Hey! What’s up? It’s Ian Hart here. This is part 3 of Drama Vs. Data. If you saw my previous videos I talked about how when you step on the scale that’s a data point and drama is “Oh! I can’t step on a scale…, No! I’m not gonna do it today I’m gonna do it tomorrow, I’m gonna do it next week or I can’t do it because I don’t know like…” so that is drama. And drama doesn’t help anybody, it actually makes you go further away from your goals and if you read some of the neuroscience or seen the videos about the neuroscience of transformation, habit change has to come from making something more important and more conscious so when you step on the scale it gives it more tension, you’re more likely to make the change and habit change.

Drama Vs. Data 3: Getting On The Scale And Sentence Stemming

If you have an issue with stepping on the scale then we need to address the issue because it’s not the scale itself, it’s the feelings attached to with the scale. So what happens is people don’t have self acceptance so it can be condemned themselves and guilt and shame comes to stepping on the scale. But, self acceptance means there’s no guilt or shame, it’s just accepting what you did so if you had a bad weekend then there’s no reason to feel guilty about it. Move on and upward towards your goal and look at the data as a reference point. Okay, I might have eaten a lot of food this weekend and I gained a couple of pounds but this week I will do better. If you have a problem stepping on the scale, we need to adjust the feelings that are associated with it so sentence stemming is a good way to use for anything but here’s a good one. Write this down if you have any issues getting on the scale:

I would feel better stepping on the scale if…

This will lead you to figure out where the issues and feelings are coming from and then once you understand the feelings that are coming up then you can anticipate them and once you can anticipate your feelings you can make a prediction and a response so you can predict “Hey if I get on the scale I might have a bad feeling well now let me create a response based on that…” Typically what happens and this is how people prevent transformation is they don’t have a prediction, they don’t have a response and they react so they get home, they have bad feelings, they start to gorge themselves with food. So they did not prepare and did not plan out what they are going to do when that feeling arise so it leads to doing something without even thinking about it. So it’s not conscious, it’s not on the brain. We know that something must have more tension and be more conscious in our mind to make the transformation. So try the sentence stem, you can do this for anything if you want more freedom in your life, if you want more love you can say… “I would have more freedom in my life if…”, “I would have more love in my life if…” whatever it is you want so I would feel better stepping on the scale if… and this writing it out not just thinking about it and really putting the work in will allow for you to reflect and once you start to make associations to why you feel this way you can start the process of transformation and get to the root cause of the issue. All right, Ian Hart with EarthFIT training. I hope this helps.”

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