“Hey! What’s going on? It’s Ian Hart here at EarthFIT and today I’m going to just go give you a little tour of the sauna and then give a pointers on keeping it clean, how you want to handle the sauna, how you want to use it, how it’s powerful for detox and then I’m actually going to jump in the sauna for about an hour today myself, and I’ve been building up to an hour. The first day I did about half hour, 35 minutes, I did 45 minutes the next one, and then I’ve build up to it. And then I’m going to be doing a specific detox after that.

So here is the sauna, it’s a 4 person sauna as you can see it has a stereo system. Right now it’s on clear glass, we’re going to be getting some dividers here so people won’t be looking out at the gym because right now this is open to the gym.

Infrared Sauna Detoxification at EarthFIT

Infrared Sauna Detoxification at EarthFIT

And so there’s a few things for the sauna. You want to be extremely hydrated, you do want to progress to longer term. The power is in the sweating so when you’re sweating we know that the toxins are coming out from the sweat. This is proven through research that the sweat you do in your training is helpful but in the sauna the toxins increases by a large percentage like 80-90% more.

This is most powerful after a training so if you do a training you want to go into a sauna, you continue to sweat you’ll get more toxins out. In the training it uses your cardiovascular system so it gets the toxins circulating and now there’s two ways that the toxins get out your body – through your intestinal tract, and through the sweat. And so we do the sweating and then I always recommend if you’re not doing the actual detox which includes supplements that you take bentonite clay, bentonite clay binds with the toxins in your gut and carries them out. You can also use activated charcoal but activated charcoals are a little bit harsh on the body, it does absorbs a lot of toxins and the minerals in your body as well which is not that beneficial but it can be beneficial if you have like serious toxins in the body. They use it at the emergency room if you overdose on you know drugs, alcohol etc. to absorb the toxins.

Infrared Sauna Detoxification at EarthFIT

So once you go into the sauna you want to make sure you’re not overheating so you should be extremely hydrated and you should hydrate while you are in there. You’re going to start pouring sweat, you want to grab a few towels and be continuously wiping the sweat down. Sometimes it gets annoying because you’re like you’re really sweating in here non stop like you wipe on place and then where you wiped 2 seconds later you’re sweating again. But, because there’s toxins and the sweat you don’t want to get it re-absorbed so you want to wipe it and get it absorbed in the towel about 15-20 minutes in the towel I’m using and I don’t really sweat that much like compared to some other people, it’s pretty much soaking wet so you want to have 3 or 4 towels ready if you’re going to go in for an hour. If you hit a point where you feel extremely fatigue and tired from it, you can just step out or open up the door if it’s just you by yourself. You can just step out for 2 seconds if you’re in there with other people who want to keep it hot there’s a timer. We want to set the timer… and actually I’m going to set the timer it’s about to go out as I step in here so I’m going to go up 60 minutes. And then if the door is open like it is right now it’s going to go down in temperature quite a bit, it’s a 117 degrees in there. As soon as I close the door it’s going to start to go up in temperature. It’s set at its highest possible degree right now which is 158 degrees. I’ve noticed that at set with 158, it goes up to about 145-146 it never really gets up to 158. I haven’t seen that yet.

And when you’re done, you ‘re gonna be sweating and dripping sweat all over there inside and so it’s very important that we keep it clean. Again, these are toxins coming out of you. So we have a bucket here to wash down and we’re going to be getting… we have a mop that’s going to be attached, not a mop but a scrub brush. We would sweat it down in the bucket and take it inside and scrub down completely the area that you have been sitting in that’s wet with the sweat. And then we scrub it down and then we wipe it down again with a dry towel just to take up all the toxins and then we will be cleaning it once a week – a full cleaning.

The other thing that is very important to know is that after your session in the sauna, you want to take a cold shower for few reasons; This will cool your core temperature, it will wash off the toxins and sweat in the body. You don’t want to keep that on you for a long time and it helps your immune system, and actually stimulates your immune system so it helps your lymphatic system drain out some of the toxins again and then if you’re drinking a big glass of bentonite clay… let me show you what I have right now. These are my water supply for the session. I’ve already drank about 8 cups of water so I have another 4 cups of water here and another 2 and a half here. This is bentonite clay, I’m going to drink this after my session or maybe a little bit during it to absorb more of the toxins.

So for people who are going to be going in the sauna at EarthFIT, you must watch the video. We’re giving 4 free sessions away to everybody at EarthFIT who is currently a client with us and 4 half hour sessions to use so you can try it out, see if you like it, see if you feel the benefits and this video you must watch it first so you understand everything. Now, the next step after this is we’re going to be having a powerful detox. It’s one of the best detox you can do bar none; this is research for over 60 years. There’s not many places in the US where you can actually do it because it’s very entailed process but I will be taking people through this to help cleanse the toxins that have been accumulated over their whole entire life. And so when this occurs, there’s massive changes on the energetic level, mental level. I’m taking them to the next step and actually help people heal, and recover from you know things that they didn’t even really realize were there. You’ll see radiation come out of your body. For example, when you take some of the supplements and go into the sauna you’ll see sunburns come out of the body, you’ll see places where you’ve been injected with anaesthesia or… where they put anaesthesia in your body and even things like if you’re in a korean pool for large part of your life which I was as a kid, chlorine come out, numerous other things that I can tell you about. They’ve used this on people who are 911 victims who inhaled all the chemicals, people who have gulf war syndrome and other people who are exposed to harmful toxins to help them release those toxins. Alright, and they’ve seen these symptoms disappear as soon as the toxins release and you can actually see it on the towel. So this is the benefits of the sauna, as well as how to go about using the sauna for the best benefit and the best health effects. Have a good day!”

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