Despite medical advances that have been made in recent years in the prevention of diabetes, a studies still show that the number of people suffering from this disease worldwide has more doubled in the past 30 years. Recent research demonstrates that currently 347 million people around the world have this invasive and often debilitating sickness, which can lead to heart disease, stroke, and even premature death, especially in people who have other risk factors, such as obesity.


These alarming findings should strike a chord among Americans because the incidence of diabetes in the United States is increasing twice as fast as in Western Europe, say Beaufort personal trainers. Official figures show that nearly 26 million people in this country have diabetes, and that number could triple in the next 40 years. That’s why it is so important to not only treat this disease, but also help prevent its onset. And one of the steps should be Beaufort weight loss and management. In fact, studies have indicated that obesity and inactivity are primary causes of type 2 diabetes: 67 percent of people diagnosed with this disease in the United States are overweight and 46 percent are obese. Sensible diet along with a regular exercise or Beaufort fitness program will be beneficial in fighting obesity and, consequently, staving off the risk of developing diabetes.


  • Exercise will help control your weight and lower the blood sugar level. And by improving insulin resistance, blood pressure, as well as cholesterol and glucose levels, it will also reduce the risk of heart disease, which is common in diabetics.

What kind of workout will help bring diabetes under control in the most effective way?

  • Research shows that any regular Beaufort health and fitness activity that raises the heart rate for an extended period of time, will be beneficial to Beaufort residents, adding that diabetics should get their doctor’s permission before starting a diet or a Beaufort fitness program.


  • Strength training has been proven effective in Beaufort weight loss because it lowers body fat, increases your lean muscle, and burns calories more efficiently.

Still not sure how to work out safely and effectively?

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