Ian Hart interview Diane Kazer for his book “Healing Hackers” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book “healing hackers”. Diane Kazer is the creator of C.H.I. (Cleanse, Heal, Ignite) Hormone Warrior Transformation Program. She’s an an X-Pro Soccer Player, now Coach to Health Coaches, Ego Slayer and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with a background in yoga, personal training and financial planning. Diane support women around the world, to not only heal from emotional and hormonal problems, but to radically transform their entire life. She teach women to learn and lovingly listen to the wisdom of their bodies so they can be their own greatest healer.

  1. I believe that everything is emotions showing up as symptoms and it’s also, you know, gut dysbiosis and all the things that result from that. So I’m off the mindset now that so much of our mind drives our hormones and drives our gut, which are mind drives our gut, which drives our hormones. (Emotions and Hormones | 05:30)

  2. If you don’t think that I’m weird then you probably are adulting a little bit too much or I mean, no, sorry, let me rephrase this. If you don’t think I’m weird, it’s probably because you have a weird connection with yourself, which means that you have a sense of play. If you think that I’m weird, then this is a great symptom to ask yourself about your inner child’s ability to come out and play and rescue your super serious need to fit in, need to please other people need to control, need to get profits, need to how, you know, take power in charge and dominate. (Inner child | 08:31)

  3. That’s all the mind of the ego. So we have two voices that play inside of us at all times. And you know, you could look at this a couple different ways. There’s the subconscious and the conscious. There’s the ego and the inner child. And I say that there’s a third party in there. This is like the threesome that I love talking about, which is the warrior. So this inner child within us, and this is a study that was done by NASA. Um, so this is a perfect example of what I mean by inner child is that what we really think about like intelligence and geniusness. What in many of us think that makes a genius in… A regurgitating information… The ability to hear things in school, read books, be book smart, regurgitate whatever they say is the model of what our intelligence is. But truly deep down, and this is the work of like Disney. This is the work of Einstein… some people think that like inner child work is like immature. But really when NASA did this study, they looked at what geniusness means in terms of NASA’s definition was, which is the ability to be creative, to be, to express your imagination. (Inner child | 08:31)

  4. True healing comes from our ability to play and to connect and laugh and enjoy each other… when you can be a good parent to your inner child, instead of this inner ego verbiage is just like, shut up, stop talking, you’re not good enough. Why would you even try that last time you failed? And that’s the mindset we’re living in. 70% of our day we’re living in like literal fight or flight. 70% of our day and we were only designed less than 1% of the day be in that fight or flight. So no wonder why our hormones are a wreck… wonder why we can’t listen to our gut feeling because our kid is underneath the bed or in the closet going…It’s total fear.(Healing | 14:39)

  5. Our inner child is the little voice inside that says, I just want love. I just, I just want to be in this moment. I don’t want to live in a stress of yesterday. I don’t want to project my fears from the things that happen then into now, which will then become the best predictor of our future. If you want to know where you’re headed in your life, look at your past and what your thoughts are about your past. And it’s very difficult for any of us to change when we’re trying to live in this conscious mind this conscious mind says, oh just think happy thoughts or just like just create rituals or just make mantras or just do the essential oils or my favorite one. Good vibes only. No, good vibes are great, but we, that’s really setting us up for failure because we just can’t live and good vibes all day. We’ve got to allow our children to cry. (Inner child and Conscious mind | 16:13)

  6. I get that you’re trying to protect us from hurt, but you know what? If we don’t risk this, then we also don’t get love because you can’t numb went out and only have the other. You have to take risks to get on the other side, which is true connection. You’ve got to chisel those boundaries down that someone may also have had from being hurt and develop trust with them. So the more that you can develop trust within these inner children within you, the more that you can trust yourself and the more that you can trust yourself about others and their judgments, as well as realizing that everybody’s just doing their best and other people are acting from these immature senses of self and inner children that they haven’t maybe even faced […] each other there… (Inner child | 19:35)

  7. A buddy of mine told me that was one of the parenting advice is goes both ways for the inner child. He said, um, when your kid is acting up, the only thing you need to ask them is do you want to give love or receive love? It was one of the best parenting things because we’re all just looking for connection. (Inner child and parenting advice | 20:33)

  8. The term autoimmune disease ended up itself is internal self attack… epigenetics is the new science that really determines that we actually have far greater control. And I know people love that word control. Um, or the parts of us do, that we actually have can drive those genes, turn on the good ones, turn off the bad ones by way of our thoughts, our lifestyle, the things that we’re feeding our mind, body, heart, spirit. (Autoimmune disease and Epigenetics | 21:20)

