Ian Hart interview Jim Girard for his book “Healing Hackers” which is all about natural healing techniques and hacks for recovery fast and performance max. He interviews healing hackers who give their most valuable techniques to stimulate the healing process in the body. You can learn more about it when you read the book “healing hackers”. Jim Girard is the creator of the Biocharger NG. It is a biohacking tool for more energy, better sleep, better nutrient uptake, better cellular function over all. If every cell functions better people function better. If your cells have lower cellular voltage or are in disharmony, the biocharger can help fix that.

If you want to find out what real health looks like and how to heal naturally, you may want to watch this video.


All right. So we are live and, uh, this is Ian Hart with the healing hacks and I’m here with Jim Girard and Jim Girard is the creator of the Biocharger NG and the Biocharger NG is a bio hacking tool. It’s something that I use and healing hacks is about biohacking, essentially. It’s about… Basically sparking the healing process. And so, Jim has an extensive background. I mean, Jim, I’m going to let you share, but one of the things I thought was amazing about you is that you worked with Orville Fitz and he was a protege of Tesla. And Tesla for me is an amazing figure and one of the quotes that I always repeat over and over again is if you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency, energy, and vibration. And that’s really what we’re kind of talking about here with the biocharger. And so if you could just share quickly about how you ended up coming up with the bio charger cause it’s pretty amazing tool.  


So, my history began around 1986, when I was slightly younger than that, I started developing alopecia hair falling out and large spots and, trying to understand what the heck was going on. It’s cleaned up my diet. And, I had landscaping cup needed, I was doing while I was going to college and it was exposed to some pesticide, so I think okay. I’m gonna go do organic fertilizers. And so I went to an organic farm convention and, learned about subtle energies, which, you know, something I’d never really knew much about. You know, my background was, you know, building things and mathematics and, never really thought much about electricity or anything else like that. And started to learn a little bit about biofeedback. And, while is it this convention, we had a really interesting guy who was basically mentor towards to me and guided me with, you know, meeting, meeting interesting people along my path and the Orville Fitz, which was, worked with Tesla later on and Tesla’s life.

And when this guy was pretty young and, saw a lot of really interesting things. He had a lot of books and stuff that I was able to read and came back and just started building Tesla coils. You know, I had this passionate about Tesla and his work and started build all sites of Tesla coils. I built, you know, Tesla coils, four feet diameter, eight feet tall, that regenerating 15, 20 foot lightning discharges to… Coils, pancake coils, experimenting with different lights, spark gap designed and pulse into spark gap and came across Lachowski Work and Rife’s work and became interested in, you know, applying it towards, you know, what I learned about Rife and Lachowski and their work was, uh, you know, the folklores is stories of success and treating all sorts of different things. So I that let’s try building some of these devices and started experimenting and had friends coming over, checking it out, you know, see what it was all about. The, you know, pretty soon I was coaxed into manufacturer, but there’s always still expanding, and learning. Came across Rife’s work and started building his device, which is more using a shortwave radio instead of Lachowski work was using a carrier wave use at a Tesla coil utilizing shortwave radio.”


Now I have a question about Rife because I’ve heard a lot of people say that his original work or his work has yet to be reproduced or they couldn’t really figure out how he was doing it and some of his work was destroyed. And, is that true or have people been able to…


So I see two different types of Rife machines, so there was what the giant John Cranes work.


Actually, let me, let me, um, for the listeners real quick, royal rife created a machine, which you can go into more details. So for people who are listening and he was curing, could you say like almost every disease is that?


Well, he, there was an article in the San Diego paper that was with a bunch of scientists and doctors and royal Rife. So you’d said that they had to cure for cancer and they supposedly did 16 for 16 or 12 for 12 cancer cure… and used it. And there was a lot of subsequent work where there were other doctors and surgeons that were using it. And then he read about the persecution prosecution that went happened so it was more of just a mere curiosity is, is uh, is it the passing, the BS test, which has built the stuff and let’s just see what happens. So, right. Well, I look at it, what Rife was actually doing was he utilized the shortwave radio that he did pulse width modulation, and several of the things that they were able to do with the pulse width modulation was an okay, hold on.

Maybe that’s Mike trying to log on.


No, it wasn’t Mike. It was a my business partner. But the, the pulse width modulation, with rife, what happens is, what’s really unique about it is it generates different sets of harmonics and frequencies. Okay. So if when I look at it, technically speaking and most people really consider Rife, there’s like a targeted thing where he just generates a particular frequency to target a particular pathogen. But reality, what he was doing is he generated a wide spectrum of frequencies… very similar spectrum of frequencies is what you would see with the multi wave oscillator. But unlike the multiple, a multiple wave oscillator, utilize it, a spark gap design, it only generated one set of harmonics are frequencies. The beauty of rife when he found out is as you change the pulse width modulation, you generate unique sets of harmonics and frequencies and if look at rife’s work as it develops. So there were three versions of rife that were made. So, um, there was the original version where he just pulsed it, it, uh, a particular frequency degenerated that set of harmonics and frequencies for a short period of time that if he did narrow sweeps around particular frequencies, you generate clumps of harmonics and frequencies that are over a very narrow spectrum. So you’re just really just creating like these clusters of frequencies throughout the spectrum when you just slightly changed it and it was a fuller version. What’s that?


Now? Can we, for the listeners who I’ve always found that when I speak in terms of frequency to people, they have a hard time understanding it. And so can we backtrack a little bit and just explain to them, like when we’re talking about frequency, for example, with the bio charger you have something that targets the liver and that the cells of the liver, they are vibrating at a specific frequency. Is that correct? Would you say something like that?


