Ian Hart interview Steve Young for his book “Healing Hackers” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book “healing hackers”. Steve Young has been in the health and healing field for over 23 years. He did his undergrad at Penn State and went to medical school at Hahnemann University and received a degree in Physical therapy. Degrees are great, but the only thing that matters in the real world is RESULTS and Steve knows how to get results when it comes to recovery and healing.

If you would like to know why our current medical system is broken, If you would like to know the 5 main holes that are causing illness today, If you would like to know about cutting edge technology that sparks the recovery and healing process, then check out this interview.

All right. Hey everybody, it’s Ian Hart here with Healing Hacks. And I got my buddy here, Steve Young and um, yeah, so welcome Steve. Thank you for being here.


Oh, thank you for having me. Super excited for this amazing chat we’re going to have.


Yeah. And so Steve and I met, I think it, I think it’s roughly about eight, nine years ago we met in a mastermind group kind of people that were on the cutting edge of health and fitness. And uh, so you’ve been in the healing and health industry for about 23 years. And what I’m just hearing, which I guess have you been promoted this, the fact that you’re in, you’re bringing in AI to finding the root cause of the healing for, is this for everybody in general for the population?


Yeah. Yeah. So that’s a big project. We’re working on a lot of stuff, but that’s like the final destination, which is, yeah, we just started curating the team, the company to build the AI, the process of how are going to like what data are we going to feed the AI that essentially will help people figure out what are the imbalances in their bodies that if left imbalance manifests into symptoms that that traditional medicine will label. We’re going to help people identify what those imbalances are and then show them how to reverse them without the need for medications and all that stuff. Yeah,



That is awesome. And that’s a good segue because one of the things I didn’t want to talk to you about, and it’s like always on the top of my list is the, our current medical system and how it’s working and how it’s functioning now. And basically that it’s broken and there’s no fixing it. It’s at some point, this is what I spoke to numerous people about. Then it’s going to collapse here in the next 10-20 years. It will collapse. We don’t know. And right. I mean, what’s your thoughts on that?


Yeah, yeah. So there’s some pretty definitive data on this now. And so, um, I would talk about like the, the medical system is broken in so many ways, right? Like financially it’s 80% of our GDP and at the rate that it’s growing though, that means is every dollar America span, 18 cents goes to healthcare, right? So we spend twice as much as any other country and we’re literally rank last right now we were on 27th last year route, we’re last this year. And so, um, well we also know is that the rate that we’re spending, it will bankrupt America in 14 years. And we know it won’t take 20 years to read mad because by 14 years it will bankrupt America. And of course the companies in the system that is, um, plundering the masses of money, they know they can’t keep plundering because in 14 years have been nothing that to plunder. And so I predict will start to see changes happening in about 10 years. And if you look at data points from Ray Kurzweil, what he believes is going to happen with Nano robots and our bodies by 2029, a lot of these dots do start to connect that the system will have to be revamped really and in the next 10 years. Right. So the interesting thing is whenever we match what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to revamp it to give the power to the people, not to revamp it to give just more power to the big companies. That’s what I see.


That’s why I love, I love connecting with people like you and I love following people like you because I’m all about empowerment, giving the power to the people, the medical community. You know, it had an altruistic beginning obviously, but it’s gotten out of control I believe. And it’s all about taking the power away. Where are you with your thoughts on like all the censoring of, you know, what they call anti vaccine now? Um, like what’s your thoughts on that? Like the censoring of information?


Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, I mean, first of all I’ll say that the entire system is the issue. The people in the system or just great people, like no doctor, you know, I know went to med school, so no doctor goes to medical school and says I’m going to go and poison people, genuinely want to help people. But they’re, you know, unfortunately humans are very easy to brainwash, right? So over and over again, we’re actually getting better at better at brainwashing people because the science and brainwashing is getting better. So the, those that are really in control, control of the flow of information they’re the ones that’s influencing the masses. And that includes, you know, the doctors like doctors don’t know when they prescribe certain drugs that they believe we’re helping. It’s actually harming people. They don’t know that, right? Because the drug rep isn’t buying them lunch and saying, Hey, this actually is going to be more harmful than helpful. So of course they believe they’re doing the best thing. So I know, you know, I don’t want people watching, hearing us thinking that we’re seeing doctors are not helpful. It’s the system, right? Doctors are humans just like us with feelings and they’re amazing people. It’s just a system. And so that in a way transition to the answer of, you know, censoring of information we’ll, sure for the longest time since the dawn of history, you know, the, the really smart and powerful people that they can control information, they can control the masses, right? And so, which is why if you look at most media that we have, the big ones, it’s owned by a handful of companies are like a handful of companies actually control exactly what people think. And so for sure there is all this censoring of all kinds of information forget just vaccines, all kinds of information happening. We’re being told how to think, what to think, and constantly being influenced all the time. You just Kinda know. It’s almost like you just have to acknowledge that we live in a matrix right under this, this spell, and I’m always kind of start to always question everything, even if it’s a given, like questioning for sure.


