“Because again I’ve tried everything and I’m like “Oh Wow! This actually works and you don’t have to do much. It’s like all of those expensive stuff I you know pill and potions, creams and stuff I mean this was definitely the best thing I’ve ever that you know for my skin. I mean I’ve always done juice cleanses, I’ve done water fasts, I’ve done different things like that and I would say that this is definitely an easier way than like not eating, starving yourself every week. I really enjoyed this process way more than doing like any of those traditional cleanses. It’s nice to be in the sauna. It felt good to be in the sauna and then you know you don’t have to starve. This process was way better than doing a typical cleanse for mental clarity.

I think you know the whole thing about your mind is really kind of the biggest, skin… that’s great but really like kind of if you are clearing out your how you think into a way that’s, you know, you can be more calm and focused just addresses you know impacts every part of your life for the better. The big thing too is I’m not craving sweets or junk food. That’s part of clearing your mind out you know like not having anxiety or not having those food cravings. Now I’m like feeling in a kind of better calm state, I feel like reset where sort of like you know resetting a computer, clearing out all those files it’s like runs more efficiently. It makes everything easier in terms of working out, exercising and your mood. All of them.”

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