If you train at EarthFIT you may have heard me recommend this one simple regimen to dramatically improve health. It is a simple solution that can help 90% of most health issues and increase recovery from exercise. Check out the video below and the picture of the text I got in the comment today.

“I wanted to share one simple solution that can help 90-95% of all health issues. Okay, this simple solution I’ve told to all our clients and share with everybody all the time because it’s something that so easy and everybody can pick up this habit and it would dramatically and drastically change your life for the better. You are dealing with some health issues or not because it can help with recovery from exercise, it’s gonna help with digestion, gut function, hydration level, etc.. So if you heard me talking about hydration, you know that hydration happens on a body level and a cellular level, all right? First at the body level then on a cellular level when it goes to the cellular level then we get into some problems and that’s where health issues begin because inflammation starts, that is where high blood pressure can come in, numerous other health issues can start.

So, are you ready for the simple solution? because it’s gonna blow your mind how easy it is and the impact that you can have. And if I’ve shared this with you before great! here’s a little bit more detail about it and if not this would be awesome if you started to do this at some point in the near future preferably tomorrow. So we have a lime, the ingredients to what I’m going to share with you:

  • Lime
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (This is a refilled bag so I buy bulk so not only is it better financially right? so I buy it cheaper and then I refill because I use a lot of salt in anything – Himalayan Sea Salt, never ever table salt. Table salt’s like poison, himalayan sea salt or great celtic sea salt has a lot of medicinal properties to it and here is why…)

Those 2 ingredients are gonna put in 2 cups of water in the morning. So this Himalayan Sea Salt has over 80 trace minerals in it. It helps with your electrolyte balance, it helps your adrenals, if you have adrenal fatigue which most people are these days because their cortisol levels are very high, it helps with gut function so it raises your hydrochloric acid level which helps with digestion, it helps to flash out the toxins from your body. So first thing in the morning even more important, right? Now the lime, the lime is going to alkalize the body, it’s gonna balance out electrolytes, it has high dosage of vitamin C, it helps with fungus, had to kill off funguses, it helps with colds, it helps with your immune system so as well as the salt.

So you take 2 glasses of water, at least 2 glasses. Fill up with a half teaspoon of Sea Salt, warm water so that the sea salt dissolves and then you can take half or the whole lime and squeeze it into the water and then drink that. Wait 20 minutes, don’t eat all right, don’t have coffee, and this is like a flushing mechanism. It will flush out your body, flush out toxins, it will help with your digestive system and so those are just a few things right there that will benefit you massively. So there’s one thing, just one thing that you’re gonna do for your health. This could impact everything because it’s hydrating your body instantly in the morning which most people are dehydrated, it’s gonna help your energy through the rest of the day, it will help your recovery from exercise, it will help stave off diseases because you’re keeping your minerals, electrolytes in balance, you’re keeping your stress levels down etc. etc..

Health and Fitness Beaufort SC: One Simple Solution

Health and Fitness Beaufort SC: One Simple Solution

Health and Fitness Beaufort SC: One Simple Solution

So again, just a recap 2 glasses of water, half a teaspoon of celtic or himalayan sea salt (I use himalayan sea salt it’s probably not bad to mix it up where you get the salt from because they all have different minerals in different parts of the world.), take an organic lime okay go ahead and squeeze that into the water, drink it down – warm water. There you go… All right, that’s an awesome tip to start of 2016 and anybody can do that. That’s one habit that you can start, if you start that then attach another habit to it right? if you’ve heard about attaching habits to other habits while you’re making your himalayan sea salt mix, you know right after you pound it you can get down and do 10 pushups and 10 squats and that’s how you build on good habits.

Alright, so this is Ian Hart with earthfittraining.com. I hope you enjoy this and I hope this helps tremendously. I’d love to see you started and get your feedback and before I even move on I totally forgot to mention if you look below, you’ll see a text I got from somebody, the impact that it had on its rheumatoid or arthritis and health below and this is not the first time I got a text message about it all right, just this one thing I’ve got a feedback as to you have changed my life because the person had adrenal fatigue, this stop the coffee and they started with this specific regimen of himalayan sea salt, lime and water and it drastically changed their life. All right, Ian Hart again I hope you enjoy. Have a great day!  



Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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