Ian Hart interview John McMullin, CHt, HC for his book “Healing Hackers” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book “healing hackers”. John McMullin owned number of companies but was fascinated about how the human body creates energy signatures based on perception. And so after selling those companies he got in love in looking as a biomed technician than engineer designing systems for reading energy. He do holistic coaching as he speak to people and help them workout their perception of realities and stories.

  1. People communicate not only through their words but through their energy signatures that many people have many subconscious attachment they themselves that they are not aware of. (Perception of Realities | 2:30)

  2. Many of us are not aware that we all are martyrs and we benefit by punishing yourself or other people. We don’t realise that because it’s reactive and we’ve adaptive to it… learning how it is use our body parts and punish them for not meeting other people’s expectation. (Energy Signatures and Perception | 3:53)

  3. One of the interesting aspects of adaptation is learning to justify or rationalise so someone might say “I have a broken heart and somebody did this to me” not realising we break our own heart blaming someone else. (Energy Signatures and Perception | 4:44)

  4. What people tells us are symptoms rather it’s behaviour, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual are intuitive aspects. Many people compromise intuition because it’s a source of information the human ego filters out. (Energy Signatures and Perception | 5:30)

  5. We are all gifted with a heart that vibrates an energy of consciousness. And an ego that vibrates, it’s still another energy of consciousness realising that the human ego is what saves us. It’s mission is to defend, improve for survival. The heart on the other hand is an energy field attempting to connect with our inside and outside world. For example, you smell a beautiful flower. It activates an experience. One would say that moved my heart. So back to your important question, we all have available many senses that we can turn on to experience the expression of another human self or nature. If it’s dangerous to the ego, it switches of the sensory system. I make a conscious effort to try and leave them open. (Energy Signatures – Energy of Consciousness, Human Ego | 9:17)

  6. The reason we don’t sense all these energy information of another human is its sensory overload. It’s like if there’s a bad odor to the house we adapt to it and then we don’t even know it’s there. You could go outside and come back in. So what I do is sense that energy signature, the equipment because we hook up some electrodes to the body and start measuring chakra energy, meridian energy, on and on… many different frequencies including what we mention earlier the theoric field but there’s many energy fields around the body layered. And so our purpose is to see if there is harmony…
    We want glands and organs connecting and working together. If you and I grew up in a family where we experienced this harmony conflict then we associate that and imprint it to glands and organs in our body and they find each other the enemy. (Eductor and Energy Signatures | 12:53)

  7. Healing has an assumption of wounding. In other words it’s rebalancing the energy signature of different tissue in the body and it just briefly look at some people called cancer is tissue that consumes other tissue. It’s the bigguns beating up on the little ones. The conflict we have with self and you spoke earlier off inflammation and what is inflammation? It’s a byproduct of irritation so if we have parts left and right hemisphere of our brain conflicted or we have parts of our body or ourself related to someone else irritated in conflict with another human then comes the inflammation and of course inflammation creates all kinds of problems including arthritis and other challenges. So healing is a process of bringing the body back in to energetic balance and no9t forgiving other people but forgiving ourselves for beating ourselves up for trying to beat other people up or get them to beat us up so that we matter. Forgiveness is forgiving our perceptions, not other people. (Healing | 15:04)

  8. Many frequencies that occur in the body that low frequency are bad and high frequencies are good but actually the piece I would invite us to consider is harmony and harmonics of a base frequency. So we actually stimulate consciousness many people would say through a higher frequency what I would say is that we create a harmony with a vibration of our body that allows us to become a witness of, as well as a participant of life therefore, we have choices. But if our lower frequency we fight, flight or freeze or facade. We either attack or hide, those frequencies are actually imprinted into the not just human body but theoric field around the human body and so we become hyper vigilant and you would call it exhausted to adrenals, maybe a hyperactive fibroid, there’s many consequences to how we experience who we are in the world. (Frequencies and Healing | 17:19)

