Ian Hart interview Dennis Notten for Ian’s book “Healing Hackers” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book “healing hackers”. Dennis Notten is the spiritual guide and founder of SacredJourney.Earth. He is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, a Theta Healer, a Reiki Master, and had several years of experience of running his own healing centre in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.

  1. The way I see the bridge is to find ways pathways for these medicines to be used in a conscious way. They’re responsible for it in this western container that we have getting also the same benefit that is indigenous people already have now received for millennia. (Plant Medicines | 5:17)

  2. When people are not prepared, then people go to the medicine, more like go to an experience that can be explained and can be even traumatizing for people because what indigenous people say the medicine in the end you’re not working with, with a plant with a liquid that you’re drinking, now you’re working with a plant medicine. And this plant medicine has a spirit that the people call mother ayahuasca or grand mother ayahuasca. And this, this spirit is in the end what you’re working with, when you connect with plant medicines. So this plant medicine, let’s say mother ayahuasca, they say sing a song. That’s the calling of the medicine. So the song goes out in the world and some people hear that song and it’s not a song you can hear what the human ear now this is a song that you’re going to receive in many ways, it’s like a book that you read the video, see somebody talking about and you’re like, ah, does this is something I would like to do one day? And that’s the calling of the medicine. And if people go to the medicine from that place of calling then it’s the right time.  (Plant Medicine and Calling | 6:22)

  3. What’s happening in this western world, we’re so used to the world that we can consume things, that things are readily available, they have to be quick, they have to be now, they have to be super effective. So like, oh this ayahuasca yeah, I heard about it. I’m going to do it because I feel depressed and in one ceremony going to take me out and like that. And people go to ceremony sometimes with that kind of mindset, not really listening to the calling, but going from a place of just looking for the next experience and then people are not ready for it. And then many things can happen in ceremony. So it’s really important to listen to the calling. (Ayahuasca and Western World | 7:29)

  4. Once you really listened to that calling and then the ceremony will not be common because everything that will be shown to you in that ceremony even if it’s difficult or challenging, has its purpose which is healing, which is transformation, which is growth because sometimes going into ceremony is not the blissful experience full of unicorns and rainbows as people might expect from Psych plant medicine… you can experience and can see your depths, your fears, your shadows, your darker side of yourself and it all comes up not for the purpose of healing but transform that back into the light. So in that sense, I don’t think ayahuasca is traumatizing for people, but it’s really important to listen. (Plant Medicine and Transformation | 8:08)

  5. The great mystery of worker working with and in this western world, nowhere. So things happening quick. The scientific world is explaining everything in great detail, exactly how things works and come up with laws, how things works. And we almost believe now that when we cannot put things in such a system, then it’s not true. But if you actually look the signs like Newton, you know what a genius, a scientist that really was able to describe the law of gravity. So beautiful. He was able to describe the law of gravity. Doesn’t mean that he invented gravity, the apples fallen from the tree long before Newton’s had food on this planet. So there are things happening. You know reality that science has not discovered that science has not even touched on. (Ayahuasca, Spiritual World and World of Substances | 9:52)

  6. The great mystery is so vast and if you look at the universe, how big it is and how small a planet is and how small we actually are as a human being in that great universe, I think we can conclude that we have a lot to learn and that we just started to scratch the surface, really know what’s going on here. So these things has the calling of the spirit, the calling of the medicine, it’s very difficult to put into concepts. But I think what you’re touching on is that is really spiritual work was the word spiritual has been using in many ways now in this time. And I think working with plant medicines like ayahuasca or other plant medicines you’re really working with the spirit that behind those plants. So I think there are two things to the world, that spiritual world and what’s happening now with different substances, not that are man made and laboratory, I believe and also the indigenous people tell me those substances do not have such a spirit behind them in the same sense as a plant medicine has. And of course you can say there’s a great spirit behind everything which is for sure too. (Spiritual World and World of Substances | 10:54)

