In this world there are many shapes and sizes. This is also true for the human bodies. We have so many different variations of characteristics that help tell us apart from each other physically at least. Generally speaking though, these physical differences place us into one of the three body types we have come up with in society. The three are Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. In this post I am not only going to go through exactly what each of these body types is but also talk about the differences between them when it comes to nutrition and exercise and what is best for each type.

The first body type is ectomorph. These are people with smaller bone structure and more narrow builds. For example most long distance runners would be perfect representations of ectomorphs. Ectomorphs are more suited to processing carbohydrates for fuel. [1] Ectomorphs have an easier time burning carbs and even can thrive off putting carbs into their bodies to use them as energy. This is described as a high carbohydrate tolerance. This would be why endurance athletes have a tendency to be closer to the ectomorph body type because endurance sports requires lots of fuel from carbohydrates to replenish their glycogen stores. Ectomorphs also typically have faster metabolisms which contribute to their slimmer build because they burn more calories at rest than the other body types. Though it is more difficult for them to build lots of muscle and bulk up. Ectomorphs want to intake more carbohydrates than the other body types, take in less fat and still need a good amount of protein if trying to put on muscle.

The second body type is endomorph. These are people with bigger bone structures and more fat mass. Longer bones as well as thicker in diameter which allows them to put on mass much more easily than someone with a smaller bone structure. Excess calories in an endomorphs diet are more likely to not get burned off because of their slower metabolism which allows them to put on fat mass more easily. [1] However in this excess energy inclination, they also have an easier time storing lean mass which could be muscle. Endomorphs are on the other side of the spectrum to ectomorphs for the most part. This is true with their macronutrient tolerance as well. Endomorphs don’t burn carbs like ectomorphs. It is suggested that endomorphs take in more fats and proteins due to this lower carbohydrate tolerance. The carbohydrates should be digested around bouts of exercise so these calories get burned off and have a less likely chance to be stored as fat.

Lastly we have the mesomorph. Mesomorphs are a combination of both body types previously mentioned. They have a medium sized bone structure with an increased ability to put on muscle yet still be lean. [2] As far as nutrition goes, mesomorphs have a little bit more leeway when it comes to their macronutrients. They can tolerate carbohydrates pretty well but still need a good amount of protein if trying to build muscle. However this does not mean you can just put in whatever you want into your body and expect good results. Mesomorphs also have a tendency to produce a good amount of power due size and ability to put on muscle.

Some of you might have read this far and said to yourself “I don’t seem to be like any of these body types.” Not everyone falls closer to one of these body types so if you are between two or all three of the types then you can take some from each and see what ways of nutrition and exercise work for you. It is not unusual at all to be a combination of these body types but generally you fall closer to one whether it be physically apparent or whether you are better with certain macronutrients. Now you should be consciously aware of what macronutrients your body type is more suited for which will allow you to better plan your intake if calories to reach your personal goal. However don’t use your body type as an excuse of why you cannot attain a certain look or weight. We can all transform our bodies into what we desire. We just have to put in the work needed and stay diligent.

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