“Hey everyone! This is Coach Reid here from EarthFIT. Today I’m going to show you how to do a correct clean with a kettlebell, whether it’d be 1 or 2 arms here. I’ve seen a lot of people coming to me saying that they’ve got bruised wrist and bruised arms from swinging those kettlebells up in doing a clean there and getting bruised on the wrist, so today I’m going to show you how to alleviate that.

And so you are going to pick up your one kettlebell, it’s much like a swing on the back swing all about popping through the hips there so you are going to come down popping those weights up, twisting your arm there (please see the video) to get it up into the rack position. So I see a lot of this when I watching people do swings coming up and it’s really hitting their arm, they’re hitting their for forearm and bruising them. So again, we want that palm facing the leg here to start. I’m going to go through it slowly here and we are going to rotate your palm out as you come up there so coming down and slowly rotating up so you are just catching up here. So again coming down palm facing your leg there and rotating it out as you come up so the same form if you have both [kettlebells] here, going through the motion a little bit more quickly now. So I’m coming down, swinging those weights up, catching high and back down and swinging back up there.

So it looks the same if you got double but that’s to make sure of rotating your hands out so that you are not hitting your forearms and bruising them on the kettlebell clean here.”

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