In this age of medicine, we are sometimes overwhelmed by the vast amount of man-made remedies to our natural problems. Got a cold? Here’s some drugs. Allergies? Take shots. High cholesterol/blood pressure/blood sugar? Drugs, drugs, drugs. Both OTC and prescription medications seem as natural as inhaling and exhaling these days. But is medicating really necessary?

The answer is: not always. Studies have shown that modern medicine, (while helpful in traumatic health situations), can be less than effective in day-to-day illnesses such as the common cold or high blood pressure. Basically, you can avoid taking drugs for most non-emergency health needs. In this article Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies, you will find eight essential household remedies to avoid not only higher risk man-made medicines, but high-priced doctor visits as well. Those remedies are oregano oil, garlic powder, essential oils, coconut oil, chlorella, manuka honey, bentonite clay, and baking soda.



Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies
You’re probably familiar with oregano – it has been used as a culinary spice for thousands of years. Did you know that it also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as well as assisting with weight loss and the relief of respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, urinary tract infections, menstrual cramps and even acne? Oregano oil can also be used as a supplement to weight loss – the properties of this natural weight loss supplement act to deconstruct lipids, making it easier to lose weight. Additionally, a study performed by a team in India has offered evidence that oregano oil can even be used as an antibiotic due to its proven use to combat and kill superbugs such as MRSA. Lastly, “oil of oregano is a safe, natural home remedy that effectively treats sinus infection without altering the body’s natural balance” like over the counter anti-biotics. “Oregano has very potent antibacterial and antioxidant properties. In fact, on a gram per gram comparison, oregano has 42 times more antioxidant abilities than apples. When oil of oregano is used as an alternative sinus infection treatment, it eliminates the underlying cause of the condition. The oil also possesses specific anti-inflammatory properties, relieving swelling in the nasal cavities and facilitating freer flow of mucus in the nasal passages.” Just a few drops beneath the tongue and you are good to go. Used for centuries in the Himalayas and many other places around the world, oregano oil is a definite must-have for your natural remedies shelf.

Here is one of the best brands that I have found and used


Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household RemediesBeaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies


Also used as a delightful kitchen spice, garlic powder has many substantial health benefits. The same properties that produce the strong smell also have been shown to lower cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, kill off bad bacteria (detox), improve cardiovascular health, and thin the blood (great for lowering blood pressure. People with hyperthyroid conditions can also benefit from the high levels of iodine in garlic powder, which is useful in regulating insulin levels in the body. There are also topical uses for garlic powder, as it has been shown to lessen the symptoms of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. Supposedly it was even used during WWII to treat the infections of wounded soldiers, suggesting that it is also useful as an antibiotic. Does your child have an earache? Great news! Garlic powder can also be used to treat ear infections in a natural and no-risk way. It has also shown to be useful as an antibacterial, which is much safer than many manufactured disinfectants.

Here is a great garlic powder that I have used



Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Used for relaxation by many across the world, essential oils have many other medicinal uses. When applied topically, they can

•boost your immune system,
• relieve menstrual cramps,
• reduce the risk of stress related illnesses,
• relieve tension headaches,
• and treat cold sores.

Some oils are specific to certain treatments; other oils, like peppermint, have a wide range of uses and cures. For example, peppermint can be used to
• ease headaches,
• relieve teeth grinding at night (known in the medical community as bruxism),
• and ease sore feet (particularly when paired with epsom salts!).

Another emerging use of essential oils is the detoxification from fluoroquinolones. What are fluoroquinolones? They are a once popular antibiotic treatment that has been shown to be harmful to the nerves. The presence of fluoroquinolones in the body is detrimental to overall health, yet they are present in several prescription antibiotics. In order to detox the body from these harmful substances, the essential oils from Doterra oils, DDR prime, Digestzen and Frankincense have been used and proven extremely effective in the relief of symptoms and removing fluoroquinolones from the body entirely.

It is also worth noting that in most cases, these proven side effects are not publicized. A number of after-the-fact studies discovered that many have suffered severe nerve damage (among other distresses) due to fluoroquinolones in antibiotics, and never knew the cause prior due to either a lack of or misinformation. Manufactured antibiotics are oftentimes quite harmful to the system, and naturally occurring antibiotics (such as garlic powder, manuka honey, and oregano oil) should be administered first in non-life threatening medical situations.