Right. I saw this meme and it said, the news used to tell us what happened and we decided what to think about it. Now they tell us what to think about it and we have to decide whether it happened or not. I was like, that’s exactly how journalism has like transformed. So this is a good segway into you know, medication. The doctors think that they’re doing a person good when in fact, you know, you’re talking about the AI analyzing any imbalances when the truth is the medication is either blocking something, right or putting them further into imbalance. Correct.


Yeah. So what’s really interesting as we proceed with this project a while ago, which is obviously we can’t claim things and no one could cause the FDA will come and slap us, which is you’ve been labeled with x diagnosis that just will say diabetes right now. Obviously we can’t say it cures diabetes. Right? And so well, what’s awesome about this is it’s the same thing I tell patients all the time, which is keep in mind that the system will label you with this because then they can match a drug to it. Of course, there’s other reasons like it, it puts a structure around the understanding of the thing in a way. However, if we just bypass the label, right? If we just, we’ll take diabetes as an example. Like what is diabetes? Well, it’s where your body becomes less able to process the insulin, which is tried to shuttle what sugar into your cells. Then you go, okay, what causes that blockage? Well, those cells are less sensitive because of some inflammation. What causes the inflammation? Well, either your guts off, your sleeping poorly, your circadian rhythm is off from that. You’re stressed. Uh, it could be from toxins, right?

Environmental toxins in your body. It could be from foods that you’re eating, foods that are healthy, but you need your genetics and your bacteria in your blood. It is actually unhealthy for you. And so we don’t really need to call diabetes. We just find every one of those inbounds as I just listed and resolve them. And guess what? The magical label goes away, right? So we bypass the entire, we don’t have to play the game […] rules. We bypass the label and just see it from an imbalanced perspective. And so yeah, most drugs treats the label, not the imbalances. Right? Like for example, if you, let’s say diabetes, you’re given a blood sugar pill or an injection of insulin, you’re not given. In fact, if you were given a pill that magically help decrease stress, helps you sleep better and decrease inflammation, that actually would be better than a drug that treats the blood sugar. Right. Cause now we’re actually getting to the root things. Right. Well yeah, so I, you know, I’m a huge fan of, I’m obviously not taking medications. I mean there are times where medication is helpful. It’s a bridge in, it buys us time to help you feel better while we resolve the root issues. Then for that short period it has issues but no medication is really helpful. I mean I shouldn’t say no 95% of medication if not helpful for long term use right there when we can find pockets of examples where they may be. But 95% of medications not helpful for most.



Can you give me an example of when meditation wouldn’t be used in a specific situation?


Yup. I cut your arm off right right now and you’re like screaming in pain. Nothing wrong with taking a pain killer right now, so you feel better until mind your arm and sew it back on. Right? Right. And so for trauma, usually it’s the trauma type stuff. Uh, like you have a brain hemorrhage and we do know there are specific drugs. I mean even just breathing hydrogen gas, which is a drug can protect your brain while we buy time to kind of do some other stuff. So it’s a very transient, using a very case specific scenario, Most drugs long term just, you know, it doesn’t work. Most drugs asked you just enables the sickness to grow and perpetuate, If you’re stressed and you’re not eating healthy, you’re not sleeping well and therefore you have high blood pressure, we give you a drug to decrease blood pressure.

So it’s quote unquote managed. But we didn’t do anything to not have you be stressed and help you sleep better. And, and, and so those things are actually still rotting the insides of your body. And next you’re like, “oh, I have some dementia. Oh I have some blood sugar issues,” Right? So if I was […] like, if the blood pressure drug increased blood pressure and we just made the opposite drug, right, it actually increased the symptoms, then the person would stop and go, oh my God, they took a pill, they got worse. Let me figure this out. They actually then we’ll be forced to address the root cause. Right. If you’d like make opposite drugs, like Bizarro Drugs as you would be helpful more so than the drugs.


Yeah. It’s really, when you analyze it, the insanity is just so crazy. Yeah. You’re in the Matrix, you look at society, you’re like hold on a second what happened here you’re taking a drug and it’s basically like moving you further from the truth. Or putting on a mask. Yeah, so can you tell us that obviously the name of the book is healing hacks. And so healing a hack is a, I guess in about 1955 the first time the word was used was MIT and it was used as an unusual way to bypass bypass, like an unusual problem or a problem. I guess now a days we have like biohacking, we have like, any way to get faster solutions. So, would you say there’s any general hacks besides some of the things you just mentioned, which was like, you know, sleeping better right? I mean, something I’m going to get into you with is like hyperbaric oxygen chamber, getting more oxygen, right? What would you kind of say is a base foundation for some people that are just feeling more feel better?


