Health Benefits of Papayas

“Hey! I just woke up about an hour and a half ago. I did some Qi Gong, some meditation, and I was staring out over at this beautiful view while I was doing it here at Tobago. I just came down here for a wedding but I wanted to do a video real quick on amazing properties of papaya.

Health Benefits of Papayas

Whenever I come down to caribbean Central America I love eating papaya, I don’t really get it in the states that much because it tends to spoil quickly and I don’t find them to be tasty actually whenever I buy them there, so whenever I come down here I eat them. Try to get one a day because they have amazing enzyme activation and properties and so, for breakfast I’m eating one here right now and it has a proteolytic enzymes like papain which help digest food, it helps digest the undigested protein that you might have in your gut and it helps for a healthy environment to help promote good bacteria in the gut. But not only that, the seeds actually are unbelievable. The seeds come in the center area here, I tend to scrape them out, but I eat a spoon full of them because it’s anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-amoeba. There’s been cases of it warding off dengue fever. In Costa Rica obviously, it’s a very severe disease so you would just want to eat papaya seeds, but these seeds have been shown that help regenerate the liver so people with cirrhosis of the liver eat this stuff. It helps the whole gut environment to be in a healthy position.

So it has a lot of fiber, vitamin C and great amino acids that help the body and in general, it’s from the earth, it’s natural so these are the things that I love about coming down to the caribbean as you can find these fruits that we don’t tend to have in US. At least where we are in the US, and then we have them in the grocery stores but they’ve been shipped from afar. They’re not fresh off the tree; they’ve been wrapped up or sprayed or prevented from ripening at the right point. So when I come down here I can just simply go to the store, buy a ripe fruit that I know is right off the tree, eat it and feel the health benefits right away like this.

If anybody knows that I have a lot of gut issues in the past and it’s been years since I’ve been healing it, so I know the effects that this papaya has on my digestive system and I can eat papaya and tend to step outside of the boundaries that I’m used to for the foods that I eat and I know that I’m gonna digest it better, I’ll feel better.

So if you’re in this country or if you find a good ripe papaya in the US definitely try to take a teaspoon of the seeds to help with your digestive system regenerate the liver if you’re somebody that drinks a lot of alcohol and ah… there’s one other thing that I was going to mention and I can’t remember off at the top of my head right now.

But, an amazing fruit. You know this fruits are medicine and we need to look at them in that way. You know our medicine is food and it’s going to be exercise and that’s pretty much 95 that should take care… 95% of all the needs we have to have met when it comes to medicine and medical issues. And then there’s a 5% where we really need the western medicine, we need surgery, doctors, we need intervention. Prevention is the best medicine.”

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