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“Hey guys! Ben here, Precision Nutrition Coach. And, today again I’ll be talking about supplements. The supplement I’d like to speak about today is actually it’s a mineral. And it’s actually deemed to be “miracle mineral”, that is how beneficial it is for you. This mineral in particular is used for over 300 different cellular processes in the body; so that’s just how important it is. It is used for everything in the body. The problem however is almost everybody is deficient. You can go out and buy a magnesium supplement. However, the probability that it all gets absorbed in the body is very low because most magnesium supplements are the wrong and they also have a poor absorption rate. Go out and look at just a regular product like a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral. Look down the label the mineral, look at the magnesium. I am almost a hundred percent sure it’s going to say magnesium oxide and what magnesium oxide is go back to your days when you’re in high school or college. Remember when your professor gave you that strip of magnesium, the metal strip. They told you why they don’t fire, you lit it on fire because it’s very fun it burned up. What was left over? it was a bunch of cinders, little bits and pieces. That is magnesium oxide.It’s the waste product of a burned magnesium. So that’s actually what is in those mineral supplements and a lot of magnesium supplements.

However, here at EarthFIT we have Pico-Ionized Magnesium supplement. What happens is it’s actually the highly beneficial magnesiums that your body requires and the pico-ionization, it makes the magnesium particles very very tiny. This is beneficial for you because what’s going to happen is there’s tiny particles as soon as you take in the magnesium they get sent right into a digestion and assimilation. So they go right into the body, right into the bloodstream and the Pico-Ionization is also very important because as soon as it gets assimilated into the bloodstream wherever you’re deficient in the body, any part of the body. Your body is able to recognize that and send that particular magnesium right to those areas. So, let’s say your arm muscles or your leg muscles it gets sent right to those areas or even your organs as well.

Now, you may be asking why do I need magnesium? Magnesium because like I said earlier, it is used for so many processes in the body. When you’re deficient almost everything in the body is running sub-optimum. So, when you could be running at 100% if you don’t deficient in magnesium, you might be running at 80% or 70% or even less. Think of this in terms of an analogy of a car without the oil in it or without an update on the car. It’s running suboptimally when it could be running much better. This is your body without magnesium.

So by taking a magnesium, you’re going to increase your protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the building of muscles. So you’re coming in doing your EarthFIT workouts and your building muscles so you can burn more fat and get stronger. By taking a magnesium, you can increase your protein synthesis, it also increases the assimilation, digestion and absorption of your different nutrients so it breaks down fat in the body; so, it breaks down your carbs, fats and proteins. Your goal in here a lot of you is burn fat so it’s helping you burn more fat. It also helps detoxify the body as well so this will help cleanse everything out, give you regular bowel movements. A lot of people when they are not having magnesium they have irregular bowel movements, it is because everything is tensed up. A

magnesium is known as the calming herb. So by calming everything, it helps relax away things in the body so it helps the muscles relax and you can have a regular bowel movements. So that is one of the benefits as well.

Another benefit of it being the calming mineral is that being very calming it decreases the stress in the body, it is a natural relaxant so it can promote better sleep. And then also because you are coming and doing the hard training sessions here at EarthFIT, every time your muscle contracts it uses calcium but when it needs to relax it requires magnesium to relax so you might get cramps, this is an imbalance of the calcium and magnesium ratios. But also because during the workouts you are using calcium, magnesium, calcium, magnesium every time you contracts and relax the muscle it depletes the minerals in the body. So after a workout your minerals have been depleted along with your proteins and other nutrients in the body. This is why after your workout you need proteins and other things like that but because you depleted the minerals that stores you now depleted it, you need to replenish them after the workout. So again, this is Ben, a Precision Nutrition Coach talking about the magnesium supplements.”

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