Yeah, so there are, so there are, if you look at things on a cellular level, I actually, if you look at everything in life, I mean, you look at our bodies are our heart heart’s electrical or braids, electrical our nervous, was the electrical, chemistries, electrical, it’s electrons and orbit charge. And if you even look at, cells at a cellular level, there’s frequencies as voltage. There’s capacitance of reactants. So it’s actually related. So that study that we started to talk about earlier, I think it was before the conversation they ever investigated. Okay, how do we calculate frequency to cell?

And this was at the Jesuit University, the one that they did the $65 million towards?


Yes. So they would go to $65 million study. They were investigating the effects of frequencies and voltage on cells. So what they determined is the look at the RNA DNA. It’s like this helix coil. It’s coil has a specific wavelength. So if you actually measured the distance, the diameter across the cell, there’s a correspondent wavelight that’s associated with it. That’s the frequency you’re trying to work with or a harmonic they’re up. So the idea that what Rife was doing what Lachowski was dealing with there, frequencies and harmonics generation is they’re generating a wide spectrum of frequencies and harmonics that cover from AM FM shortwave, long wave UHF VHF for those who remember the LTV stuff, microwave millimeter 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G all the way up through visible light. We’re generating this wide spectrum of frequencies and they’re literally quadrillions of frequencies from zero to visible light with the electronics. So what, so one of the things that happens in nature is you get these wide spectrums of frequencies and harmonics and we can measure with spectrum analysis, that’s caused from all the solar systems, galaxies, planets to somewhat are exploding and mixing, and spinning and they’re generating this white background noise that cover this entire spectrum generating quadrillions of frequency simultaneously. We also have literally hundreds of lightning discharges that happen every second or up to a hundred lightning discharges every second that rang the upper atmosphere. And these harmonics and frequencies cover again, this whole spectrum of frequencies.


So are those things affecting us on a personal level? Like when you talk about that, uh, like say there’s it, there’s tons of lightning going on. We’re being affected by this frequency. Correct.


That is an essential part of life. Without that we are, we are dead. If he actually shield yourself from that, you are dead. So I think one of the things that are modern lifestyle, we’re prevented, you know, worry indoors. We’re in buildings that have cement, have rubber, they had rounded shielded faraday cage, it prevents from it, and they’re an essential part that trigger those frequencies that we’re talking about. Those spectrums of frequencies and as Tesla would say that we’re, we’re related cellularly as frequencies and frequencies and harmonics it spans this whole spectrum.


Yeah, and that we’re being exposed to the new lighting that they have. Yeah. Okay.


Yeah, so the, one of the other things that the biocharger does also, so you generate those with the lights that you see. So we’re generating liked it. What you would see in nature, not the, not for the sunlight, but the light class. What you see in the blue, the sky is related to all these different gases in the atmosphere there being excited by solar radiation. It releases photons of light. When you mix all the colors, gases together, you’ll see blue. But what we see in a biocharger all of the different gases separately. They produce different spectrums of frequencies as it relates to the type of gas that you would have. So it chemistry, you burned a flame and you could see the gas spectrometry of the different gases emitting, right. That may determine frequencies and that does full light that they’re looking at or you can excite it by a voltage and it excites two fluorescent and releases photons of light it, you know, quadrillion times a second or over a quadrillions…


And that’s essentially what those little tubes in the end, the biocharger are releasing and your body is taking in that frequency.


Yeah, it’s absorbing, it’s produced the body. It’d be biocharger is producing those spectrums of frequencies that you would see in the visible light spectrum as it relates to different gasses being excited to excitation from cosmic rays to solar radiation.

So is it fair to say

…that’s all part of life?


Is it fair to say that it would be more beneficial to have the least amount of clothing on or the clothing wouldn’t matter so much. Like, say if you had something that has like 2% silver in it, like some of the Lululemon shirts or something like that, is that going to block some of that frequency?

Well as long as it’s not grounded or anything? I don’t think that that’s really a problem. There might be where you know, arc a little bit if you actually threaded aluminum and you were up really close to something like that. But if you’re talking about those shirts and some people wear for blocking solar radiation from cell phones. Yeah, I mean I have a completely different take that’s probably different than probably 99% of your audience. But yeah. So back to the story that we’re talking about, the spectrum of life and frequencies that cover AM FM shortwave, long wave UHF, VHF ultimate frequencies are an essential part of life. There are people that talk about, okay, cell phones, you know those frequencies that are emitted from a cell phone are bad, Well, when you really look at it, nature’s producing those particular frequencies, it’s producing 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G…

Even 5G?


Yeah and also when you look at the actual studies behind it. So if you look at what the World Health Organization had to say about it, they said absolutely, there is no history and danger using cell phones in health, same thing with uh, they, they investigated a whole bunch of different things including go back to AM/FM radio and stuff.

Well wasn’t there I believe that I saw that there were three independent governments had studied. If you were exposed to higher than three millimoles or something like that,


There was standards. It’s required that they, you know, you want to meet certain, like obviously you don’t want to stick your head in the microwave, right? You could take that same signal that you’re producing from the microwave. Turn the power down a little bit. Quite a bit. Biocharger does is we spread the frequency across a very wide spectrum. We, we spent the energy across a very wide spectrum of frequencies. So we’re not just directing our, all our energy, at carrier a wave of our cell phone, but we’re actually covering AM, FM, shortwave, long wave and a bunch of harmonics in between all the way up through there, up through visible lights. So,

Okay, so you’re saying we don’t, we shouldn’t worry about, you know, like there’s a big scare with the 5G stuff coming.


