“Before EarthFIT, I was overweight, I was tired constantly, I was always sick, my attitude, I didn’t sleep well at night, because I was not feeding my body properly. I seemed to be like… even short with my children, I just overall did not feel well.

Well, once I made the decision to join EarthFIT, which was actually inspired by somebody else who I saw coming here, and I saw the changes in that person not just physically but emotionally, as well and mentally I said why not now. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was coming up on my 40th birthday, which I still am coming up on my 40th birthday, and I thought myself I’m going to spend money either on health or health care, and I chose health. So, since I joined EarthFIT, I have had decreased pain. I had 3 knee surgeries and I was on my way to the 4th; I no longer have to had that. I have lower back pain and I started with back program here which was phenomenal after a month I was able to incorporate myself onto the gym floor at a beginners pace, and then  I had a tennis elbow from actually changing the sheets on my king mattress, so those are all eliminated now. I’ve been sick only one time in a last year and a half; I have been healthier than I have ever been. Weight loss for me is a byproduct, it’s a side effect of coming her. It’s the other things that I have gained: I am sleeping amazing at night, my diet has changed completely – I am eating a more whole plant based diet, which is allowing me to have more energy throughout the day which is giving me more energy to be positive and present at the moment for my children which is really important for me, because as a single mom I have a crazy schedule, I’m a full time employee, as well as run my own company. I have 2 boys who are very active to keep up with, and I feel like I have the energy now to do that. I can’t tell you in words what the difference EarthFIT means to me, I think it just shows in my everyday lifestyle and now I feel like I am able to inspire others just through my consistency and the accountability that this program gives me.

So before I joined, I did research for other programs in the area, and I found that EarthFIT was the best fit for me because I like the accountability. I actually liked when you walk in the door that they say hello to you every single time by your name, they checked in with you, your trainer comes over and he or she ask you “how you are feeling today?, Are you still feeling sore from the workout yesterday? Is this injury bothering you?” So, overall I feel very comfortable with my decision. I feel like it is one of the best investments that I have ever made with my money. I would recommend the EarthFIT program to anybody who is wanting to do something that is going to create lasting results for them. EarthFIT is not just a workout program, it’s a complete mind-shift program, and so if you are ready to do something that is going to change your life, quite literally, I would say call and start today. There’s no better time than now to start and that you are worth it, so you should come on in.”

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