  7. Healing is to become whole again and I think the part of healing, the journey of healing has basically two stages and then there’s one journey but one part of the healing, and that’s where most people focus on is let’s say if you are not doing well, if you are sick from getting better, that’s one part of journey of healing. But there’s another part of the journey of healing that I think this one when you are well who become one again, to go back into that one, a student base where we are all born and the place that we all go through that’s a massive journey that goes beyond time and space. (Healing and Plant Medicine | 13:11)

  8. That is healing to go home again to become one. And so if you look at substances, if you look at medicines, I think the one thermometer we can use is exactly what you say. Does it go into the direction of unity or does it point us in the direction of separation? Because even brings us more to unity that’s through healing becoming one again, becoming whole again, if it goes in the direction of separation, you go in the opposite direction – disease, to not feel at ease. So I think that’s a very beautiful, the moment to watch now by using substances. (Healing and Plant Medicine | 13:50)

  9. Music is an amazing teacher and if actually look to the word universe, you know the place where we are uni, the one. Verse a part of a song, the one that sing, it’s all vibration. It’s all music. And if we go and harmony with all those vibrations, I think that’s the way to go back to that wholeness that we spoke about before.  (Music and Harmony | 18:56)

  10. If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency and vibration.(Frequency and Vibration | 19:41)

  11. Yawanawá tribe says that the ayahuasca the vine plus the leaves you know from the plant that has many names like Jacoba, we’re birthed at the same time and that type received the knowledge, how to use them together in that moment that the plans were born. So for them, the ceremonial ayahuasca containing the leaves were born at the same moment. Other types say that the beginning of them working with ayahuasca happen with drinking only the tea of the vine for a long time. And what they say is that by drinking the vine tea that they saw the same visions as they have now drinking the vine with the leaves. But in time, and in the beginning of time they said we are so connected. We came straight from that source today from the creator or much closer to the place of creation. So much more connected to that spot. Once we start to lose that connection, it was much more difficult to see the visions. This is an important part to do notice. So that means that ayahuasca vine does give visions and some people they drink the vine only tea, you know in a higher quantities no visions can occur but you have to be really connected. I never went to that place. So, and I also don’t recommend people to do that. It’s not what indigenous people does.(Ayahuasca-Vine | 21:59)

  12. Chacoon is a plant that contains DMT… one of the alkaloids that very much study of ayahuasca but there are many other alkaloids in ayahuasca 20 plus alkaloids in the medicine that’s called ayahuasca, and DMT is just one of them.(Plant Medicine | 23:38)

  13. Science has put so much study, so much time there that sometimes people think that ayahuasca is DMT. But that’s not true. And if you actually look back to the indigenous people and look back how the system works, because a nervous system, especially the central spine, you know, it’s a very important part of our nervous system called the Shu Shu Mau in some languages in India. That’s your antenna to connect with that spiritual force, but that filled with entity with that unseen. And the pineal gland that’s on top of your spine. Now the pineal gland is a gland, the masa gland is in the center of your brain, the line that’s in the center of your brain. Now, if you go from your third eye, the place between your eyebrows straight into the brain, to the middle of the brain, there’s a tiny gland that’s as big as a rice corn, which is a master gland of your body that that gland secretes certain hormones into your system. Oh, that’s for example, the gland that really dictates how much serotonin is released and all of the, let’s say the hormone that wakes you up. That makes me feel happy. (DMT and Science | 23:56)

