****WARNING*****: If you are easily grossed out do not watch this video… but if you want to take a step in the right direction to understanding your potential problem with your back pain, you may want to check it out.

“The fuzz” can be lethal for your back. In fact, “the fuzz” tightness gets compounded around your back and hips when you sit for hours at a desk job or in a car. Even if you consider yourself fairly active.

After a few years of this stiffness it can create compression to your lower lumbar spine. This is one of the reasons why http://www.backpainrelief4life.com/ program is so impactful. It melts the fuzz first and foremost in the first few exercises to get rid of that stiffness so you can prepare your back for stretching and strengthening, so that you can get more blood flow, nutrient and oxygen to the neglected area which allows for healing.

The longer “the fuzz” stays you end up with an “inhibition of the potential for movement”: Translation, your back becomes tight and the more fear you have about pain and movement, the more tight the back becomes and the bigger the problem becomes.

“A more systematic exploration to restore the movement” is why we created the http://www.backpainrelief4life.com/.

The good news is, you do not need a manual manipulation because of the back program, you may want to use it as a compliment to it a program like Back Pain Relief4Life but you would not want to become dependent on someone else for your health. Be your own doctor when it come to your back and you will feel like you have control of your life. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless with back pain, I speak from experience. It wasn’t until I had the http://www.backpainrelief4life.com/ formula that I was free!

The key here is, don’t let the fuzz build up in the back. If you have let it build up you may want to give, Back Pain Relief4Life a try.

Fascia and stretching: The Fuzz Speech

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Ebook: EarthFIT 50

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