming out of their digestive system or usually coming out of their respiratory system. And there were stabbed dead on their tracts like a really strong medication and that stunned the body, the mucus did not come out. It could be from the intestines, it could be an ear infection, and what happens the mucus stays in and you have mucus in your head and your body goes… it just shuts down. You get glues, you get mucus in your head, all of a sudden you get that veil on your brain basically and you start going into yourself and because you’re intoxicated you will only ask for, you basically ask for the type of food that favours the lymph… So if the lymph is loaded with mucus, you’re going to love mucus. Mucousy type of food so you’re going to be eating tons of starches. It’s going to be your kryptonite. So the bad news is that if you are lymph is loaded with acids, you’re going to love acid generating foods. So dairy products, meats, processed food, very processed food in general… so all that is going to feed into your intoxication so that’s the bad news you’re going to be attracted to your kryptonite. The good news is that you’re going to be attracted to your best medicine as well. The medicine being in the world of plants when they’re unprocessed and raw. So you’re going to be attracted to foods , fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables are the best for you. For example, somebody who is very acidic like type 1 diabetics. They love kiwis, they live pineapple, they love acidic fruits because the acid in these fruits are acids that are very soluble number 1 and they have the body displays the insoluble ones that are problem for the body. So it’s not the question of acids or base or alkaline or acidity. It’s the question is this acid soluble in vivo or not. (Cleanses | 1:08:01)

  20. Apple cider vinegar has ethanoic acid which is same as regular vinegar, or wine vinegar but it has another acid which is another very interesting one which is malic acid. And malic acid is excellent to solubilise and break down any type of stones… So gallbladder stones especially. It’s a great great way of making these gallbladder stones more soluble and start making them break apart. So apple cider vinegar is kind of like 2 head things so it’s interesting for people who have a very toxic type of diet, people who eat pasta and ham every night or every day. Of course when they get apple cider vinegar it’s going to be better for them so it always depends on where you start from. Same thing if these people who eat only pasta and ham every night with butter or ketchup whatever or with cheese… all of a sudden if you give them yogurt, it’s going to be better because it’s alive food, it’s going to be better for them that what they’re used to. But this is still acid generating food so you’re going to plateau at some point and for people who are already eating rough foods already pass that you know doing a good job of making their lives better by changing their diet, apple cider vinegars are bad idea. You’re better off actually making green apple juices to cleanse your liver. So you probably familiar with Andreas Moritz protocol for the liver cleanse. The clock cleanse, I encourage everybody to read that book, it’s an amazing book(Cleanses | 1:11:52)

  21. What you need to understand is that when people have start making things like kidney stones and stuff like that it’s not because of what they’re eating. Im talking about raw plants right now right… Im not talking about cooked food, thats different story. Talking about raw plants, they will trigger the release of stones from your kidneys. Stones that were already there. If you go to juice cleanse like if you’re going to drink a lot of… wheatgrass. If you drink a lot of wheat grass and your kidneys are littered with kidney stones… you’ll go to a gigantic crisis where everything its released all at once and you’ll go through like the worst nightmare of your life. And people will tell you oh you have all that raw vegetable juices that’s what cause because of the oxalic acid it cause the kidney stone happening. This is not the case… Oxalic acid of course precipitates outside of the body does precipitate certain minerals that’s true but it’s not what caused the kidney stones from happening. They were already there. What happened is that taking that green juice got rid of all the mucus that was actually holding these stones together and then it released. That’s one of the reasons when people very acidified I tend to tell them that they’re going to drink juices and stuff but I didn’t tell them that they need to alkalise, that they need to put a lot of alkaline matter in their bodies, they’re going to start cleansing with magnesium salts like magnesium hydroxide and start getting rid of the stones enough that when the mucus comes out it doesn’t…they just don’t break in half. (Cleanses | 1:19:08)