  9. MTHFR is something that if you have one or two, like it is said that about half of us have one of these […], which is to say that it’s just… It’s one issue when a little default on your ability to detox harmful chemicals, metabolized hormone pieces, pathogens which are like bugs that we all were like made of 98% bug. So when our bugs, we have to be feeding our good bugs too of course. But like there is a residue. There’s a waste that happens when our gut bugs eat and these gut bugs live in our colon. So we want to feed them healthy things. And the healthy things would obviously be like a lot of greens and omegas and healthy fats and proteins, etcetera, that we know about micro and macronutrients, superfoods as well. And so those bugs, when they get fed, they off gas and the good bugs will off gas vitamins. It’s kind of like a vitamin Shoppe on your colon.(MTHFR -methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase | 23:33)

  10. What the MTHFR gene does is if you have a snip on that, then like half of us have at least one of the snips and like 75% of us have two, which means that you have like three quarters of a disabled ability to flush these toxins out of your body. But it can be, it can be modulated by B vitamins, Methylfolate. Please don’t do folic acid please. (MTHFR | 26:21)

  11. B vitamins with methyl folate and then it also has L-Methionine (a precursor to glutathione). So it helps people with MTHFR(MTFHR | 27:19)

  12. So many of us who have MTHFR it’s very, very common, but it’s not a disability. It’s just a sign that says, okay, you know, you may or may not have a, an inability or slight reduced ability to clear toxins from your body. And it may not be acting out. It may be acting out, but it’s sure as heck probably going to act out further if you’re not taking care of your temple, mind, body, spirit, heart, and feeding all four of those every day… B vitamins are so important for so many different things in the body. It’s a precursor for hormones is a precursor for enzymatic reactions in the body and also precursor to help us detox better. (MTFHR and Vitamins | 27:37)

  13. So there’s a big reason here why so many of our kids are born with all these disabilities. It’s because of toxicity and also because methyl folate, not folic acid. This is so archaic that our Western medicine doctors are still saying take folic acid,… increase the odds of neural tube defects. And then also what I see in the other side of that is that a woman who is not fertile enough emotionally, spiritually, physically to take them on the other side, then she has to take this postpartum depression medication. (Toxicity | 31:32)

  14. We’re looking for hundreds of different types of pathogenic species and the type of DNA testing that we do and these labs are far more advanced, but we’re not just looking for bugs because that’s not the most important part too, we’re looking at the function of the immune system because if you have a poorly functioning immune system, let’s just say from a marker called secretory IgA and we have a low secretory IgA, then it’s just like, no matter what kind of gut bug killing spree you go on, no matter what kind of diet that you’re on, no matter what kind of supplements that you take or who that you’re hanging out with. If you have a poor immune system, you’re going to catch whatever’s going on around you. So we have to make it not hospitable for these bugs to live. So we have to boost that immune system and we can see that in the type of stool testing that we do. You can also see it like are there more good than bad and is there dysbiosis happening? Which is dysbiosis means there’s more bad than good. So the hack of that would be to look at the lab and go, okay, what kind of opportunistic bacteria do you have? What kind of bad bacteria do you have? Are there parasites? Are there worms? Is there a candida overgrowth? Do you have any virulent factors that predispose you for autoimmune disease? We see that oftentimes coming up on our labs too… what kind of markers do you have that show how well your body is doing at clearing harmful estrogens? Because that’s a huge one happening now Ian is that…(Immune System, Testing | 34:00)

  15. COMT is another one of those genetic snips, which I have too. So COMT is something that can disable your methylation. You have a couple of different phases that your liver goes through where it says in a phase one goes and looks for the water soluble. Phase two looks with the fat soluble and like clears everything. But you also have to consider your bowels. And if their bowels aren’t open, then these toxins can’t get through no matter how well your methylation cycles are. So it’s really important that, you know, considering the emotions too, is that another hack is that if I’m feeling depressed, everything slows down and then you’re constipated. If you’re anxious, then you may have a lot of like diarrhea or you’re so anxious that you’re holding on like this and your, that’s how your butt looks too. And it’s just holding stuff home. So if we’re doing detox, we also have to make sure that we’re giving it a way out. We’re sweating enough, infrared saunas, colon hydrotherapy, coffee enemas, a castor oil packs. I’m huge on all these things and I teach this in my program in a very methodical way. So the lab testing gives us the clues, but it’s still not like the end all be all because we have to really x-ray. What thoughts someone thinks on a regular basis. The patterns, the […]. If they come into our program and like you said, they’re like in disarray and they really want to heal. That’s what their conscious mind thinks and our conscious mind drives 5% of our physiology. The other 95% is driven by our subconscious. Conscious mind thought that yeah, I want to heal and talk good thoughts and rituals and mantras.(COMT | 35:36)