I don’t, I don’t really, here’s, here’s my argument with it. Okay. You know, a World Health Organization, our own federal government at both said that, uh, cell phones transmissions are safe. 750 scientists from the European Union had it looked at 40,000 of different studies, said cell phones are safe. They also looked at the history of it before cell phones and after cell phones. So if you look at, presently we have 4 billion cell phone users in the United States. I mean the world, 360 million cell phone users, the United States alone. And you know how it is. I mean, everyone has it, you know, right up their rear ends up to their neck all the time, using it all the time, the years of history behind it. So with those types of numbers we would be seeing it as it relates to 4 billion. One in a thousand is what, four 4 million, you’d be seeing 4 millian cancers.

Um, you know, and they looked at everything from around the neck. Brain, breast, shoulders, all… We didn’t see any increase before and after. That would be significantly related to, you know, the number, the sheer numbers of people actually using it. You know how we are, we’re not using casually, everyone’s using constantly to say that there is any serious evidence now what the what the things that they looked at it also as well, they can’t deny it. There are people that had this effect when I’m around certain things I have a problem with it. And they they, they noted that in certain studies they would see these, what they would consider anomalies where it wasn’t statistically significant in a group study that they were doing. But it was a an end point that said, okay, we may or may not have an issue with that. Well they compared that with all the other studies that we looked at and they couldn’t see it and that would connect it to be free, you know, radio base related. It could have been all sorts of other factors that could have happened…


Even with say like smart meters because I saw one study where they put people next to a smart meter and they did blood tests before and after and everybody had different actual reactions to it. Some had like the blood clump together, others like stacked on top of it and then some people were okay and stuff like that.


The whole idea of that you can consistently see that would dark field microscopy anyway, which is what you’re talking about. If you have ever used much with dark field microscopy, that’s the type of thing they’re looking at, what they’re clumping into blood and things like that and that really, you know, if I eat the wrong thing right before I do that, that would show up as something like that. If I drank a soda beforehand, the blood work or something.

If you have like fried canola oil or something like that?


I did something right beforehand, I took a cigarette right between, you know, I did my little 5G or before or after. I mean there’s all sorts of different ways you can look at it. But statistically speaking, I don’t really see any evidence that really supports, uh, the hysteria around it. And I think a lot of it is driven by these people that are selling the wares. It, you know, we can block it, which I even find that in itself… Troubling to begin with because I believe that those are essential part of life and the more we shield ourselves from that natural energy that we get. Um, and then from an engineering perspective, you’re saying you got this little magic box at shields by cell phone from getting, producing a signal. It’s going to affect me. But at the same time work. And even if you say, I’ve got that magic box still not professing to guy that’s transmitting from the solar towers, whether I had this around or not, I’m still getting that same signal anyways, so black and that isn’t really going to do all that much different than what’s that doing, which is really, I believe doing all that much.


So, um, let me ask you about nature then because I just came back from Peru. I was in the Amazon and I sleep like an absolute baby when I’m not surrounded by all the Wifi and the electricity. And I have a place down in Costa Rica in the middle of the jungle, no electricity. And um, when I’m back society here, I have a harder time sleeping. I don’t go to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night. Um, is there something about the frequency of nature or the vibration or maybe the latitude on the, the earth because I know that that changes.


“Well. How much do you spend on social media time on net?”

Per day?


I would say probably five to six hours a day.

So you didn’t have any of that access to it while you were in Peru, Peru, right?



So you just picked up five or 6 hours right there. So you’re already winding down. You’re not energized. Okay. What’s the next thing that’s coming up, up social media or as well as my lifestyle of what’s going on. I mean, granted you’re not also, and they probably didn’t have a lot of lights, so probably six to seven o’clock, you know, depending on where you’re at. If you did, if you were so remote, they didn’t have any power. It was just periodically where you’re running batteries. That’s just a few little lights popped up here and there, for I don’t know what situation you were in But uh, all those things led to heck yeah, you’re less around the artificial stuff and more closely related to, you know, the cosmic rays that are out there and how do the cosmic rays interact with some of the other stuff you know, we don’t see that with like interference with cell phones and things like that. That’s one things. I always look at… car radios and things like that. You know, if there was interference with other frequencies that are happening, we’d be getting a mishmash of everyone talking on cell phones. The idea that they’re not even in communicate.yeah. Much like the, I look as three tuning forks. You have two of them that are tuned together and you have one that’s not you bang one. The other one starts vibrating, the other one does it. Uh, three symptomatic vibration and how that interacts and that’s related to it. How I believe these things are working at do that vibration. It’s just really merely hitting the right note in order to have an effect that, but the question is, is with our limited electronics, we can only create that snapshot so we don’t have access to the, you know, the, the universes that create this moment that is generating the white noise that we measure with our spectrum analysis.

So with our limited electronics, we can generate hundreds of thousands of harmonics and frequencies, which sounds like a lot, but yeah, you know, quadrillion of Frequencies. It’s not really that many to spit in a bucket. So it was how do we create our harmonics and frequencies that we generate to be the most effective manner so we can target it. So we slightly changed our harmonics and frequencies. So if you look at it over time, they’re just a bunch of clump through AM, FM, short wave, long wave. They’re all just clumped together. Just slightly change and maybe only by a thousandth of a hertz or hundreds of of a hertz between each one as you change, you know, or you can just change it. Like Royal [Raymond Rife] was doing with the Rife machine where it was just sweet and from 500 Hertz, 50,000 hertz, and didn’t worry about any particular frequency wanted, but just constantly changing it. So you generate new sets all the time. That’s the things that we do with our recipes and programs.


