The difference between ORGANIC and NON-ORGANIC turmeric.

Super IMPORTANT if you want to get the health benefits of turmeric.

Beaufort health and fitness: Turmeric

Beaufort health and fitness: Turmeric

“Hey! What’s up? Right now I am at home and I’m recovering from my injury you can see my arms on the sling , recovery is going great and what I use a lot of time for inflammation and recovery is right here- turmeric. And you’ve probably heard a lot of information about Turmeric on the internet specifically the properties of curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory and how turmeric in general can replace about 40 medications and this is has been clinically proven everything from depression, to anti inflammatory, to helping with bowel, or gut function, etc. on and on. And so there’s numerous studies on cucurmin and turmeric but what I want to go over today is something extremely important because turmeric has powerful properties but if it’s not organic, it’s soaked in pesticides so it negates the properties that are powerful. And so, I do wanna show real quick organic turmeric vs non-organic turmeric. In some places you have to be careful because they label it as organic but it’s not and I know I can test it personally because I actually eat turmeric straight up, I eat the root straight up I don’t put anything and so I can taste if it’s been soaked in pesticides or not.

So I’m going to show you the difference between organic and non-organic and bear with me because I only have one arm so this is organic, you can see the difference you see the orange it’s big, it’s bulbous so major difference right there and versus non-organic it is shriveled up, dark and when you shaved off the top it is not as orange and it actually does not leave a mark on your hands like turmeric leaves a stain and it’s actually very hard to get off but the biggest difference is in the taste. So when I eat organic turmeric raw just straight up, the taste is good I actually like it. All right, it’s nothing amazing but I know that it’s giving me healthy benefits so I eat it whereas this non-organic tastes absolutely disgusting and it leaves a chemical stinging, numbing taste in the mouth like it literally numbs the area around my mouth.

So if you’re going to get turmeric make sure that it is organic or else all the other stuff is negated. You’re putting chemicals into your body that are not good and that chemicals is called free radicals so you need antioxidants to neutralize that and it’s basically negating all the powerful benefits of turmeric. So make sure you get organic turmeric, it’s hard to find sometimes so what I do is I order it online, you can order it from… it was ordered from Amazon because we couldn’t find it. So we ordered on Amazon couple days later or a day later it shows up at the front door step and we make a lot of healthy drinks from it which I can share on a later post but this is extremely beneficial and powerful. Make sure you get organic turmeric so you’re getting the benefits of the cucurmin and other properties in it. I hope this is helpful and have a great day!”

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