  14. The pineal gland dictates that melatonin is released, you know, we’re just a hormone that makes us sleepy and resting. So that cycle is all governed by the pineal gland. Also, the pineal gland naturally secretes DMT. you know in various moments of the life of human being. That’s in very deep dream states, right? Deep states of meditation. The moment you’re born, the pineal gland, you know does a big release of DMT in the system. The moment we die and the moment that a mother gives birth to a child, these are just five moments of the pineal gland, excretes DMT naturally to the system. And so that pineal gland is such a big part of the antenna maybe you can say like an antenna of a radio, it’s long and has a small bulb on top of it. The pineal gland is that small bulb on top of the antenna that’s your spine. Very important part so once that pineal gland is open, we can receive spiritual energy very much. It’s like a gateway of connection to the divine energy. So what indigenous people as I see it as I believe have done, they found a plant that contains DMT to kind of help the pineal gland to open up. And if you start to see it that way, then you can actually see that the DMT might not be the molecule that actually gives the visions, that means a DMT has a molecule that helps the pineal gland to open up so you can then connect to the realms where those visions live. (Pineal Gland and DMT | 25:12)

  15. DMT can be seen as a help of molecule in the bigger picture of the medicine ayahuasca to open you up more to those energies. And if you see that, you can also see that ayahuasca now the medicine has called ayahuasca. The medicine is not chichona. The medicine has not called DMT because ayahuasca is the core of the medicine and in the vine ayahuasca vine on the Banisteriopsis caapi that’s what the spirit of the medicine is, that’s what the teachings are, that what the healings are, that’s what the depths are, that what the transmission is. So that’s all in the vine. And the Banisteriopsis caapi comes to help you to open up to that connection. So in the vine that’s all the things are there, the teachings, the healings, the depth. And if you look now, scientists go in that direction. (Ayahuasca | 26:55)

  16. Science is always catching up. Science is way behind of a topic in this reality, it was very beautiful to look at science because science is in the last years concentrating more on studies on just ayahuasca vine. And what they’ve found is that the different alkaloids in vine like harmaline, harmine, tetrahydro-harmine, different alkaloids are there. And what they found in a study in 2017 if I breaking study, a concept that people have been feeling into and something that the indigenous people of this world have voice many times that ayahuasca can change releases. Ayahuasca can change your perception in the world and know who genesis is a big part of that in the scientific world.(Ayahuasca and Science | 27:48)

  17. Neurogenesis is the cause of new brain cells, new brain connections that can shift those kinds of physical connections in the brain. And they thought science that neurogenesis after the age of 19, 20, 21 is not possible anymore. That from that age basically our brain declines. And I found now in a study in 2017 by a man called Gonzales together with another partner that ayahuasca the vine and harmine, harmaline as those alkaloids, as stimulating the process of neurogenesis. This was breaking. It was science thought in the time that neurogenesis was not possible. And so that proves slowly start to go in the direction of  proof, scientific proof that the ayahuasca vine, not the DMT, not the leave, just the vine has capacity to help neurogenesis and to translate it in more day to day reality has the force to change belief systems, to change, the structure of the mind to create new pathways and that’s something really beautiful to tap into. And that power is in the vine and then the vine only.(Neurogenesis | 29:03)

  18. I’ve also found that breathing you know like Wim Hof breathing, holotropic breathing, any of those, let’s say deeper transformational breath can bring people to very similar states than ceremonial states of ayahuasca… Was there also ways that do not go well together? You know some plant medicines for example, I bet are not to be mixed, can be dangerous or potentially lethal. So it’s really important to go into that with a lot of respect and a lot of care and they slowly really learning what the combination does. (Plant Medicine and Breathing | 31:50)