Okay. So yeah, that’s exactly the next thing I was going to kind of segway into. So it’s like, um, how do, how are you figuring out what frequencies to use for what recipes? And so for the people listening, the biocharger, I’ve used a bunch of different frequency generators, uh, pulse, electromagnetic frequency. And so the Biocharger NG, uh, is a tool, um, that emits photons. It’s basically photon therapy. Could you say it? Um, and then would you call it photon therapy?…


Some people call it, platonic. So people call it bio photon. Some people call it light therapy. But really what we’re trying to do is produce those frequencies into visible light spectrum as it relates to physics, which would be excitation of gases that release photons of light. So, and that’s releasing it, it, you know, in the visible light spectrum between 10 to the 12th attended the 16th hertz. I have a little chart that I usually have that shows the spectrum lines that you’d normally have in physics as well as I show the, I have the whole electromagnetic spectrum. It shows that AM, FM, short wave, long wave, you know, covers the whole spectrum all the way through x rays and gammas, And all that. So, itemized.

So now with the, with the biocharger NG, like there’ll be a program for say let’s, let’s say liver support. All right. How are you determining what frequencies, how are you coming up with the recipe? So that biocharger has what’s called recipes that are specific for certain ailments and issues, correct?


Yeah. So we have many different ways. So we have, uh, we have, uh, a research group. We have other practitioner, we have other uses of the bio charges who are practitioners and skilled in the art of frequency devices. They have come up with particular recipes that they are, programs and frequencies that they thought would work well. They gave it to us. We created recipes based off of that. We did testing with it and then we put it out into the open. Another way we get our recipes is a… Rife, there are plenty of different Rife sites that are out there that documented different particular frequencies. And in what we do with those recipes is, uh, any particular frequency, we’ll do a narrow sweep around it. So we’re not just generating that particular pulse frequency. And a subsequent harmonics that go all the way up. But over time, what we do is every second we’re slightly changing that. So we’re so maybe seven 27 which is a really popular rife frequencies. So we may start off at seven 27.001 hertz, and then we’ll go up to seven 27.002 Hertz at seven 27 all 270.003 hertz all the way up to seven 28 over 20 minute period of time. Okay. We do other recipes that, you can look at things scientifically so you can see, you know, figured out diameters of cells and figure it out, particular frequencies and harmonics. So related to, uh, that particular diameter of any thing that you’re looking at specifically. So we approached recipes in multiple different manners. Uh, we also have recipes that are based off of mathematical principles. So, uh, my background is mathematics. And so one of the recipes we have this, the FIBONACCI sequence. So there’s a mathematical relationship between all the harmonics and frequencies and generated. So there’s, this geometry process follows us.


Can you explain what’s happening to the cells? Give like an understanding for the people watching like these frequencies and the photons are being admitted, it’s hitting the body and maybe give like a sneak peek of what’s going on inside the cell.


So there have been lots of studies that are beginning to investigate that. So several things that have happened. So on the frequencies and harmonics. So if you look at things, what’s like the car radio or the tuning fork analogy. So if you look at the tuning fork and if I hit the right frequency, I could through sympathetic vibration causes the other tuning fork to, to ring. So I generate that particular harmonic on a cellular level of frequency. I can begin to ring that cell and transfer energy, much like you could transfer energy like a voice signal or something like that you’d normally do with radio. Then we superimposed on top of that a voltage, so surrounding every cells, the cell membrane and acts like an insulator dielectric. And that insulate a dialectic resists voltage, but over a period over as you increase, that voltage that will finally break down where we’ll just short circuit through it.

Well, what happens in between time though is you could start to leak voltage from the outside of the cell membrane wall into the nucleus of the cell. At that point, what you’re affected is the ATP. So it’s been pulled in it through magnetic fields and electric fields. You can, affect that ATP, which is measured in a transmembrane potential, which is a voltage. So, as we age that, Adenosine Triphosphate, which is measured voltage drops. So as the cells are repaired itself. So if you look at our bodies from five years ago we don’t have a single cell that we’ve had today. The cells are always replacing itself. So in this replaced the process, what they do is they, the cell has this charge across the cell membrane wall, which is the ATP. So the ATP that charges sufficiently high enough, then you’ve got mitochondria so the cell replicates properly and it, everything is a balance. Um, as that voltage dropped, the mitochondria cuts off, then the cell goes through mytosis, you know, first it replicates into a damaged cell doing that until finally dies off. Right. Well, those are the relationship between this voltage and or I mean, yeah, the voltage of the TNP and the frequency that has a direct impact on a cellular level.


So a good way, good way of saying that. It’s a, a massive tuning fork for the cells that need to be brought back into harmony with the, that might be out of harmony.


Yeah. So two things that are happening… So, so if you have a bunch of different, So what we’re trying to do is generate a bunch of different frequencies and harmonic simultaneously. That’s what we’re doing. You’re generating literally hundreds of thousands of different harmonics and frequencies. So every second. So when we’re doing that, whatever frequencies tuned to those particular harmonics and regenerate, if there’s any things on the cellular level that’s looking for that, it starts to ring. But then on top of that, we superimpose the voltage on that. And that’s the beauty of why you want to use a Tesla coil versus a shortwave radios get the voltage compost because you need to sufficient voltage, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of bolts to start leaking energy into the nucleus of the cell… Then you can have that effect on the ATP and stuff. So we’re communicating to sell on a frequency level, but regardless of fact, we’re still hitting the cell everything on a cellular level with the voltage part of it. So we’re trying to charge the cell up, but we’re also trying to communicate.