I have personally used the following oils:
DDR prime
Frankincense (You may remember this as the gift given in the Bible)

Benefits of these oils include:
•Repaired nerves
•Improved sleep
•Improved respiration
•Relaxation/ aroma therapy
•Improved digestion
•antibiotic/antimicrobial/antifungal properties

I buy so much of it I decided to join the Doterra Club 🙂




Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Coconut oil brings back memories of sweets in the kitchen and the best snow cone flavor during the summer. Some of the relaxation it brings to mind may not just be due to fond memories! It has been shown that coconut oil can aid in stress relief, high blood pressure, and digestion. No wonder those memories are happy! Even more substantial uses for coconut oil include relieving the symptoms of diabetes, HIV, cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s. In societies where the coconut is native (and thus a staple of the diet), there have found to be surprisingly high levels of dental quality and bone strength! You can also de-stress while you shampoo, as coconut oil is proven to have restorative effects on hair follicles and rough ends. The list goes on and on with coconut oil as it helps with:

•Weight loss
•Strengthening immune system
•Prevent and cure candida (antimicrobials, antiviral and antibacterial)
•Healing and infections
•skin care
•heart disease

Read more in depth HERE



Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Found in freshwater, chlorella is an algae used as a natural remedy. One of the most tried and true uses of chlorella is maintaining healthy levels of iron during pregnancy to prevent anemia. Anemia is a very common and dangerous problem during pregnancy; a mother can reduce the likelihood of prenatal anemia by taking 6 grams of chlorella daily. People have also used chlorella to treat and lessen the symptoms of cancer, and these effects are currently being researched. More substantially proven uses include prevention of health issues caused by stress, constipation, bad breath, and hypertension. Due to its high protein content, chlorella is also a great food for those with such conditions as hypoglycemia, which require high levels of protein to regulate blood sugar levels. Speaking of the blood, chlorella has found to be quite effective in cleansing the blood, specifically in the detoxification of trace metals from the bloodstream.



Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Honey has long been used as a remedy for sore throats, and everyone knows that taking a spoonful of local honey daily can help relieve and even prevent allergies. But its uses go much farther than that. Manuka honey, which originates in New Zealand, has high antioxidant properties, which are known preventatives of certain types of cancer. There is also hydrogen peroxide present in this type of honey, which makes it an effective antibiotic and aid in defending against bacteria. It can also be used to treat burns and heal inflamed skin, as evidenced by its use in World War II (much like garlic powder!) to treat wounds and powder burns. Don’t have a medical trauma like the ones listed above? Manuka honey can also be used to improve digestion, give you a lift in energy, and restore elasticity to your skin when applied topically! In addition, manuka honey has been undergoing scientific testing that has proven hopeful that it may be a useful antibiotic against superbugs such as MRSA (much like oregano oil).



 Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Bentonite clay is a highly effective and surprisingly versatile substance! Here’s why: all matter has a charge, whether positive, negative, or neutral. Many toxins (metals, dirt, and other trace particles) that manage to make their way onto our skin have negative charges. Bentonite clay, on the other hand, has a positive charge. That means, when applied to your skin, it automatically attracts these toxins. That isn’t the only way it gets foreign matter from your skin – it also has sponge-like qualities. When applied dry and then have water applied, bentonite clay expands, sucking at the traces of toxins present in your pores, thus becoming an even more effective method of skin detox. Additionally, the use of bentonite clay can help the immune system, aid in digestion, and give you an energy boost.

This is the one I have used with great results BENTONITE CLAY



Beaufort Health and Fitness: 8 Essential Household Remedies

Baking soda is probably one of the better known and more generally accepted home remedies. One of the most common health uses of this household item is as relief when acids are churning away in an upset stomach. Beyond being an effective antacid, baking soda can also be used as an antiseptic, clearing injuries of harmful bacteria while leaving the beneficial bacteria intact. Athletes also drink baking soda in order to improve performance on their particular fields. Less commonly known uses for baking soda include cold and flu relief, the shrinking of kidney stones, and relieving of the symptoms of gout and urinary tract infections. Natural beauty gurus have long held close the uses of baking soda as a dry shampoo and facial scrub, while more medicinal beauty uses include teeth whitener, nail cleaner, and acne treatment.

While modern medicine has its uses, normally there is an alternative method. There are safer, cheaper, more natural ways soothe your ailments without turning to manufactured chemicals. Many of these 9 essential household remedies you already have in your pantry – why not give them a try? The list of side effects for most of them is much shorter than any given prescription drug, and as an added bonus, there’s only one ingredient! Save your time; save your money; save yourself! Next time you’re sick with a cold, don’t reach for the medicine cabinet – reach for one of these nine essential household remedies.


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