  9. Basically, an irritated shoulder either it has been compromised emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, intuitively when we carry the weight of the world when we are over givers we have a need for example to make other people feel good so we can feel good about yourself. Our body gets resentful, this is hate, what about me. So we get irritated on ourself and so Louise Hayes and a number of other authors who talked about how to speak about body symptoms as a metaphoric indication. So the shoulder might be carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. It’s a language rather than a literal language. It’s comes a metaphoric language who talk to our body and say “Hey shoulder, I abused you. I was not paying attention and help me here.” And you’d say wait a minute the shoulder doesn’t know that you’re talking to it. I propose oh yes it does. This is especially true of a broken heart where we accuse someone of hurting us and breaking our heart. We don’t know how to say to our heart I broke my heart over my expectation of somebody. So learning the language of metaphoric discussion with a heart creates a new frequency and opportunity otherwise we go on having a physical therapist or a chiropractor or some other telepathic person continually trying to massage or put our shoulder back into place. And the real question I had is why are we not working on the issue instead of the symptom. (Frequencies and Healing 19:22)

  10. This whole book is about healing naturally at the root cause so we could avoid some of the bigger cuts, slashing and burning which is the typical mode nowadays for within the medical community. It’s like you know chemo, surgery, and radiation or something like that… MRI’s, etcetera. (Healing | 24:15)

  11. We live in I perceived a duality world. And that we learn from the shadow and enjoy the light side of energy. Many people hide from the ego, hides from shame and fear and what threatens us and what shames us but in truth, we learn more from our challenges than we do from pleasure. And so what I would say to Dr. Hawkins and some other people say I just want to live in peace, I just want to be happy and what I reflect to them… well how do you learn? If you live in this world of no challenges, how do you expand consciousness so I would offer that there is what some people would call destiny meaning the synchronicity of the moment we live, die and all the events in between. It’s not the event, it’s how we experience though and so for me the core issue here isn’t the events of our life. It’s what they represent to us, that issue determines the functional coherent flow of life force energy through our body as much as anything else. (Duality World and Ego 29:34)

  12. If we can find an age where we can represent where we were traumatise we have no clue, reclaim the event and turn it into a learning experience instead of a paralysing event, magic happens. (PTSD | 32:25)

  13. If we can help a person experience an event from a different position, magic happens emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, intuitively we become a different person. (PTSD | 33:24)

  14. All hypnosis or self hypnosis what they’ll do to us is they create an environment where we hypnotise yourself and it only takes milliseconds to self hypnotise so… (Hypnosis | 36:12)

  15. Consider the possibility that we are numb through dissociation, daydreaming, misdirected attention, attaching to opinions and defending them, it goes on and on… until we become a witness of our own behaviour so inviting ourselves to participate with what I call holistic coaching or good therapist whatever that means to have somebody reflect back to us how were communicating messages of experiences we ourself don’t know we’re communicating. In other words to be compassionately curious about what it is we are hiding from yourself is the beginning. (Hypnosis | 37:33)

  16. The reason through hypnosis is to bring people out of hypnosis and instead of reading a book to be informed by the author, I teach them how to read a book to challenge the authors’ experience with their own. It keeps them coherent. (Hypnosis | 40:27)

  17. It’s true that all living things have a level of consciousness. The question that hand is, are we present, sensitive, aware of the message that all life has to send to us. And when we’re busy whether own world or not very interested in witnessing… one of the great challenge since you brought it up I believe for the human ego is not to attach to the stories we’ve made up about who we are but to witness through other people’s filter system what they make us. Although I have opinions of who I Am, what I Am more interested in is your life experiences and what I represent to you. (Nature/ Environment and Human Ego | 42:30)

  18. Our environment influence our well being and shades of grey absolutely. As you well know our DNA is made up in a helical format, the most efficient antenna that man has ever designed to track satellites, this helical antenna with parabolic reflector underneath it and you and I actually have tuned our helical antennas or DNA to the energy of self and the outside world and we can actually adjust, the DNA actually expands or contracts based on its experience of the outside world. Another word we would use for that is adapting. (Environment & Energy Signatures and Health | 44:51)