  19. 90 days it’s really a beautiful time to connect with. And what you speak about breathing oxygen alkaloids moving into the body, how does that all happen? That happens to the blood and the blood. Now move to our veins all the time. The heart is pumping blood and all the time. And it’s amazing to actually study that system. And one way to study that is to look at the lifetime of the red blood cells cause the red blood cells and also the white blood cells. Red Blood cells carry the oxygen to your system. You know they carry many alkaloids to your system and these red blood cells have a life cycle of approximately 90 days and these red blood cells, let’s say in the energetic field of those blood cells… That carries your belief system the moment that the red blood cell was born in your bone marrow, that belief system of that moment, this is recorded in your red blood cells that stays there for 90 days. So when you go to a whole cycle of the birth and death of a red blood cells of 90 days, that’s a very beautiful way to create new habits, to create new belief systems, new pathways that are physically grounded in your system. So that’s why the program is 90 days. And working with that cycle really give you the opportunity to shift your state… the belief system that’s recorded in those red blood cells. Now that can shift and your state of being is really, let’s say the foundation of who you are as once your state of being let’s say is based on fear, anxiety, scarcity like those kinds of things you hold back and that state of being will dribble into all your relationships that will dribble into your work. That will dribble into all the things you’re sharing and experiences, but if your state of being… When you keep going in a direction, disease, you don’t feel at ease and then a physical disease can manifest on that, so yeah, exactly. You go to separation, you go to disease. Once you get to the place where you can shift that state of being to a state that’s love, trust, abundance… any of those states of being then if you communicate to people, your relationships, the work that you share, the way you show up, the way you take decisions. Now we take so many decisions, you know life all the time. I think we take 30,000 plus decisions every single day consciously, subconsciously. So when those decisions all come from place of fear or from basic tasks, it’s a world of difference. So in 90 days you have the chance to really shift that state of being and working with the vine only tea as you spoke about having the possibility to change, you know, your belief systems, your neuro system, neurogenesis, and to do that, that’s a combination of setting a very clear intention. You know, where you want to go, why do you want to call it, why do you want to walk towards if you have clarity on where you want to go on your life plus you have something like the vine tea coming in to help it actually program that in your system and you combine that with a daily spiritual practice on a daily spiritual practice like meditation, yoga, chi gong, tai chi, whatever practice that resonates with you. (90 Day Ayahuasca | 35:29)

  20. What does the daily spiritual practice do? It connects you on a daily basis with ethical and spiritual energy. The source, that invisible feel that’s all around us all the time. And in these, let’s say bigger ceremonial experience of ayahuasca, whether this is basically you’re on a waterfall like […] and it cascades to your whole body many things can come from that but what I’ve seen you know and indigenous people in the falls do not have that because they live in a tribe, they live in the jungle. They are connected, they go back to ceremony, but in the Western world you lose that energy, that connection with that spiritual energy again and then a few weeks people are back at the same place. Something that I’ve seen with many people in ceremonial use of ayahuasca on the Western world. Then when you go to microdosing you can have that connection of a much extended period of time going into that daily spiritual practice keep that connection to the spiritual force every day, you know like spoon by spoon, like moment by moment, breath by breath and that daily spiritual practice, that’s a foundation of being connected. So the program starts at the Micros in this kind of like a kick start of bringing you in that state of flow, state of flow is where you really connected to trust, to love, abundance and make decision and show up in all your relationship from that place to kickstart and ingress data flow with the help of the vine only tea then the daily spiritual practice is like the fuel to keep that state of flow going. So when you stop the microdosing that day the spiritual practice is your cornerstone to keep that state of flow. So the objective is not to make you, let’s say addicted or dependent on divine unity is just to use the medicine to kick start you in that state of flow and then teaching you how to keep the state of flow in your life. And the program is a three months program and we have a whole team of support there and are many videos and assistance it’s like an online course you know, every week new teachings are open.(Spiritual Practice, Ayahuasca Micro-dosing | 39:06)

  21. The pineal gland is such a sick gut organ in the body and it works in a very specific way and calcification. How does it happen? You know calcification in many joints happen when movement becomes less you know that it’s becoming a bit more stagnant and then calcification start to happen. So I feel the same with the pineal gland. Once it’s active, once it’s used for that connection with that gateway is really open. Now from that movement that pulsation of the pineal gland calcification will not happen so quickly. But if the pineal gland more stagnant, there’s less connection with that spiritual force plus I think one of the primal functions of the pineal gland then it’s much more easy to become stagnant and from that stagnation you know, that calcification comes. How that works on the physical level. I’m not completely sure, but I feel that’s more you know the system behind it. So in that way, connecting with the vine only tea it’ll open that connection so that way it will open the pineal gland. Now as we said before, the DMT is just a helper for a pineal gland to open more. But the vine does that opens that connection. Anyways, so I think the vine only tea, that’s completely my feeling, my intuition is very much part of decalcifying the pineal gland in the sense that it’s activating the pineal gland and opening that gateway to the spiritual force.(Pineal Gland Calcification and DMT | 42:15)