Can you also just explain a little bit about that study? So above to 200,000 volts at Jesuit University because, I guess it started to kill cancer cells or something to that effect.


Well, here’s what they discovered is that cells, a cell membrane, that membrane actually changes as it becomes disease. So two things that they discovered within the study. One is that the physical shape of the cells changes its ability to easily distribute to charges greatly diminished by its physical shape. So technically a healthy, perfect, you know, really healthy cells, perfectly spiritual cell. So when it’s adapt position, then the cell can evenly distribute the voltage across that higher voltage, uh, before you had any breakdown. Whereas the, unhealthy cells tend to be more like a football shape, which concentrates to charges on its edges. You see amount of charge that can store across that the cell membrane wall. The other thing it happens is the dielectric constant of it actually changes. So if you look at on a cellular level surrounding this, that that cells, that cell membrane and it’s insulation capability changes as it becomes disease, it becomes more conductive. So its ability to withstand the voltage is greatly diminished so that you can actually first, what happens is the voltage is low enough, you start to leak voltage into the nucleus. But if you crank the voltage high enough, you can actually destroy the cancer cells. So like there’s a company called Nanoknife right now. So one of the ways in which they kill cancer cells and they’ll stick electrodes inside…

Yeah, so you stick the electrodes inside the cancer cells and it causes the cell cancer cells to open up or poreate. And what they find within that same study is cancer cells require hundreds of thousands of volts per meter before it starts to break down. Whereas the healthy cells stem cells up to 10 billion bolts got the dielectric actually begins to breakdown. But other cells, millions of volts be able to do that. So one of the things that they’re doing is they’ll stick to high voltage into, it causes the cancer cells open up or poreate, which makes it a better drug delivery system to get it into the nucleus to cell. Because that’s the keys chemotherapies, you got to get it into the nucleus itself where a healthy tissue that that cell membrane isn’t gating because the voltage isn’t having an effect. Because of its physical shape and dialectic of the installation of the cell membrane itself greatly increases the ability to store voltage across that cell membrane wall.


Awesome. So, so I’ve used, just to list off, of I’ve used beamer, pulse, amp coil, trying to think of some of the other ones that I’ve used before. And um, so I felt something from them. But when I did the biocharger the first time, the first program I ran was a something four, four, four and I don’t, I the room harmonic four four, four. And I, the only reason I’ve been doing I did that is because I tend to see four, four, four, everywhere. It’s like this trigger that I see. I see it on clocks and I was like, oh, I’m going to try that. And I had the most energy I’d ever had in like years. And, also what I noticed, which this might be a little bit too much information, but I noticed I passed mucus out out of my body and, and that was like instant results and I hadn’t felt or seen any of that with the other, pulsed electromagnetic magnetic frequencies or any of the frequency generators. So what’s the difference here between some of these posts Electromagnetic frequencies?


So the first one you’re talking about those are what I consider the magnetic field. The amp coil, the beamer, uh, the IRMS 2000, and they produce a magnetic field that induces a voltage on a, on a cellular level or even in a coil. Anything. It’s a coil of wire, it’s going to do some voltage in to it. That’s considerably different than the frequencies and harmonics. So frequencies and harmonics are actually generating these little radio station. So in the terms of like Rife, the multiway oscillator, the biocharger, we’re generating hundreds of thousands of little radio stations at very weak power levels in a very wide spectrum of frequencies that are broadcast in this little radio stations versus like a magnet where you produce a magnetic field with it. Now the beauty of the biocharger, what the tesla coil is you have that magnetic field component. So the beauty with the Tesla coils is internally in the box is a… primary coil then you have the secondary coil that’s tuned to that, that produces […] electric field.


I should actually show it there. It is


Yeah but internally in the box. We had that PEMF style like you would see with the amp coil or some of the, the pulse systems that made the pop, but they produce that magnetic field. So we had that component with it. But we also have the frequencies and harmonics that come off to the secondary and the high voltage and the light. So they have one part of the puzzle, but they don’t really have all the pieces. The, the beamer works quite a bit different than the, the amp coil. The amp coil is more of the very strong magnetic field. You’ll probably feel that a little bit more than whereas the beamer they have a proprietary and they’re magnetic field is more on the range of what the earth would be as far as if you measure it, you know, maybe a 30 or 40 gal. So somewhere in that range.

Whereas these other devices, the high energies for a short period of time could be into Tesla’s the magnetic fields, but they break off. So, um, those amp coils, when you get really close to them, they’re putting in a lot of magnetic fields strength. The biocharger has that high energies, high magnetic field strength internally in the box, but around the edges of it, we’re down in an arrange of where the beamer would be, which is more in the magnetic field of your portion of it. So our magnetic field isn’t is quite as strong as say, the amp coil, but with the versatility, what you see at the amp coil, they could adjust their frequencies, but they can only change that up to 10,000 hertz. We can go up to 50 KD with ours plus the frequencies and harmonics that we generate with ours is a significantly different and power levels I believe are significantly higher with the biocharger.

