Beaufort health and fitness: Omega 3

“Hey guys! Ben here, Precision Nutrition Coach. I’m going to be talking to you again about supplements today. The supplement I’d like to speak with you about today is going to be highly beneficial for you because what happens is a lot of people they have a lot of joint inflammation; their shoulder hurts; their back hurts; there are people walking around their knees hurt. Essentially, you can almost ask any different person they’re going to say this hurts and you ask them why they’re like it’s inflamed. So with this supplements going to help you do is decrease the amount of inflammation in your body while also helping you burn more fat.

The reason people aren’t getting enough of this is because we are eating too much of the wrong foods. The supplement I am specifically talking about is an Omega 3 which comes from fish oils – that’s the one we’re going to be talking about today. The reason people aren’t getting enough omega 3s is they’re eating too many omega 6, it skews with the balance of the omega 6 and omega 3 ratio. Way, way back in our ancestors past and everything, we used to eat a lot more fish and things that had omega 3s in it. Now we eat a lot of meat products and things like oils and all the processed foods so that pushes the omega 6 ratio. So the ratio you want to have is about 4:1. Right now most people are eating a 20:1 or 40:1. So, not getting nearly enough omega 3s and getting way to omega 6’s.

The reason this causes the problem is the omega 6 is causing the inflammation in the body, they cause restriction of the blood vessels, they cause coagulation in the blood, they cause restriction in the airways and they cause the pain in the joints where the omega 3s do the complete opposite. They are anti-inflammatory, they are anti coagulants, they increase the airway pathways in the body and they eliminate pain. So you want to get that ratio closer to the normal level and you may say to yourself “Hey, I eat fish you know I eat fish all the time.” Ask yourself this question:

  • Have you eaten fish today?
  • Did you eat fish yesterday, or last week, or anytime in this past month, and how much?

Because the amount of fish that you actually have to consume to get that proper amount of omega 3s is about 3lbs. Each serving of fish is about 250-500mg of omega 3s. You need several grams of omega 3s a day to get the benefits.

Beaufort health and fitness: Omega 3


So the benefits of consuming omega 3 supplements are going to be like I spoke earlier:

  • A decrease in joint pain and joint inflammation
  • Increase in fat burning and your metabolism

How does it occurs is omega 3s cause a turn on a particular part in the body called peroxisomes within your cells. The peroxisomes, they digest the fat and they break down the fat differently from other different parts of the body, different cells in the body. So the omega 3s activate the peroxisomes. This increases the amount of heat that is release in the body by 30-40%. More heat being released means the metabolism is working even harder and also reduces the amount of energy that is actually produced by fat breakdown. This is actually beneficial for you because if less energy is being produced for each gram of fat that is being broken down. Your body has to actually break down more fat to get the required energy for the activity you’re trying to do so it actually burns more fat with the activation from the omega 3s.

The supplement that we have here at EarthFIT is the AdvoCare OmegaPlex. This product, it has a maintenance dosage of 2 soft gels and this is going to give you a maintenance just for optimum health. However, if you want the fat burning benefits and the anti-inflammation benefits that will help decrease the pain in the shoulders you are currently having, decrease the pain in your back, your hips, your knees, eliminate all types of inflammation in the body and increase the fat burning, you want a minimum of 3 grams of omega 3s. The OmegaPlex that I have here it has per serving which is the 2 soft gels 1 gram of omega 3 so you need 6 softgels to get the optimum benefits, the anti-inflammatory and the fat burning benefits. So 6 soft gels is going to give you 3 grams and that’s the minimum dosage required to get all the benefits from omega 3s.”


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