  19. We all have the consciousness to turn off pain so we don’t have to feel it which has a lightning shadow… we take the frequency of homeopathy or urban remedies or energy signatures from other sources and intend them to merge with the frequency of someone’s belief system and watch how quickly we can influence how a person perceives themselves and influence our self loathing from the drug industry it’s a chemical function of how we adapt to the influence of synapsing of the brain. From the holistic point of view, it becomes another opportunity… (Environment,  Frequency & Energy Signatures | 46:35)

  20. I have a series of question to help people help themselves, self evaluate where they are right now and I don’t believe we can give anybody anything we are so so possessed, and so how does a person really experience themselves in the relationship with themselves about another person? We would say what’s my relationship with my spouse or how that goes. For me it’s a question how do I experience a relationship with myself about that person because we never know another human. All we do is project our eclectic experiences on to them and say well you’re bad or you’re a good person or I loved you when we got married, now I don’t love you anymore. We don’t know how to say I don’t trust myself with you the way I once did. So back to the important question, all of us would want to ask ourself. You were talking about low hanging fruit is why would anybody want me for a life partner and since you’re hosting this show, how would you answer the question why would anybody want you for a significant other? (Frequency, Energy Signatures and Health 51:28)

  21. The reason it’s such an important question that we ask ourself and or another human is we all have what we would call self loathing or another word is we all have an inferiority complex. I mean it comes from being a small child and the presence of family members first where we felt helpless and it’s an imprint. Most of who we are is identified within our first 7 years of our lives… If I’m in process of having a partnership with another human, I realise that I can never compliment them beyond their threshold, their ability to receive the compliment. And the question is so significant because most people answer it well- Im charming, I’m good in bed, I’m funny, I’m smart, and on it goes, in other words their answering the question out of human doing rather than human being. So what is human being? It is realising who I Am not through my activity but through my experience of the stories I made up about me. So if I need to prove and defend I matter because I have credentials behind my name, I have big house, car, blah blah… that’s called attachment. In asking someone to connect with their being, well I’m a vessel to express life in this literal realm in a unique way. No other human can. That my being is vesselling consciousness beyond my ego’s awareness. So if someone can say I’ll tell you who I Am John. I Am the experience of other people. I can’t make somebody happy or sad. I can’t be…I think I can make people happy by giving my body away, my money away or whatever. Here’s the truth — that’s called enabling. I labeled it, but when we enable people we are trying to take care of them to make ourselves feel good about ourself… I would ask them to embrace this important question. Why would anybody want me in their life? The answer is based on their life experiences of what they make me not who I Am. Then that helps minimise the shame and fear that I Am not me being somebody else’s expectations. So you ask about low hanging fruit, there’s a good place to start. (Healing and Energy Signatures, Awareness 53:58)

  22. We are unbelievably powerful beyond what we can even phantom and how our body is a machine that has the ability to heal itself (Body and Healing 57:41)

  23. I think it’s really important to grow beyond the attachments that we had as children because we are adult children to believe in a simple truth we are a lot more afraid of intimacy and power than we are ashamed in fear. Our attachment are ashamed in fear because we perceived we can control it. You cannot control how magnificent we are so we dismissed it and make ourself pathetic because  interesting paradox we have much more power in the family being pathetic than we are dominant. (Human Ego and Perception | 58:35)

  24. Our experiencing other people’s perception of us without attaching to them, being curious about who we are in the minds of other people without needing to meet expectations. Learning our purpose, if you can’t define your reasons for being in this literal realm then you dismiss yourself and ask other people to do that. Who are we? We are a vessel to express life in this literal realm. It’s a dualistic world and it’s the only place that the human soul or spirit can experience the consequences of duality and the reason we are here is to confuse ourself so that we can wake up to oneness. (Healing and Energy Signatures 59:55)

  25. Ego doesn’t like getting an information that it can’t hide. (Ego | 1:03:13)

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