How To Set Up The Rouge Echo Bike

Hey EarthFITters! This is Coach Sam. Today I’m going to show you how to set up the new Rogue Echo Bikes we have here at EarthFIT 2.0. I’m going to show you how to get on there so you can have maximum performance while using the bike. First thing we’re going to do is adjust the seat up and down vertical here. So you’re going to pull this lever right here…

How To Set Up The Rouge Echo Bike

Face the bike and then pull it up until it’s hip height there. So you can see my hip height (please see the video). Another way you could check this is when you get on the bike, you can pull out your heel and once it’s completely straight and pedal straight parallel to the ground there, you want no bend and when placed on the heel, there’ll be a slight bend if your toes on a slight flexion there but an easy way just check the heel there.

And then, how far to put the seat forward or backward actually depends on your arm positioning. So you’re gonna bring the handles in here forward and you just want a slight bend at the elbows while your knees are at form. Mine is still a little locked out, so I’m gonna take this lever here at the bottom (please see the video), pull it back, just one or two. Make sure you have a slight bend. Good. So then when using the bike, you want to lean forward slightly. Keep a nice note, a level pelvis there. We don’t want to be going side to side as we’re using it. You do want to pump and pump the arms, push and pull there as you’re using it, but you don’t want to be rocking completely back side to side. A quick tip on how to use this, some people have asked is how do you use it for pacing because it does kind of kick your butt if you get on there and start hauling right away. What you want to do is actually get it up to speed very quickly. So push and pull as fast as you can for about five seconds and then get down to the pace. You could see it there in the top right corner, it will kind of give you your pace that you’re at. That is how you use the rogue echo bike for maximum performance.

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