Yeah. Well I’ll use an analogy of like a boat, right? So imagine you, your life is a boat and you’re in this boat and the boat thinking like there’s water coming in, right? And you’re going to stay afloat because if the boat sinks. You’re dead. So, um, and there’s a lot of things that’s wanting the water to come in and in my mind there’s like five main holes that most people will have in a boat. If you look at the research, I’ve read tons of research for 29 years. You’ll find that there’s some patterns right with this. And so the five main hole that are causing the water to come in through illness is sleep, stress, toxins, gut health and food, food choices, right? Those are the big fives there some other small ones, but those are main five. And so, um, whenever you’re trying to heal yourself, whether be through hacks or any other approach, make sure that you are at least addressing the fundamental five first before you, you upgrade. Right? Because a lot of times I’m a huge fan of like always questioned is this getting at the root cause or is it getting at the symptoms? And I’ve kind of wrote this on Facebook before. Some people were take like curcumin for their inflammation instead of Advil, which is great, but I’m like, but you’re still treating the symptoms. What’s causing the inflammation? If you just substitute a natural thing for drug, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s much better, it is healthier. It’s a healthier choice that the approach is you’re still suppressing symptoms only, right? You’re not, you’re never plugging those holes. You’re just dumping out of that water more effectively. And so that’s, that’s the way I look at everything is that, are we plugging holes? and if they’re, most of them are plug, then you can upgrade your ship. Then you can put like a motor on there and maybe you can put some sales. Like you could make the ship go faster. A lot of the proponents of hacking out there, they’re definitely really, really focused on making the ship pretty and going faster. But yet the holes are still there, right? So as you’re approaching your health, you want to discern, have I plugged those holes as best as possible before I make my ship in my boat, you know, fancier, all that stuff.


That’s great advice. So essentially we’re talking about the foundation of like life principles essentially. And once you’ve got those in place, then you can start to stack everything on top.


Exactly right. And so hyperbaric chamber, to answer that question, it’s amazing. Um, obviously getting good oxygen under higher pressure, saturating your cells with oxygen and other gases, like hydrogen and all that stuff. It’s incredible. However, it is still mostly treating the symptoms of something, right? It’s an enhancement because if you’re, I don’t know… the way you’re perceiving the world, the world is bringing about a heightened stress state and that’s one of the biggest holes in it is for a lot of people. Then spending the way I look at it is say, spending an hour, let’s say on meditation or maybe with the ruling good. Um, we’ll call it psych experts would be better than a hyperbaric chamber. Right. Cause that’s plugging one of the five main holes. You’re meditating and you have like clarity in life in it and those holes are plugged for sure. And you’re like, you’re working out hard and you want to like slow down aging and recover faster. At that point you want to make your, your ship awesome. Then for sure a hyperbaric.


Gotcha. Now how familiar are you with you with the whole stem cell thing now?


Huge. Yeah so we’ve had tons of Asians that for example, we had a patient that was told by three surgeons, you have to get a knee replacement because you’re bone won’t grow. And she was, she was like, you know, 8 out of 10 pain could barely walk. So I, I mean in my mind I believe we can already, skip most joint replacement surgeries. And so we, we followed the protocol and we didn’t even do like the full protocol. This is like the, the watered down protocol. We pulsed her knee with some PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field and, she had stem cell injections and that we pulsed again for six more weeks and then she was running on the beach eight weeks later. And this is, so this is a year, year and a half ago. You know, her daughter came in recently, she’s like, Yup, mom still doing fine. So it hasn’t like regressed or anything. And so literally bypassed knee replacement surgery, no problems.


So is this her own, is this her own stem cells?


No. So there’s many sources of stem cells. She opted for, I believe, the one that she got in North Jersey, I mean New Jersey was from like an external source. So there’s, you can get external source, you can get it from your fat or you can get it from your bone marrow. And they all have their differences. But yeah, stem cells, it’s the future now


yeah, I mean I’ve heard a lot about it. I’ve thought about doing it for some, like some of the challenges that I had with like autoimmunity and stuff like that. I know they have like embryonic stem cells. Can you just explain the difference between the bone marrow from the fat or embryonic. Is there like certain modality that it would be better for?


Yes. Um, but now we’re going to get a little too nitty gritty. Yeah. So forth on what you’re trying to regenerate of course the material does matter. We’re also starting to understand like, so that protocol was that she did for that knee was a year and a half ago already. There’s like, if that was today, I actually would have even much better protocol. Right? So we know, for example, if you’re trying to inject stem cells into the joint, but the joints inflamed the type of cartilage, it doesn’t matter what type of stem cells you’re checking in there from where the, the stem cells were turn into the wrong type of cartilage. You’re going to want to do whatever you can, like massive amounts of curcumin, any kind of physiological things that you can do to shut the inflammation down pulsed, put light into it, all that stuff. And then you actually would want to get into a hyperbaric chamber for a couple of sessions before you extract the stem cells out, because the studies show that makes the stem cells much better, and then you inject it back in. So literally science is progressing so fast, we can now follow their protocol. The stems cell objection will work hundreds of percent better, not not 10 20% better, but hundreds…


Wow. Just in a year and a half.?