  16. Labs are only as helpful as the practitioner and the tribe who knows how to interpret them and correlate them with everything and then create a protocol. […] yourself so we might go deeper into like hair tissue, mineral analysis, where we look at heavy metals and how toxic someone might be, and also their mineral ratios, which gives us a good window of insight of how they’re doing with metabolic dysfunction or if they’re actually flushing toxins or you know, these minerals also show us ratios that dictates someone’s mood, copper toxicity, which so many women are doing copper IUDs today. I went through that same thing myself. She knows that it was hyperthyroidism. I reversed my thyroid disease. I got my antibodies down. Anybody who tells you can’t get free of autoimmune disease run because you could absolutely put that remission, it is not a genetic sentence. It’s not a prison.(Labs and testing | 38:36)

  17. Copper toxicity is 80% of women are suffering from that now, along with estrogen dominance, which goes along with candida, typically they all three go hand in hand, which is a fungus and women who have all these like pms issues and estrogen dominance is not just some female thing. It’s a male thing too. So a big one you can say a hack to that would be like, oh, you have signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance. Let’s take some Dim, let’s eat some brassica root vegetables, you know, more colored, more kale, more broccoli. But, you know the foods are great, but like if you took a supplement that’s like, you know, five pounds worth of Broccoli, then you could actually be flushing your good estrogen too. And now your estrogen deficient. Now you’re like vaginal dryness and you’re depressed and you can’t have sex and your periods out of whack. So testing is always the best way before you just start randomly trying these supplements because a friend told us. So I always caution against that before you start trying hacks that you really understand the best hacks for you were far beyond just general hacks. Now we’re moving into like the customize hacks and the labs and thoughts and understanding your habits and patterns are the best way to do that.(Labs and testing | 41:04)

  18. As far as like the protocol is concerned, you know, the lab protocol is that we will do a, let’s say a gut healing protocol, but we can’t start and like please don’t start a gut healing protocol before you have your hormones checked. Please. Because the reason for that is that it pretty much everyone at this point that we test is just floored. Their adrenal, their adrenals are not functioning all the way and that’s not their adrenals fault, that’s the gut that starts with the brain and all the stress causes that, so their adrenals are not functional. Their thyroid is depleted. They’re on synthroid, but no one tell them that if you’re treating the thyroid you’d need to also lift the adrenals because they’re sisters and they move in tandem. So, we need to make sure that your hormones are in check first, we need to make sure that essentially the lights are turned on and there’s like movement happening, right? You can’t clean a whole house after a party when you’re not full, full fledge ready to clean the whole house. Like it’s kinda like trying to clean up a huge house party with a hundred people and you’re hungover… So basically like the cells expelling the toxins and then taking in nutrients and they hold on to the toxins if that’s not working properly. (Labs and testing, protocol | 43:44)

  19. Supplements and a healthy diet, a cleanse protocol, gut healing protocol can only work to the extent that you are cleanse enough so that the cells can receive the information.(Labs and testing, protocol | 44:57)

  20. Nothing can get into the cells if it’s mucked up with like heavy metals and you know, estrogens and gut bug residue. So we’ve got to clean that out so there’s like a now a doorway open for the nutrients to get in. Otherwise it looks like this because it’s all sludged with crap. So, clean that up and then add the supplements, then people can start to feel like the hacks that they’re spending so much money on. And… say ABC, we always had to be always be cleansing, always be cleansing because there’s so much crap coming at us all day long, all day long. So we can’t start a gut healing protocol unless your hormones are working and you’ve got enough energy to clear out a lot of that waste. Otherwise it’s just going to keep moving around and you’re just going to keep spending your wheels on new practitioners, new protocols. And that’s because most people aren’t doing the mindset work at the same time while you’re cleansing and while you’re restoring.(Cleansing | 47:21)

  21. The hack can also be another way to numb out from the real issues and we can get over hacked and we can hack all over the place. But really, like you said earlier in, always comes back to we may not have to do as many hacks as we have to do now and spend as much money and time and energy on all these hacks if we really went into the heart. Heart hacks is the most abundant and we’re all trying to connect to ourself and connect to others. So it’s more about the process of realizing what things to clear, to simplify, to surrender and to self heal. It’s more about removing the things that are standing in your way than adding more information because we’re already so overwhelmed. So it’s about the courage to be vulnerable. Curiosity to learn and doing so in a group setting is the new way of the future because it’s so hard and lonely do this on our own. You know, 70% of Americans, of adults, they did a test on this too are considered chronically lonely. And then so it’s, we’ve got to get back to our heart and lab testing is great, but it’s also just another sign to show us how far we are away from our hearts though I think the heart hacks are the ones that I’m the most in love with. And that starts with a desire to want to learn more about who you truly are, what you came here to do. And we call that your soul goal. You know, in the module one we’re like, what are you here for? Like what does this is all for? Why do you want more energy? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to look more beautiful? Is it just to gain the approval of others or is there something deeper within you that you really are here to express to the world uniquely in your own way and find your true love by being in service?(Heart Hacks | 51:22)

  22. Love and connection and the soul’s purpose, which is amazing because you can really heal just with that alone. (Healing Hacks | 53:37)

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