Health and Fitness Beaufort: Quick Postural Reset

“Hey EarthFITters! This is Coach Sam here. Today I’m going to go over a postural reset that is great for the upper back and neck area. So if you have tightness in either one of those areas, this exercise I’m going to show you is going to help you out there and this tightness may lead to things like a tension headache or maybe you’re just really tight and stiff in that area you could feel it at work, this results from a lot of times the way we drive, just life in general set up with, we’re either on our cell phones, we’re driving more hunched over when they flexion position. So this movement I’m going to show you, it’s going to really open up your anterior chain, which is the front of your body. It’s going to help you get some relaxation, stretch out those tight muscles, helping you feel better. 

Health and Fitness Beaufort: Quick Postural Reset

This mobility movement is called Bruegger’s. So you’re going to start by sticking your hands out and you could do this seated as well as standing. Either way, you’re going to stick your hands out and you’re gonna widen those fingers out as wide as you can get them. I don’t want you to corkscrew around bringing those hands down. Now when you get those hands corkscrewed all the way down, you’re going to bring that middle finger; you’re going to try and pull it up back towards your shoulder blades there towards your chest. I want you in that position. You’re really going to squeeze for a second and then slowly bring your hands out back and down towards your side. I’m going to turn around so you could see what my back is doing here. As I pull back and down. We’re tracking my shoulder blades back, which we point you in the back, bringing them down slightly making sure you try to bring your shoulder blade into the front pocket of your pants. I mean, as you do this…”

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