“Before EarthFIT, I had just moved to Habersham and I’ll never forget walking in and talking to Lee and I showed him my shoulder. I had a shoulder injury and I literally could not lift my arm above my waist. And so I just came in and just said, oh my gosh, can you help me? I’ve had an MRI, there is no tear, but I’m scared to push it and I don’t know what to do. And that was kind of where I was when I showed up here. Well look, I can go all the way up without any issues with this arm, which is huge because I couldn’t even turn on a light switch before. I just had so much pain in this arm and I really, I had gone to see some doctors, some chiropractors, and it was about eight months of therapy that I had done.

And in literally a month and a half, this is what I was able to do. And it was all because I trusted Lee to do the right exercises and just he just paid attention to what I was experiencing and still does today, even a year. And a half later, he’s always asking me about this to make sure that I’m not pushing it or stretching it too far in the wrong area because I had a female trainer, I was really skeptical about working with a guy. I didn’t know if, if Lee would really understand really what I was all about and would be able to help me in my body shape and type. And so that has definitely not been an issue. But that was something I was really skeptical about in the beginning. They need to give it a try, they need to commit to 30 days. And a lot of times EarthFIT will have specials and that’s really the first time I committed to earth. It was during, uh, think it was called the Babes of Beaufort competition or something. And it was just a one month commitment. I paid one fee and I got access to all the training for 30 days unlimited. And it was a great way for me to just have a short window, have the opportunity to try all different times, mornings, afternoons, the different trainers and really get a feel for the workouts. But you have to give it 30 days to really begin to see the benefits.” -Rebecca

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