  22. So my point is that I’m not against modern medicine. I’m just saying that modern medicine is an emergency medicine that is taking way too far and I think it got its destroying medicine, It’s not, it’s just not… and when somebody goes for detox, somebody has like a bad case of bronchitis or bad case of diarrhea or something…eczema or boils or whatever it is. If they don’t know how to help the body, I’d rather have them stop it. I’d rather have them go to the emergency room, go to your doctors, take antibiotics, try this and try that… because to me this is emergency to give you, to buy you time until you’re able to help the body do what it needs to do. So I’m totally okay with that… and some of my patients when they said if they go through crisis for some reason… you know retreat somewhere there’s no phone connection and they’re going through a crisis although they have a crisis, a protocol they need to go through. Sometimes it’s a protocol that’s going to be tailor-made for them but it’s not going to be applicable in every single situation and usually when they go through crisis because they did not cleanse. If you cleanse properly you never see the shade of a crisis… Because you help the body cleanse very slowly… (Cleanse and Modern Medicine 1:22:07)

  23. For me there’s a role for modern medicine and it’s emergency role sometimes you have no other choice but to do something, to stop something because you don’t have the energy, you don’t have the knowledge, you don’t have the resources to do what needs to be done and I’d rather use to have a process because you don’t know what to do… and so you find someone who can help you. (Modern Medicine 1:24:21)

  24. Because you went in the first time because the modern medicine instead of treating the cause was just treating the symptoms when it actually was not an emergency in the first place, they treating the symptoms so you went in a situation where your body was like no I still want to cleanse and then it came to a really bad crisis because of your job and because of your own genetic constitution and it makeup you had the strength to keep trying to cleanse yourself and then modern medicine came in and disrupted it once more and that was the end of it for you… and so that’s what happens. (Modern Medicine | 1:25:13)

    [I think it’s important to mention just on here where talking about like the epigenetic and genetics. So youre talking about like your ancestral genetics and essentially you can be passed on this genetic kind of profile and in that profile there might be the latent gene for certain disease expression and if you eat bad food and you’re exposed to toxins, that gene expression will be turned on whereas if you’re healthy and eating the right food, that gene expression will be triggered off.]

  25.  So real quick kind of synopsis. How do you get people to express the right genes and feel good and heal the body? “Breath work number 1, food… So I talk about nourishment, I don’t talk about nutrition. I don’t care about nutrition. It’s very important to look at that word – Nourishment. If you dissect the word it’s nourish so you have to do with making something grow. M-e-n-t that suffix… so in French actually all our adverbs finish by m-e-n-t. All our adverbs so whenever you use an adverb for example Kindly would be gentiment, it’s putting kindness in the mind. In France that’s how it works. So it means a lot in a way that in our culture everything has been put in the mind by the way so… nourishment is making the mind grow. It’s not about making your body grow. The body is going to grow anyway, it’s making your mind grow, your soul so your mind and your body obviously. So it’s a holistic thing… so I don’t care about the nutrition, I care about nourishment. So nourishment is about going towards the food that actually going to make your body grow, your emotions healthy, and your mind grow second thing. Third thing – rest… Chinese medicines teaches you that, actually the ancients used to say that every hour you sleep before midnight counts double and Chinese medicine… Chinese medicines tells you why… your adrenal glands recharge according to the Chinese medicine. Your adrenal glands recharge between 9pm and 11pm. Your thyroids recharges between 7pm and 9pm. So you got to be recharged as you sleep in these hours, you’re going to be recharging 2 glands, well 3 glands – 2 sets of glands that are really important in the management of your energy. So in terms of access to energy and a release of energy. It’s a very, subtle difference. Both of these sets of glands are able to do that so you recharge these glands. So when somebody does that sleep cure, so the essential oils involved are important because it’s difficult to do it without to be very frank because it’s kind of like artificial type of thing. But because they are able to do that even if they go to bed and they sleep like 4 hours a night then the following week they’ll be fine in the morning. So I don’t encourage them to do that of course but I’ll tell them just do that so that you consolidate the third pillar – the rest one. It’s a sleep but it’s not just a sleep, resting. Take time off to do other things, not take time off to workout necessarily. Take time off to do nothing and you’re okay doing nothing. And something you’re just in bed and just like look at your ceiling and that’s what meditation helps you to be okay with not doing anything. And it could be just have a walk in the park. I tell people actually to practice grounding and then resting. So I tell them go if you have a park next to you or woods or something, take your shoes off, go walk for half an hour that’s the best antidepressant… So the third pillar is the rest that’s going to be important and the 4th is eliminating and this is where cleanses are important. (4 Pillars)

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