  22. In the end and I think that’s our destiny to be whole again, all together in one spot and we’re going to that place of wholeness whatever happens you know with humanity, whatever happens with our planet, whatever happens beyond this universe, that journey of healing or there’s a massive journey. I think that’s, that’s what I think. So that healing journey is happening no matter what happens in our small, tiny parts of the history of humanity and the future of humanity in as much bigger picture of the universe and beyond. But in our lives, I’m always looking for healing hacks because you know, this journey that we’re on, the journey of illumination, I would love to find ways how to speed up the journey because I can’t wait to be back in that spot again. So I’m with you in this, in this quest of finding healing hacks and microdosing is really something I found that really is a good healing hack, if you can call it like that because what happens with many healing hacks is that maybe you find a way to have something really quick. And I have a quick transformation, a quick healing, a quick turnaround, a quick change in belief systems, but the human system is very resilient, is very easy to slide back into old patterns, very easy to slide back in all belief systems, it’s very easy to slide back in all the environment that not supporting a change of transformation. So what’s a big part of not just finding healing hacks is finding the way to sustain that new level of consciousness, that new level of energy, that new level of connection, whatever we want to put there now for an extended period of time.(Journey of Healing | 44:48)

  23. There’s a big difference between the state of consciousness and a stage of consciousness. And this is very important to look at the use with plant medicines like ayahuasca or other plant medicines or even some psychedelics. Because in those journeys that you entered, you can easily reach a higher state of consciousness. Now some people who visit in that journey on the medicine like being a Buddha, and you know, having that sense of illumination and nirvana and complete enlightenment, but then you come out of that ceremony and you’re back in almost the exact same place where you are before that ceremony so a state of consciousness is very short lived, but a stage of consciousness is let’s say if you would compare being a Buddha and ceremony with being on the top of a mountain. We have this expansive view. You see other mountain top, you see those eyes and see exactly all the steps you took to counter at mountain top and you sit there really enjoying the journey. When the medicine takes you there and then you go back it’s kind of seeing a movie. you know, like somebody took you there on a visualforce and put you on a mountain top, but… back so what kind of experience give you is the potential that you are seeing, that you experienced, that you felt of what’s possible. Now your thought about it, you felt it, but then you come out at the ceremony but you have not lived it. They’ve not become that. So then the journey of life is to walk that same mountain step by step, breath by breath, finding that pause and sometimes three steps to the front, two steps back, four steps to the front, three steps back, and to go to all those challenges, all those winding roads in 3D reality, in your life, so you can live that vision and ultimately you had began become that vision like becoming an enlightened person, a Buddha in your life. And that’s a stage of consciousness to a state and a stage of consciousness as something completely different. So for me the question is finding healing hacks is not just like have a short moment of realization. That is to find a way to keep that realization in your life so you can live it and you can become it because that’s the ultimate quest of why we’re here for. (Consciousness, Change and Transformation | 46:36)

  24. One beautiful thing to take away from, from our conversation is unity, harmony and to go towards that direction at any point. So let it be your thermometer in life to always look for harmony and in things go in the direction of disharmony, maybe that’s an invitation to step back and go into a new direction until you find that path of harmony. Because harmony will bring us all back together to wholeness back to the one. And that’s a place where health is, that’s the place where abundance is, that’s a place where love is, that’s a place of connection is. And I think that’s the place where we as humanity are called to go more into so that harmony be our drive. That’s harmony be our guideline to find our next steps in this beautiful life on this beautiful planet that this was gifted to us. (Health and Harmony | 56:41)

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