Ben’s Push Up Pull Up Challenge

“Hey EarthFIT Fan! Coach Ben here. And today I want to share with you an at home workout that you can do on top of the already existing EarthFIT workouts. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming in to EarthFIT twice a week or every single day. These workouts you’re going to be doing every single day for 60 days. It’s what I like to call the EarthFIT 60-Day Total Body Weight Challenge, and how does this challenge is going to work is for the next 60 days you’re not gonna have one day off. It’s from day 1 to day 60 you are doing this workout everyday, it’s going to involve a Push Up variation, a Pull Up variation and a Lunge variation. What I mean by that is on day 1 if you’re a beginner you’ll do 1 push up, 1 pull up, 1 lunge. And if you’re more advanced you’ll start doing 10. How it’s going to work is if you can do 10 pull ups right now you’re going to start by doing 10 on day 1. So by day 60 you’re doing 69 pull ups and if you’re a beginner you can only do 1 pull up less than 10 pull ups or you can’t even do any at all you want to start 1 repetition on day 1.

Okay how it’s going to break down is each day you’re going to add 1. Day 1 you’re gonna start 1 repetition of 1 push up, 1 repetition of 1 pull up and 1 repetition of 1 lunge. Day 2 you’re going to do 2 repetitions of push ups, 2 repetitions of pull ups and 2 repetitions of lunges. And when I talk about the lunges this is each leg so 1 repetition on each leg counts as 1 so on day 2 you do 2 on each leg. By day 30 you’re doing 30 push ups, 30 pull ups and 30 lunges on each leg and day 44, day 53, day 60 that’s how many repetition for the total day. Now you may think wow 30 pull ups, 30 push ups that’s a lot to do all at once. You don’t have to do all of them at once you can break them up into mini sets and it’s how many you are doing for the day so, day 30 you do 30 push ups, pull ups and lunges for the entire day. So you could do, 1 set of 5 reps and you would have 25 left to do during the day then you could do another set of 5 repetitions so on and so forth…

Day 1 you’re starting with 1 of each so you do 1 set of 1. Day 2 you could do 2 sets of 1. Day 3 you could do 1 set of 3. You see how you can do different variations and different set and reps schemes. So day 60 you would most likely break it down to maybe 6 sets of 10 or 10 sets of 6, things like that so it can be done up in many different ways depending on what your goal is…

If you wanna do more of something I recommend doing sets with high repetitions and less sets. If your goal is to get more strength or muscle or get leaner I recommend doing more sets of few repetitions so you’re doing more sets total.

Now, how this is going to work is like I said if you’re a beginner you’re starting with 1 of 1 push up, 1 pull up and 1 lunge and I want you to start off with the most basic forms of that, with push ups this is going to be the most basic push ups I’m going to come down into the floor here, come over to the mat… (Please watch the full video to see the proper exercise form)”

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