If you want to find out what real health looks like and how to heal naturally, you may want to watch this video.

Beaufort Health: Healing Hackers Interview – Miguel Barthelery PhD Molecular Medicine

I interviewed my good friend Miguel Barthelery for a book I am writing, who has his PhD in Molecular Medicine and was doing his post doc at Harvard and working for the pharmaceutical industry when he decided to leave the US to go back to France and embark on a journey to help people heal naturally. It is a long interview but you will find out real nuggets of truth about your body, mind and health. We speak about healing people naturally through raw diet and cleansing acids and mucus.

Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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