Beaufort Fitness: Shoulder Press

This exercise is typically where I find people to be the weakest mostly because we are not doing this (arms up and down) all day. The only time that we are reaching for anything like that is maybe when we travel when we put our luggage up or when we reach for a cup, but these muscles are extremely important. There is a lot going around the shoulders and this is basically one that we want to focus on ,because when we do need them it is important to have structure and stabilisation around this joints.

When people get older they start to have issues with the joints, when things get inflamed there’s a lot of muscles that cross, one muscle gets inflamed it creates a whole fire going on in the shoulder.

So this is a very simple exercise, the main thing here is to not have any force on the lower back. A lot of people pick up too heavy weights and then they start pressing, they arch their back putting a lot of force on the lower back. So simple things – knees bent slightly, hips back, back straight and then we are just going to shoulder press using just using our shoulders and again we can do it in numerous different ways (please see the video):

  • One would be pressing straight up with the weights facing out.
  • Another way would be here, pressing up and clicking together.
  • Another one would be coming from here and then up and out.



And so, you get the point, shoulder press is another one of those exercises that we would want to do to strengthen the overall body and to hit every aspect of the body that we might use out in real life, because essentially that is what we are training for, training to do things in life better, more efficiently, feel better about it, and stay injury free.

So, there you go with the shoulder press. I hope that helps, any comments or questions go ahead leave it below.


Ian Hart is a Body-Mind Transformation expert, the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, co-creator of BACK PAIN RELIEF4LIFE, and founder of BEAUFORTPERSONALTRAINING.COM and MYBACKPAINCOACH.COM. Ian and his team help people get into optimal shape in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible, using cutting edge science.

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