Hey! What’s going on? A few things to go over about the sauna that are very important before you use your sessions.

First and foremost, you can sign up easily online just as if you’re training here at EarthFIT. The second thing is probably the next most important thing is that your hydration levels need to be increased by like 50, 60, a hundred percent because it’s gonna heat your body internally like the sun does without the radiation; that’s the effect that it gives and it helps to eliminate the toxins faster and you’re gonna lose a lot of sweat. Essentially the best way to do it is after a training session you go into the sauna so you’re gonna lose twice or triple the amount of sweat. So, increase your hydration, preferably put in some himalayan sea salt in your water to get your electrolytes back. It’s going to be eliminating toxins, it’s shown through the sweat in the sauna, you’ll be eliminating about 20/ 30% more toxins through your sweat and that’s one of the benefits of the program or the sauna.

A few things: because you’re eliminating toxins while you’re sweating you kind of want to be wiping down consistently so you don’t reabsorb the toxins. So bring towels in, wipe down the sweat, you also want to be wiping down the area once you are finished. So we have a little brush there that you can dump in the bucket and wipe down the area that you sweat on on the bench or on the floor and then you can wipe it down with the towel as well. I would recommend directly after taking a cold shower; this will increase the benefits, it will help your lymphatic system and it will also cool your core temperature right away.

We have 4 half hour sessions that we’re giving initially to people until September 15th. I’d recommend that you start off with the 1/2 hour. If you feel fine with that then increase to an hour session cause you’ll get the most benefits of an hour in the sauna.

There are contraindications with using the sauna. In the email that I sent out there’s a link and you could look out the list. I’ll always just recommend you know asking your physician if it’s okay, if you’re taking medications, etc. if it’s contraindicated.

Again, it’s best to use the sauna directly after the training session. The reason being the cardiovascular system help mobilized the toxins and then if you go into the sauna it will help get them out of your body, and it will also enhance the recovery of your training session. You’ll feel better afterwards.We want to keep the sauna completely clean so again clean up right afterwards, after you use it but we will be cleaning it weekly, we’ll be doing deep cleans to make sure and ensure that it is clean for you. And now I’m just gonna walk through the training right now and take you to the sauna real quickly you get a glance at that training as well. So we’re in the Saturday training right now – Strength Training.

Sauna EarthFIT

And…here’s the sauna. Alright, so another thing about the sauna: we want a limited amount of clothing while you’re in the sauna. It doesn’t penetrate clothing well (the heat waves in the sauna.) So you want to come inside here, close the door to regulate the temperature. You can open up the door. You’ll see what the temperature is right here. Roughly, we want to get it above 120. Alright, and then the timer’s right here. We can increase the time. We have an AUX cord in here so if you want to bring an ipad or your phone you can hook it up here and then we have speakers so you can listen to your music. This is a 4 person sauna we’re limiting it to 3 people because it does gonna get tight in here so just be respectful of others in here if they just wanna chill out, hang out, that’s the important thing.

Alright, so we also have medical grade chromotherapy. This is a healthy radiation light wave that is given off by the sun. This is been proven to help with diseases or cure diseases or get rid of diseases essentially. So there’s numerous functions and benefits of the sauna if you haven’t seen the list of benefits that I put down please check it out because they’re endless and the results that we’ve been hearing about the sauna are just incredible and me myself have seen incredible results. But one of the main reasons that we got the sauna in the first place was to do the niacin detox protocol and that will be for eliminating toxins that you’ve accumulated over the years that are stored in the fat cells and are hard to get out of your system. And more to come on that, that’s a little bit more serious protocol for somebody who’s like really interested in eliminating accumulated toxins over the years that might be stored in the brain. The brain is 60% fat so we want to make sure that we’re eliminating those toxins so that it’s not increasing our chances of neurological issues later on in life.

Alright, so go ahead and sign up for your 4 sessions. I think you’ll really appreciate the sauna, you’ll see the benefits instantly and we’ll see you in the sauna!”

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