Yeah, yeah

That’s pretty crazy… Yeah… I’ve heard you talk about using PEMF in combination with hyperbaric oxygen chamber, so those who have no pulsed electromagnetic frequency actually that one right there, this is a Biocharger. That’s one of the things that I’ve used. But if you can tell a little bit about the science of why using them in combination like increases uptake of nutrients or just enhances life in general or…


Yeah, so I mean the PEMF alone has amazing healing properties, but one of the things that it does is it increases the fancy scientific word is tissue permeability by 40% and basically what that means is if your cells were water balloons, right? So inside the water’s all your DNA and all the different stuff. Um, it basically allows stuff to flow through the rubber of the water balloon 40% better, right? So for example, if you’re, if you’re trying to detox, it will allow toxins to exit yourself 40% better. But if you’re trying to get more nutrients into the cell, it will […] 40% better. Whereas that’s a super simple way to look at as the PEMF really enhances any other modality where you’re trying to get that energy or that substance into your cells because it increases that ability by 40%. But then aside from that, you know, if you want to get a little bit more technical, so for example, for tendons and ligaments, I mean, they know that the PEMF essentially all the way down to the genetic level and knows what gene in effects and genes are like machines. When you turn on that machine, it makes a protein basically. And so they know exactly what machines the PEMF turns on both of the tendons and ligaments. And then so if that machine think of it as um, it needs input, it needs energy, right? To make the proteins, well give it energy and you can turn that machine on, it would make more of those proteins. And so now this is beyond tissue permeability. This is, if you can stack right, like oxygen or light energy, any things that’s giving the cell more energy, it will produce more of the good stuff that the PEMF is stimulating. Right. So for sure, there’s so many ways that they stack roll together synergistically.


Awesome. Have you ever actually heard about biocharger? Are you familiar with that? Yeah. I just interviewed the creator of that. I mean, some of the stuff I didn’t even know, but he’s, he’s creating a, when the machine is on it and it hits the frequencies, it actually plays music. It’s CD quality. So when you sit around and a, I also found out that he works with Nikola Tesla’s mentor. And actually created this thing. So yeah, it’s something I’ve been playing around which was pretty awesome. Are you familiar with the Wim Hof method? Have you ever tested that out?


Yeah, I personally don’t. I mean obviously in our circles, a ton of people have gone through the training and the certification and so, yeah, I don’t, I mean I understand the premise and remember years ago he was on a show where they basically attach all kinds of sensors to him and submerged him in ice water and looked at his physiology and all that stuff. So, um, while I understand physiologically what’s happening, how he’s controlling the nervous system, I have never gone through the courses or the certification. So…


Yeah. So I mean, I guess you don’t have to have actually done it. But I guess my question with that is because in my experimentation, sometimes I’m like is the Wim Hof method more powerful than hyperbaric oxygen chamber because the feeling that I feel sometimes it’s like, wow, I get more out of it. So I don’t know if you have any insight on that based on your information. Like what can possibly be happening in that scenario that would maybe enhance it? and which by the way, I’ve tested out doing the Wim Hof method in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and then it directly after as well. I did all these crazy tests. But do you have any thoughts or insight on that?


Yeah, I mean better is, um, a little too subjective for me to answer, right? Because you know, obviously from a accessibility perspective, infinitely you can do it anytime that you want. Right. And then from a, we’ll call it general health perspective, I would say it’s better because you can do it anytime. At some point you could have the most amazing thing, but if he can only do what’s so often or if it’s cost prohibitive to do it for the rest of your life, then looking for cheaper thing you meant if it’s only 80% as good as that thing is technically better. Right. Cause you can do that all the time from that perspective. And then, you know, for specific conditions, right? Like, I’m too much of a scientist; I kind of need to know, like all the data, like I’m this old, I have this condition, this is what’s happening in my blood. That may be better or not. But globally I would say when Wim Hof is better, just just from up surely assessability perspective, you can do it anytime that you want. Right? Like you don’t have to travel and go there and we know so many people that have to like, we’re like this is the best thing for you, but they don’t adapt that thing, then the best thing for you means nothing because they’re not doing it.


Right. I’m glad you brought that up for two reasons because I got into it because it’s like the lowest hanging fruit and part of healing hacks is going to be the two combos. Like, okay, if I’m good and I want the highest, like all the bells and whistles, here is this option, which I put in hyperbaric oxygen chamber, that you don’t have the money you don’t have at a time and the energy Wim Hoff method. So you kind of answered that question and it was perfect the way you phrased it. Um, so, and, and I asked that question, which obviously there’s no way at this time to really scientifically know what’s happening, what’s going on.


It is possible to measure no one has done yet, for sure you could hook up all kinds of sensors. EEGs, HRV, all kinds of stuff that measure. But yeah, as far as I know, there’s no, and I’m sure eventually they probably will do a study comparing the two, you know, but currently doesn’t exist.


