Join me in congratulating April who in 39 hours of training lost 11 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle! She is also deadlifting 115lbs! Great Job April! Keep moving toward your goals!

April said since joining EarthFIT “I have more energy, and more active, I’m happy, I’m not stressed and I feel better… a lot happier”.

“My life before EarthFIT was stressful, demanding, always I’ve been bookkeeper 7 days a week, work all the time… constantly angry, I’d snap at people… exhausted all the time. In bed by 8:30… just tired.

And after EarthFIT I have more energy, I’m going all the time now I mean the girls keep me busy but I have more energy, I might go for a walk, I don’t want to sit at home like if I’m at home like on Saturdays and Sundays I want to constantly be doing something. I feel I have more energy, and more active, I’m happy, I’m not stressed and I feel better… a lot happier. I feel stronger altogether I mean I can help my husband lift things now from moving furniture, instead he would always go to one of the girls and say mom can’t do it just leave her alone… I feel stronger all over – mind, body. I mean deadlift 115 and I have a pull up bar today.

I don’t know if I was skeptical about anything, I guess I was just nervous that I was not gonna be able to do it, was it going to be able to work for me, was it going to help me I mean… Now I know that no reason to be nervous, I enjoy, I want to come. I mean I arrange my schedule to make sure I’m here. I can wear tank tops now, I don’t have that belly roll that I used to have so I feel more comfortable wearing more fitted clothes instead of bigger baggier clothes.

Would I recommend EarthFIT to anybody? Yes I would. Actually I do all the time so I’m trying to get my husband to come.”

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