“Hello! Kelly from EarthFIT here and today I’m going to talk to you about Parasite Cleansing.

So I’m doing a para-cleanse right now actually, and you might ask, “why should I considered doing one?” and here are some reasons. So, lots of the time, parasites – they can disguise themselves as a plethora of different health issues such as:

  • Allergies,
  • trouble sleeping,
  • joint pain,
  • mood swings,
  • digestion issues,
  • and even cravings.

This often times can go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. All of those issues just because health care professionals don’t typically test people for parasites.

So, how can you can you contract these parasites? This is the scary part. So, it’s very easy to contract a parasite. You can contract a parasite through unclean food, contaminated water, insect bites, through other people’s body fluids if they are infected, and also if you are a traveler or you have some of these (please see the video) then you are going to be more likely to contract the parasite. I personally, I happen to have 4 animals, so I feel like my odds are pretty high, your’s might be too, and so that’s why I am doing the para-cleanse.

Now you might be curious what is it that you need to do for the parasite cleanse? It’s quite simple, it is 18 days long. You don’t have to change your diet for this cleanse, which is really nice and I will go ahead and show you what I do right now. So it comes with directions that are super easy to follow, it tells you how many pills to take each day, they are just pills that you can take, and then there’s also a liquid as well so that’s super simple to follow. And what goes into it… so we have the (1) Super W Blend – it is a wormwood mix, they’re just normal little capsules, nothing too scary. And then we have (2) Cloves so that is super easy and the directions tell you exactly how many to take each day and then we have the (3) Green Black Walnut and it’s a tincture, and you just take it with the dropper, putting a water then you drink it actually, and it’s not too bad. So, those are the three main things.

And then I do want to know that during the day off period, the ammonia levels rise in your body and it can make it very difficult to sleep, so one thing that I highly, highly, highly recommend is the Ornithine. I don’t know if I’m saying that right, and this just neutralises those ammonia levels so that you are able to sleep and believe me you’re going to want this.

So just a little a bit about my experience for those of you who are curious, like I said this is my second time doing it. I will be honest the first time I did it, it was about 6 months ago; It was rough, I must have had a massive die off.I had joint pain, headaches, I didn’t feel good… but afterwards I felt amazing. My stomach was less bloated, I had more energy. My sugar craving was one of the biggest reasons why I did it and my sugar craving was actually manageable for the first time that I can ever remember, so that is why I came to do the second time. This time has been a breeze so that shows me that whatever happen the first time worked.
You can get this cleanse at the DrClarkStore.Com and also I’m very open to answering any of the more personal questions. If any of you are curious you can go ahead and email me kelly@earthfittraining.com or just pull me aside next time you see me if you do have another questions and thanks for watching. And I will see you all soon.”

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