Yeah, I think they, they will. And they’re doing, they’re doing more and more studies on Wim. I know that for sure. Cool. Well, um, so in that being that there’s the lowest hanging fruit and then there’s kind of like bells and whistle, do you have any, any suggestions on, besides what you already said, which I think the lowest hanging fruit would be what you already recommended, right? So like you increasing your sleep, checking your gut and maybe maybe suggestions on tests that people are getting done. I know you’re big on like analyzing the tests in seeing what’s going on inside the body, so maybe that’s a good place to start.


Yeah, I mean there are, there’s so many tests that you could run. I mean if the question like, um, maybe like what would be some of the first test because I mean, we use all kinds of testing.


That’s perfect. Yeah. What are some of the first tests?


Spectracell sure. So spectracells are test that we’ll look at a six month average of all the vitamins and minerals and antioxidants in your body, right? So it’s almost like if every hormone and chemical in your body is like a recipe, you know, you have like chicken soup, lasagna, you know, club sandwich, this test, we’ll look at how much lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and stuff that you have. Right? And so pretty important. And so, um, was people don’t realize if you go to your doctor and you get your physical and that’s it, they look at your vitamin D, and […]. They looked at whatever they want to measure, vitamins, um, that is just what’s floating in the liquid of your blood the moment they drew your blood and they’re now looking at people. It’s like, you know, imagine if you wanted to find out like someone’s finances, the traditional tests will look at how much money’s in your pocket. You might want to look at like six months of bank statements to get a better idea. It’s just like how much do you have in your pocket right now. And so yeah, so the spectracell would be amazing because a lot of issues actually just come from nutrient deficiencies or someone you know, low testosterone. Well maybe cause you will lack the minerals that are needed to convert things into testosterone. Traditional medicine, we’ll measure the end result, which little testosterone and of course they’ll put you on testosterone for the rest of your life. We can already look at, well what were the things that needed to make that recipe? Are you deficient in any of those ingredients? And then we can look at, okay, replenish those ingredients and also believe it will take vitamins and minerals. They don’t know if it’s doing anything because they may not need those things. Right? They’re not measuring, there’s no pre data. Most people take it because they read somewhere that it’s helpful. Blood test is a great test to start with. And then after that, I would definitely say […], so which is food sensitivity, right? So which foods makes you inflamed. Just those two alone would be tremendously helpful. We can all really does a test to see if your gut is leaky and inflamed. We can skip it because we can pretty much assume almost everyone’s gut is inflamed and leaky we’ve tested so far for amount of roundup in their body. We had anyone not have a good amount of roundup in the body, which then wrecks your gut basically.”

Wow. Is that serious?


Yeah, we, we, we’ve never seen any results that didn’t have a good amount in the body itself. That is mind blowing. It doesn’t matter if they eat organic or not organic, it doesn’t matter. Yeah.


Wow… Okay. That’s pretty crazy. Now I know heavy metals is a big thing. I was going to get into toxins, which glyphosate is just I guess destroying everybody whether they like it or not. And so for example, you hear a lot of people say, you know, you’re an analysis for certain heavy metals. But you know someone might get a urinalysis and see, oh, you have no mercury in your urine, but that’s actually a bad thing. Or it could be a bad thing. Right? For example, if you’re not processing, how can mercury, so do you have, um, you know, if someone wants to get a heavy metal test, do you have suggestions for how they do that?


Yeah, so, it’s like toxins test in a way, so the heavy metals, most of that stuff is inside yourself, right? And so when you pee, and collect the pee and test it and whatever metals that they find, it’s not really a true indicator of what’s really in your body. Well, ideally you want to take something that chelates, it’s almost like you want to take something that squeezes yourself to get the metals out of yourself into your body to make it into the pee and then measure how much that is. And mostly, we don’t realize this. So if you just like to take a test where you just pee, it’s not a true indicator. You actually have to like pee take a chelator pee again, and that’s going to give you the true data of how much heavy metals in your body… Yeah. And so…

Okay. Well maybe in combination with that or something.


Yeah. Hair samples are a screening tool. It can’t definitively tell you exactly what’s happening inside your body. There’s no hair test that’s that accurate, but it’s a good cleaning tool. We can kind of guess, for example, if the hair shows some heavy metals, we would then of course then do that test. That’s a lot more definitive in general. I was, you know, if you ever go to a practitioner that only uses hair to discern what’s happening, that just tells me that that practitioner, probably could benefit from more education on how to find the deeper data.

Got It… that was kind of my point of bringing up the questions that you hear a lot of people getting these tests, but it’s not necessarily, it’s like a witch hunt. Right. You never know.