Plus we had that voltage and the frequencies and harmonics and the white part of it that goes along with it. So I believe they have a, you know, they have the unique part that’s generated within that four sets. So you have the, what I see when you consider the PEMF that would follow the biocharge. I just consider PEMF being the magnetic field where the frequencies, the harmonics or the multi wave oscillators like the, the Lakhovsky device, the biocharger or Rife machines, anything on those levels are more of the frequencies and harmonics and some of those within that, when you look at the multiwave oscillators, then they have the high voltage, which is what the, the Tesla coil produces. So we have that compound, it goes along with it. And then the light therapy. So there’s a lot of people than a physical therapy and things that are beginning to use cold lasers or uh, even the far infrared infrared lights that people are using. So there’s that whole spectrum of lighting, that also has that impact of it. So I consider those four fields and we’re covering all four of those fields in all in one device. And we could do multiple people at the time. So you can easily do six people as you do one person then that’s, that’s what’s really awesome about the biocharger.


Oh, that’s, that makes my life a lot easier because I’m trying to help a lot of people and in different ways and I… Like I’ve had other, I’ve had these other frequency generators and it’s like you can only put it with one person and we train people in groups and this is a great tool for pre and post training. And with that, I would love to know what recipes, one, like what’s your favorite. Do you have a favorite recipe that you use or favorites or…


Well, there’s a lot of things. I mean, what’s neat about me is I have the opportunity, the RD Lab. So I, for me right now, the most exciting thing did I’m using right now and it’s built, they’re built into the, all the biochargers. We haven’t released it yet, but in the back door we have a little audio modulation capability with it.

Oh really?


So I can literally play music off the top of the biocharger. So I like things like box or I have the psalm the plays or even rock and roll that I’m related to. I mean you can hear every instrument, you can hear all the voices and stuff like that. I had to work on, I’m working on the resonator part to really get the sound out of it cause I still have a little bit of history going on with it.

From the top of that.

Yeah. I’ll send you a video of it. Yeah, please.

Oh Man, I’m excited about that. So what kind of music do you like? Like what’s the rock and roll that you can play on there?


I play anything I play, I like rush. I’m a big rush fan, Bob Seger. But uh, yeah, you hear every seek year olds, the voice clearly hear the instruments clearly here a little bit of hissing the background and I’m working on getting his scene out of it by just run it without any like what I consider resonator on it. I have, it’s a lot of staticky going into it now that I have been working on my the resonator that goes on top of it. I’m really getting the sound quality down and I’m hoping to have it down to CD quality. But that’s the type of things that we’re working into horizon but as recipes go. I like the wide sweep ones. I liked the, the FIBONACCI, I liked the, the default recipe, but there’s a multitude of the wide sweep recipes I like, but there’s also the, the harmonic interlude is a really good one. Specifics? Yeah, I think that those are usually my main ones there so…


…telling me that I could, I could, I don’t have to get a new bio charger. I could actually just have that one linked up and it will be connected with the technology, which is something I like to explain to the viewers that you guys are, I’ve taken this technology and you’ve intertwined it with the 21st century technology, which is the ease of use, which is awesome. It’s connected to the computer. I just hit play on one of the recipes and there we go.


Yup. Well, and also as we create new recipes, so you know what the drawbacks of those other devices that are out there. Once you get it, you got your stack of recipes and that’s it. You know, you can’t really add to the programs that you have other than sending it back in. Where with us, we’re constantly updating our library and, uh, as we make that available, it’s available for everyone. As long as you’re connected to the cloud and it’s operating and yeah, we can do remote diagnostics if we do it. We need to, but you know, built in the back of it, we have an optical port. So, um, you know, there’s a way we can hook it up to play the music. But, also the a just the way which we made it, you know, Tesla wouldn’t have used spark gap or vacuum tube to be take advantage of the cloud structure. So most of our computing is done up in the clouds. So we’re able to you know, down below in our computer into bio charger itself. We saw what we need to store in there and we can run a bunch of different recipes or programs that are in it. And as we add it there available for you to access it.


Now, can you give me some, um, I mean, I’ve, I’ve gone online and I’ve seen some amazing things. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about, y’know parasites being killed off by using the para cleanse or the Para, uh, one of the pairs of harmonics. And, uh, can you just tell me some of the success stories that you’ve had with people using this machine?


Well, we’re not medical device. I want to be clear that we’re not a medical device. You know, the things that we mostly see are better sleep, more energy, better mental clarity, a definitely better sleep. You know less pain, a little bit more step…

yeah, those are all the things that I noticed right away.

Right. To keep it within that realm. I mean, it’s, you know, anything else? yeah… We hear antidotes of other things, but you know, we, we get great feedback from people, so for whatever they’re using it for, so I’d say 20 or 30% of the people have their own specific outcomes that they’d like to achieve with it. And one of the things that we offer is that, a return policy. So we want to make sure that people are totally happy with the biocharger. Yeah. And, so on that level, you know, everyone’s very satisfied with it. We don’t get biochargers return very often.


Yeah. I, you know what, I’ve been exposed to a lot of these and I paid, you know, it’s, it’s a decent amount, but, uh, I’m like, I bought it, honestly, I bought it personally for me cause I just love this stuff. But I also knew that it would help my client based tremendously and we’ve seen a lot of feedback from it. And, um, for me it was, well, it’s well worth the investment. I mean, okay, like how much money can you, you know, having more energy, having more pep in your step, having more like, you know, vitality in life. It’s like you can’t put a number on that and when you feel your energy increase it’s like, yeah, this is well worth it. And we have people who are in their fifties and sixties that we train and they use it and then they go and train and they feel better. Now I had a question with you specifically about, any knowledge that you might have with using this machine in combination with say, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber because I do know there are studies that show certain frequencies can help regenerate. Maybe some nerve issues or target certain areas. Are you aware or familiar of any of that information?


Yeah, I would not recommend the biocharger with hyperbaric oxygen same time just because of sparks.

