Hey EF Fam,

There is a revolution on the rise and its name is cryptocurrency.

Have you heard of these?

You have probably heard some rumblings in the news about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

You might be thinking, why would the owner of a fitness business be sending me an email about cryptocurrencies?

There are a bunch of reasons. One reason is because it is the wave of the future and EarthFIT is always on the cutting edge. The other reasons are listed below.

Brain Singer of William Blair & Co. says bitcoin

“Has a greater ability to bring more of the world population out of poverty than anything we have ever seen”.

If that isn’t a good enough reason, I don’t know what is.

This fundamental change to the payment system will allow the power to be transferred back to the people

instead of the current financial system.

  • ​Image having your own secure bank in the palm of your hands, literally.
  • Image no banking fees
  • image sending money instantly across the world without filling out any paperwork or paying any fees.
  • Imagine exchanging money securely back and forth with a loved one across the world like you were chating on instant messenger
  • Image people who live in an unstable country who are able to put there money into the blockchain technology and not have to worry about the political climate, inflation, the unstable economy, changing regimes etc.
  • If you are business owner, imagine paying no transaction fees, imagine the bank not holding onto your funds, imagine not having to wait days for processing.
  • Imagine buying things online in 2 seconds just by waving your phone (wallet) in front of the computer.

​The other reason I am emailing you is because the last bullet point you can now do at EarthFIT!

I am very happy to announce we are now accepting bitcoin at EarthFIT!

Now… I know that means nothing to most people but I am hoping it will mean a lot to everyone in the near future and I believe it will.

To see a simple example of how bitcoin payments work click here​ and enter any random number, your name and email and hit submit it and see what pops up.

You would make a payment just by waving your bitcoin id from your phone in front of that code.

People always ask me how do I buy bitcoins. It is not always the easiest but the best way I have found is buying them ———> on COINBASE

​You don’t have to buy full bitcoins, you can buy a fraction of them. Since I bought my first bitcoin over a year ago I have seen the value increase by almost 400% and it won’t be stopping anytime soon as the experts predict in the video I shared above.


I told my dad to make the move on bitcoin a long time ago and he didn’t. He is now kicking himself. You don’t want to end up like that 🙂

Committed to your success,


P.S. On another subject, have you ever heard of cryotherapy? Check out this shirtless video I did down at Carolina Chillin in Bluffton ——> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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