Yeah. Right. You never know. Yeah. Whereas if, you know, this is the, the drawback right now is, so the benefit is we can test for over 4,000 things in your body right now. No guesswork. We can figure everything out. Like every imbalance we can discover. There’s never, we’re not in a time in the history with, with science, we’re like, we don’t know what’s happening to you. We know everything. Well for one. If we were to collect all 4,000 samples, that probably would cost, I dunno, $15,000 at least just for that. Forget the analysis of the 4,000 data points. So I know, but we test entrepreneurs, we’re testing about 2000 maybe 2,500 in that range. And that already cost us just paying the labs almost 4,000 plus dollars. Right. That prices out of the range of the average masses. So one of the reasons why we’re building the AIs, I believe eventually we won’t need to do the testing because the AI would figure out correlations and bypass expensive tests. That’s the book. Yeah. Yeah. And so we’re already starting to see elements of this. We just tested a bunch of people in an area in the US and everyone had high amounts of a gasoline additive, like off the charts high amounts. Yeah. And so we know based on that data, if you live in an area we don’t need to test you, we can pretty much assume you have this, uh, gasoline additive in your body.


Are you able to tell what area it is?

Yeah. Baltimore DC area.

Wow. Okay. Good to know. Cause I actually, my wife’s family’s from there.

Yeah. So everyone we tested like it’s by percent how ranking everyone was above 95%. Like highest amounts in the US space.

Is that because in the water…?

Yeah, a little bit. Digger deeping it’s in the pipes.


Wow. Okay. Crazy. So I guess on that note, you talked a little bit about chelators. For those that don’t know, that’s something that helps bind the toxins and process it out. So, what are your recommendations? I know there’s a ton of chelators and I know that if people use the wrong chelators, you can actually do some serious damage. Maybe a little bit on that. Like what a process of how to do that or what would be the best way to go about doing that?


Chelation is very tricky.

It’s like an art.

Yes. This is where I don’t recommend like, let me just sell chelate. And so, yeah, this is the one you’re like detoxing all of this stuff. Like, you know, we’d like go follow this program, do it yourself, no problems when it comes to heavy metals and chelation like you, you need, you need someone very experienced, in proper heavy metal detoxification process or else it can be very dangerous. And so this is the one time actually talk about drugs. So, the best chelators are prescription meds. So it’s a one time you, you’re going to want to use a prescription medication and it’s a great example like, you don’t take it forever, right? You take it for a very short duration for a very specific purpose and then you retest for sure.

Yeah. There’s, there’s a bunch of I’m just thinking, I’d rather not just from a liability perspective because I don’t want people to try to get this stuff and do it themselves. It literally like, I can’t stress the importance enough. Like you need someone to carefully manage this process.”


Well just in speaking with you, I mean I probably could refer, I don’t even know five or six people off the top of my head, to you. Is this something that you do from remotely? Is it something that you can just send them the tests and then you send them the results and go over everything?


Yeah, everything that we do can be done remotely. So I was just in Baltimore this past week. I was in San Diego two weeks ago. The data collection process, we prefer people to be on site, right? So mainly because we’re collecting so much data, um, you know, a year before this we used to send the kids to, you know, for sure you can go take the blood in the stool and the poop and the saliva and all those samples yourself. But what we found was that, especially with the population that we work with right now, which is entrepreneurs, they’re busy. And so literally like three months later were like, hey, we haven’t seen the results. And they’re like, hey, because I’m staring at it on my kitchen table… Right? And so because if you think about it, unless you’re, you know, we’re, we’re so practice that putting out fires and with optimizing your health, there’s no direct fire. It’s not like I have cancer. Like people have cancer though. They’ll get those tests done. Like tomorrow. There’s no big fire. It, it tends to be, you know, put off. And so now we basically recommend people at least doing the data collection. They ended up come on site. We can collect all the data and just, you know, we can collect some very interesting data these days. We can collect obviously, physiological data, right? Everything chemically about you. You know, those machines that we can measure, the energetic, vibrational meridian imbalances… Huge. Uh, obviously we can assess mechanical data we’ve been taking and of course, psychological data and all that starts to paint a very clear picture about the human and we can almost predict, you know, what’s going to happen in the future with that data.


Wow. Because of the gene expression?

Everything, our gene expression, the stories that you have, energy imbalances, the chemical imbalances of course the…

You were from Jersey, right?

Yeah. But we know we are doing these healing houses, you know, will be in Ojai actually Monday and we’ll probably be in Miami, Austin and Toronto or the next ones. That’s, you know, people basically like, please come to my town and so right now that’s the, that’s what we’re doing. So we’re making house calls basically. Right. So we show up, we’d bring all of our equipment and technologies and we turn airbnb into  a super high end clinic and then we test and measure everything.


No Way. Yeah. I mean, I, in the last few times I saw you, I was like, alright, I gotta go do that. So yeah. I’m going to jump on that some point here. Maybe Miami or something like that… Cool. Is there anything that you see in the general population that people can do right now just to enhance their, their health? Like one quick fix?