Well, no, like so doing the hyperbaric act or so doing the biocharger and then going into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.


I think anything, I mean it, anytime you, you’re one of the biggest benefits with the biochargers, you get better uptake, those nutrients, better detoxification. So if you’re going to have that effect on a cellular level where you can gate the cell membrane wall to uptake nutrients, that’s always a win win. So if you’ve got the extra oxygen going around, you’ve got other things that are happening, uh, nutrition, even chemotherapy, and you’re trying to get things delivering the energy into the nucleus, you know, that’s, that’s where I think that the advantage.


Awesome. So, yeah, those two in combination will just help with the uptake. Um, okay, so I noticed that you had things in there like, like programs for nagalase. Like nagalase the protein. I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly, like… yes.


There was some nagalese frequencies, I guess that there was a book related to nagalase and his work that was frequency base. Those recipes from, so we’re, we’re also looking for different sources of frequencies list besides just the right frequencies that are out there. There are other ones and somebody sent us that to create that recipe and we’ve had really, really good feedback on that one.


Awesome. Okay. And so say somebody like I’m from Connecticut and lymes disease is like ravaging the area and um, is this something that people would just see, like say someone who has it was dealing with lymes disease? Um, would you recommend that they start off with the lyme recipes?


Yeah, I would say whatever works best for them, but that’s used typically what we start off with. We typically with lyme we start off a little slower. May not want to do it every single day right away. Maybe once every two or three days, just because there’s some people that respond differently than others, especially with lives depended on if it’s acute or chronic.

They might detox too fast or something like that?


That’s typically what happens is I think everything gets overloaded and if you’re not filtering it out that it just re circulates.

Gotcha. Okay. So let me see if I covered most of this stuff. Um, yeah. Is there anything you want to add or share that’s like, I mean, I’m kind of blown away by the fact that this thing is going to play music. Like that just makes it for me, just like a huge bonus on top of it.


As an engineer mathematician, when you look at the spectrum of frequencies, it’s infinitely, not infinitely more, but, many magnitudes more because right now I’m discreetly changing every second the harmonics of frequencies. Whereas now I fill everything in and everything is just blended. And there’s also, there’s a relationship has the harmonics of frequency, so not only what you’re hearing, but there’s a relationship with the harmonics of frequencies generated there are also following the melodies. So if you do the right music, I think that ultimately I think that there is one, you know, one note, you know, I hit that one note yet, but I believe there is one universal note that a constraint very that uh, all other notes emit from and one of these days, you know, that’s, that’s the goal ultimately.

Gotcha. Okay. That’s awesome. And um, have you ever, are you familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work?


Yeah. So say for example, I put my water bottle up, is that going to affect the water next to the biocharger?


…writing words on here? You were talking about should waves and things like that. I had imagined I had never had done frozen it, sliced it up and look at the different ones. Okay. Just understanding what I like to do with my water. Water is a ritual with me anyway. I’ll charge my water up, but I also like the little through a movement before I drank it my water and… But you know, why do a general has a charge in it. I mean it’s been, you know, there’s the, Oh I can’t remember what his name is now, but there was a guy that 1800 shot water to a needle and a little floating leaf on there. What happens to water? The leaf would build a static charge on it and there was guy named Walter Baumgartner in the 1980s built one of these things, you know, you can build up static, a couple thousand bolts with it up to 12 15,000 bolts depending on the quality of the water. But he measured thousands of different waters samples and shot it through that same needle and found that there was a relationship between that water and the voltage. So I think that there can be an effect on the water. I know that they use for, for instance, why to purification or for food processing they use high voltage. Instead of using hot sterilization, they actually hit him with extremely high voltage and they’ll kill bacteria and viruses. And we also use ultraviolet light and light to…

Purify the water?


Purify the water.

So just out of curiosity, what do you, what do you use to charge and what do you use to vortex your water?


Tesla’s turbine. So if you ever see traditional pumps use a blade and with the blade you’re pushing the water and creates […]. You actually squeeze the water molecule down. Turban is it just picked you a CD disc and you spin it really fast. What happens is the water molecule sits on, it, spins around, it’s through centrifugal force. It spins out further. So the further out it goes to the circle, the faster it goes until he finally it spits it out. It creates this awesome vortex. But if you look at what does a lot of molecules that causes it to open up changes the angle of it, able to put more charge in it.


So I know you’re a builder. Is this something you created or is this something people can buy?

Yeah, it’s what I’ve just made.

Oh Man… If there’s another tool you could make then, cause I bet you anything people would buy that thing cause I’m like, Huh, I want that.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. I mean, this is a really, I honestly, I could sit here and talk to you all day. I don’t know if Mike, if you’re on and, uh, you’re listening and can hear us. I haven’t heard. I’ve heard, are you there Mike?


I am, yeah. Sorry about that. Had some issues connecting there, but uh, finally got in and I didn’t want to interrupt. I just, you guys were going pretty well, so wanted to let you guys do your thing, but I did want to circle back. You had asked about parasites and and people utilizing different recipes and I know you probably had a chance to link up with David. Our head of support and recipe development on a, on that end through the process and seeing him go through and utilize his approach is pretty awesome in the way of these recipes being created and developed and being able to tap into some of these databases that people have kind of documented what frequencies reacting with certain parasites and being able to look to that research and incorporate that as well as some stuff of complimenting systems in areas of the body that that may help the body naturally when getting that ability up our immune system being able to take over and it pushed those out and…

Fight it off.


