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Alright, so in this video I’m talking to you about something so powerful that I think everybody on earth should be taking it everyday and the reasons being is it’s just an unbelievable super food. Now, this has been studied (the product that I’m talking about right now which I’ll get to) has been studied for almost a century now. In the 1950s there’s a study on children who took this supplement and children who didn’t take this supplement and what they found was the children who took this supplement and I’m speaking about “Chlorella” and specifically in this test it was chlorella growth factor. The children who are on this supplement (it shouldn’t be supplement, actually food) It’s considered a food but we talk about is a supplement in this box. The children who are on the chlorella growth factor grew taller, their palette formed better, they looked healthier and stronger like physically and that is what I’m going to get to when we speak about the 7 proven and researched ways that chlorella can benefit you. Now, I’m such a believer in this because my wife took this all during the pregnancy and I’ll tell you the reasons why and my son has been taking this ever since he was born and one of the reasons being that study but also because of the other benefits that I’m going to speak about.

When we talk about protein really, what we’re talking about is amino acids. And amino acids are there is 21 amino acids that make up a full protein. Now this is a considered an algae. This algae has one of the best make ups of amino acid that you can get from non-meat and it provides about 16 grams of protein per ounce plus you are getting zinc, magnesium which we’ve spoken about, iron, vitamin B3, B2, A. Pretty much you are getting the necessary recommended doses from chlorella. So it is extremely powerful when it comes to just giving you the nutrients you need. But, the most important part which I’m going to get into and most people speak about it is the fact that it detoxes the body. And before we talk about detoxification, it something that everybody should be conscious of all the time now we are exposed to toxins. If you have been vaccinated, if you eat fish, if you’ve lived in a city, if you’ve drank from a city water, you want to be taking chlorella because this prevents the toxins from going deep into the tissue, it will absorb the toxins, carry it out as well as remineralize and give you the amino acids that you need. So now if you are detoxing, you want to make sure that you go slow with this because you don’t want to detox too fast because that will also cause a problem. Now that’s one of the things that it does now on top of that because of all the benefit that it has, it also supports your immune system. It’s a little bit of a blood thinner so it helps get nutrients and circulation going, it also promotes weight loss. This is something that’s been studied and proven as well and then like I mentioned before with the children, it made them look healthier and stronger. This also makes the person look and feel younger.

So the research is continued to reveal that this slows down the ageing process because you are getting the necessary nutrients that you might be missing and again this goes back to why gut function is so important and so as it improves your immune system as well, it helps you fight off cancer. It raises the immune system to fight off any infections or cancer cells that are now building in the body.

The last thing is it lowers your blood pressure, and cholesterol so I would highly recommend chlorella. I can go on and on about this supplement. The biggest thing that I want you to take away from this is that you are getting a lot of the nutrients, protein mixture, good amino acids plus vitamins and minerals that most people are missing nowadays and on top of that it’s detoxing the body of impurities that you want to get rid off, we want to continue to get rid off and as you’re exposed to them continue to take and that is why I recommend chlorella everyday.

Now the last thing that is very important is where you get your chlorella. This has been tested so Sun – Chlorella, I’m not affiliated with them, I don’t get anything from this, I do use Sun – Chlorella, my son uses it. There’s also a clean chlorella, another supplement that I’ve read from Mike Adams from natural news. He gets it from Taiwan because the chlorella that is created in China or made into a supplement in China, even though it’s organic it’s still taking impurities from the air. What they found out is even the organic chlorella is sometimes contaminated with this heavy metals from the air. So Taiwan had the cleaner air, it had organic chlorella, the impurities were the lowest. So Sun- Chlorella and the Taiwan clean chlorella are one of the best ways to go when it comes to buying this supplement.”


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