Sure. Yeah. Some of the easiest ones, like blue light blocking glasses at night, right? Like I dunno, $15 on the Amazon game changer for most people, right? Because blue lights screentime you know, it wrecks your, even though you’re, you might be like, but I sleep well. Well, when we have the, our clients wear the oura ring, which tracks your sleep quality, we find that deep sleep is adversely affected from all the blue light screen time, right? So blue blocking glasses, that’s super easy. And that’s, I’m not a huge fan of like, it’s a set it and forget it. You look at like sticking on your head and you’re good. Right? So that’s one. Some other, I’m a huge fan of like wiggle your fingers 100 times a few times a day. Count like one, two…

I like that…


Yeah, because we are… Our brains like… all the time, like later or tomorrow, I get the grocery shopping, I got to do this. This is a mindfulness practice based, right? Super simple. Because when that were most people saying, hey, meditate to say to someone, that is all over the place, never meditated to meditate. It’s like just go slam dunk, right? Because they’re judging, they’re like, I can’t shut off my mind is constantly racing and all that stuff. And so I usually start off, you know, recommend with like just a mindfulness practice of wiggling your finger a hundred times and after and after just, you know, set a goal for like one time a day for the first week if you get to it that’s like a bonus. And so after a few months of that, then you can go into like guided meditation, right? Cause with enough mindfulness practice, at least now you can not have your mind wander so much with someone talking to you for 15 minutes for a few months. And then after that then you can do traditional meditation and kind of ease your way. That is life saving for most people. Just that practice. And it’s free like the app to all that. I mean, well the app might cost a dollar, right? And so other than that it’s, it’s pretty free. So that’s another one. Um, I mean those, just, those two of them is…


The oura ring is pretty cool too. I mean like my sister has one and I’d been meaning to get one, but we went to Peru and I’m all natural light plus no Wifi, none of that… you’ve got the natural frequencies. The first night she had it, she’s like, I had the best sleep that I ever had on oura ring. I figured she’s had it for quite some time and that’s just, uh, you know, just an indicator of what you’re saying, like lighting and sleep patterns are super important. Super Powerful.


Yeah. And that directly affects the one of those five holes. It’s one of the five that causes. It’s one of the root causes of so many different illnesses. So, yeah, and that’s, you know, just super simple stuff that you can do.


I had a quick question on that. So I went down to Peru and ayahuasca for healing purposes and now one of the big things that they’re studying now are psychedelics for trauma addiction, etcetera. And another thing that’s come out a lot in the last couple years are shrooms, like psilocybin but also just in general mushrooms. Is this something that you’re familiar with and the modality of healing?


Sure. Yeah. So, from a research perspective, from, it’s very interesting that you’re asking me this just because, I mean, I don’t care about these days, right? So I for sure have done all kinds of different plant medicines for a long time since I was young. And uh, literally I was just in Vegas and it’s funny how the universe works, so someone’s say Hey, can I crash in room? I was like, sure, you can crash on the couch. And he bought his friend and his friend Jack is actually the world’s foremost expert in studying brain activity in response to psychedelics.

No Way….

The world expert, right? Yeah. Fascinating conversations. And yeah, I mean the research on it is incredible. I mean, there’s research showing next brain cells, they can actually, now, newer ones are  showing that it can grow new brain cells and there’s research showing like two doses of psilocybin can basically get rid of depression, get rid of heroin addiction over and over again. There’s tons and tons of research on how these plant medicines, which is obviously in other countries, completely legal, but just in this country, it is illegal. Um, and so yeah, I, I’m personally a huge fan of using it with the sacred intention of healing, obviously, not just for like, Hey, I want to have fun and party. Right…

So, the intention behind it and I think for healing since we’re talking about healing intention is probably one of the most powerful things when it comes to healing, right?


Yeah. Yeah. Because you’re literally, so in the Western world, we would, we would break it down to the psilocybin from the mushrooms, right? And so, in Iowasca in San Pedro and some of the other ones or peyote, it’s like the mescaline and, and plus other stuff. So we see it from a frame of reality of identifying the chemical, but other cultures, it’s literally alive. It’s like a spirit that you’re working with, not just some innate like chemical equation that you’re working with, it’s literally this spirit, which has its own intentions and intelligence, and you’re boozing dancing with this spirit inside you. So for sure you want to go into a very high reverence in intentioned and all that…


Clear intention yeah… And we’re running out of time here. Cause I know, I know you’re a busy guy. And, the last thing I kind of want to talk about was you talked about stories and the story that people are telling themselves. For example, I had a lady in here and she’s like, my blood pressure’s high and can you check my blood pressure. And she said, yeah, I’m just fighting this shoulder neck issue. And I was like, well, how about you stop fighting? She was like Uh, and she’s just like hit her. And so I went through that process with her so if you can just explain the power of the story and what the story is doing for people.