Yeah, exactly. And  just […] voltage and as Jim said, just giving that cell that proper voltage to really just do what it’s supposed to do and get our body’s functioning properly is really neat to see that. And yeah, it’s a, it’s something to where not only humans and are dealing with parasites, but our, our furry friends too. I don’t know if you’ve got a, if you’ve got dogs or anything like that, but they loved the biocharger and benefit from it just like we did.


Yeah. Yeah. Basically anybody with the voltage in their selves. Right. Thank you for circling back on that. Um, so I wanted to let you guys know that I am a Wim Hoff instructor and I have like this thread that’s on whatsapp and I was just, you know, showing people around and everybody was like, hey man, what’s that tool? And then I explained it to them and everybody’s like, oh my God, that sounds amazing. So I think you guys have an untapped market. One of the guys actually bought one, right? He, uh, he went up and purchase one guy, a friend of mine in France… Yeah and so, um, you guys basically have an untapped market. I don’t think people really know the power of this tool. I mean, would you say that’s fair?


I would say that’s fair. And, um, just where this technology has been around are these modalities have been around for quite a while and just now incorporating that software and releasing and being on the market since about 2015 I would say most of our market based where those end users at home looking to benefit their own personal wellness efforts. But we’ve seen a pretty big shift in just kind of culture here in the US and and people kind of looking towards different modalities and different things to support those wellness efforts. And now kind of getting that term the biohacker and, and that’s something that we’re, we’re definitely getting a deeper into that market as well and really looking to expand and, and kind of get out there. Cause we agree, we see that and we’re in contact with more individuals like yourself every day that are, that are looking for the next thing to really kind of that peak performance market. Whereas we used to look at it more as athletic performance. But you know, it really does expand to not just athletes cause some, some athletes hang it up and they’re retired and they go to the gym and that’s about it. But they’re not on the field and not looking to compete there, but they’re looking to food, whether it’s, whether it’s in the gym or at home or moving on to the next chapter and starting a business and wanting that energy that they used to have when they were 20, 30 and so on. So it’s a market that we’re really getting into and we’ll actually be attending the upgrade labs conference next in April, so in April, and being able to get the biocharger on the eyes of those and work into really getting to that market more.

Awesome. So, um…


I have a question for you… the Wim Hof breathing group that you had, how did they like it? Because we have had awesome feedback with people who use it with Wim Hof that their experience had been magnitudes better when they use it with the biocharger. It’s just like, it’s a, it’s a complete game changer. And I, I’ve heard that from every single person that’s used it with Wim Hof.


It’s a total game changer, which is why I was asking if you knew anything about like hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Cause when I went, I’m from Connecticut and so that your director of marketing was in Connecticut and I hooked up with Mike. He sent me to her and I was like, hey, excuse me for a second, I’m just going to do some breathing. And I started doing the Wim Hof while I was testing the bio charger out and I was like, Whoa, this is like next level because essentially what you’re explaining, um, happens to the cells when we do the Wim Hof breathing, we’re just, um, I think exponentially allowing the uptake of energy and nutrients and, and getting the Mitochondria and the ATP production revved up. And so I use it here when I do my workshops before and sometimes during breathing. And so it, it’s, yeah, it takes it to another level.


Yeah, that’s what I, it’s what I’ve heard and I’ve done Wim Hof a few times with did. I’m not, I wouldn’t consider myself a practitioner or anything, but definitely done it maybe half a dozen to a dozen times. And I absolutely love it whenever I do it. I just need to get more in tuned with it.


Yeah. Sit right around the bio charger and start to do that and you’ll feel the difference for sure. And yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Any last comments about the biocharger before we sign off here? And I just want to thank you guys tremendously for this interview.

Yeah, no problem.


No, you guys are good?

Yup. Yup.



So we appreciate the opportunity and yeah, it’s always nice to be able to connect on a, on another level with our clients as well. So we really do appreciate this time as far as being able to get more feedback and, and I know it’s only going to help us kind of advance advanced through the whole journey of this with the biocharger and getting into different markets because that’s really how it started and getting into the hands of people and then starting with five recipes and evolving to over 750 and we know that we’re not stopping at 750. And yeah, we’re excited to, to get that out there and we’re we look forward to working with you here in the future too.


Yep. It’s enhanced my life, so anything I can do to help, let me know and um, I appreciate it. And I’m going to put this on my youtube channel and I’ll send it to you guys and then I’m also going to share it with my back pain crowd, which I have about 20,000 followers as well. So hopefully you guys get some exposure through that. And um, all right. Thank you Jeff. Thank you, Mike. I appreciate it.

Yeah. Yeah. Will you keep us posted as far as when you’ll be kind of releasing that? Are you going to be going through and, um, I guess kind of putting your spin on it and you’re, you’re touching on it before it gets to YouTube.


Oh, so, um, yeah. Oh, so when I released it to YouTube, the main reason for this is for the book healing hacks. And so I’m going to put a piece in there on the bio charger and just frequency and vibration. Um, so this, I can kind of do whatever you guys want. I can just upload this and then you guys can cut it however you want and then say, use this, this is better. Or, um, so if you want to do that, um, I’m totally open for that as well.

Yeah, I think that would be great. And just so we can get some eyes from some other team members and weren’t able to join us here today and I’m sure they’re going to love to hear kind of this back and forth and it’ll get their wheels turning as well.

Yeah, I’ll, I’ll, um, as soon as I uploaded, I’ll upload it unlisted and then I’ll send it off to you guys and then you can let me know.

That sounds great.

All right. Thank you, Jim. Thank you, Mike. Yeah, I have a great day.

Me Too. Bye. Bye.


Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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