Sure, yeah. Our stories governs our reality. Right. And so, you know, let me see. Yeah. So the, the science of our reality is this, right? So the paper, so right now, our brain can only process about 3% of reality. Right. And so, and so the analogy I usually give is like reality would be like looking through this piece of paper just the hole. And so it’s like where’s the hole? And that dictates what you see. Our stories basically dictates that hole. And maybe through lots and lots of meditation you can make that hole bigger. That’s a whole different topic. Now we’ll talk about you’re just changing what you see through that whole, it’s, it’s basically the lens of reality. And for sure the story that we tell ourselves, I’m subconsciously, they pitch our lives, right? And so many times people, um, there’s a mismatch between their conscious wants and desires versus their subconscious wants and desires. And in analyzing your stories and of course through a process of meditation, you start to bring awareness to what do you consciously, one of which is what you subconscious… And so a great example of what you just said, which is very common. I fight, right? So people’s language patterns. So if the, if the stories dictates where the hole is, the language that we use tints that whole like if yellow, it’s blue, though our language patterns then are the lower level stories starts to influence, gives flavor or changes the color of what we see. And so for that person that she says fights, if you were to ask that person, and I’ve done this before, which is like, who are you if there’s nothing to fight, right? And so because they identify themselves as a fighter because to them maybe when they were young they kept overcoming challenges because there were a lot of challenges. And so they adopted a story that says, look, I’m a father and that brings me significance and self worth. Or maybe when they overcame stuff, maybe all it took was a few of these, which is something from one of their parents saying, wow, I love how you fought through that right now they’re like, oh my parents loved me because I’m a fighter. Who knows what that story is. And so what ends up happening is as they become adults, they don’t want to fight anymore. Right? Consciously, they want life to be easy but unconsciously. They’re like, no, no. My identity, my love come from my parents and other people in my significance comes from fighting. And so they will create situations where they will always constantly be fighting because that’s what the subconscious wants, just a concrete example of how stories, for sure it governs our lives in every which way.


Yeah. It’s powerful stuff when people really delve into like what are their stories and what are the risks because it’s like, like you said, the hole, it’s like a view. That can turn on gene expressions as well. Bruce Lipton talked about epigenetics and how your beliefs change your biology. So yeah. Awesome. Is there anything that you’d like to add in terms of like healing hacks or things that you’ve seen that would be helpful for somebody?


Yeah, and a little bit we touched on which is, you know, in the self help world, because the language is so powerful in its self help world, they call it limiting beliefs. What are your limiting beliefs? And what’s interesting is then you say to yourself like, why my self limiting myself? Right? So I, I tend to look at as outdated beliefs, right? Because when you were young and maybe one of your parents said, wow, you’re such a fighter and you go, I’m a fighter, therefore my mom loves me. That was a great belief in that moment, right? It’s just outdated 30 years later. It’s just an outdated belief. And so having a subtle change from limiting too outdated is actually in itself. Very powerful. Right? So I’m just being very choosy to select the words that self nurtures in self loves because the mass market, when they’re trying to sell you this stuff, they’re basically seemed like you’re broken and some of that language will be imparted that you are broken. But I’m like, no, maybe you’re not. And so yeah, my high level would be choose the stories. And of course the language that is more of a self love, self nurturing language versus self fixing, right language, right. And so because again, if I were to try to… I mean most people are trying to sell you both, whatever it will say “you need to fix it”, right? And so in other words, subconsciously that coin, like everything has two sides. If I have the fixed, it means you are broken… Just like good, bad, positive, negative, right, wrong or everything has its hilarity. And so just be careful of do you even want to pick up that coin? Be careful which coin you pick up. That’s huge, right? So don’t play to the game. Everyone picks up the coin, be positive it is all over Facebook. Be Positive and conscious,they told you your negative, right? Because if you’re already positive you wouldn’t be like be positive. So because you picked up the positive, negative point. My, my suggestion for most people is be careful which coin you pick up with your language and thoughts.

Yeah, that’s so conscious. Conscious language.


Yeah. Conscious language. And, and know that always just ask yourself whatever word you use, what’s the opposite of that word? Because that comes along with that word, right? So in the Shafa they call it the shadow side, everything has its, it’s opposites, right? That’s how the universe works at a certain level. So high level would be that. yeah, tactical stuff we kind of talked about for hacks, like the blue light blocking glasses and mindfulness practice. Simple things like hug, hug a human or like, you know, I forgot to mention that like hug a human, go to your right instead of your life. If you notice, usually when you hug people, you go to your left. Yep. Right? is heart to heart hug to your right, hold it for 20 seconds and get some oxytocin. It actually appealing calls this fat loss. Amazing. And it’s widely available unless you live in a cave by yourself. Um, and those would be some simple, simple, tactical things. Yeah.


Awesome. Well this has been amazing. This is probably the best interview just in terms of like practical information and real just solid advice. And so again, I want to thank you tremendously. And I think my current client list, we appreciate this. You got such a long history in the game and then I know the people that you’ve worked with have gotten powerful results. And I’m going to, I’m going to come do these tests and I need to. So, cool. Well, I really appreciate it. I’m going to be sending this to you as soon as I uploaded…

Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.


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