Ankle and Hip Mobility/ Flexibility



  • Increase in muscle and joint temperature
  • Increase in range of motion
  • Active stretching
  • Should be performed before workouts


  • Lengthening of soft tissue
  • Passive Stretching
  • Should be performed after workouts



Ankle and Hip Mobility/ Flexibility

  • Angle between shin and top of foot
  • Lack of dorsiflexion is one of the biggest problems that hinders lower body movements
  • Lack of dorsiflexion can be from tight calf muscles, inflexibility of the ankle joint, or tight Achilles

How can I improve my squat to get lower?

  • Improving your dorsiflexion will allow you to get deeper into your squats without shifting your weight to your toes.

Why can’t I keep my heels on the ground when I perform a lunge or squat?

  • Without adequate dorsiflexion in your ankles, once you reach a certain depth you will not be able to get further without your weight shifting from your heels to your toes.

What can happen if I don’t improve my dorsiflexion mobility/flexibility?

  • Your performance will suffer, and you will have a greater risk of pain and/or injury.


  • Complex parts of the body
  • Ball and socket joints
  • Perform Flexion/Extension, Abduction/Adduction and External/Internal Rotation

Why can’t I get to 90 degrees on my squat?

  • If your hip flexors are tight, your hips will not be able to get close enough to your chest.

Why do I have pain in my inner thigh when performing a low lateral shuffle?

  • Having tight hip abductors/adductors will make it difficult to achieve a low lateral shuffle position which can lead to pain in the  inner thigh area.

What can happen if I don’t improve my mobility/flexibility in my hips?

  • Just like in the ankles, without proper mobility/flexibility your performance will suffer, and your risk of pain and/or injury will increase.

Ankle Mobility/Flexibility Drills

  1. Dorsiflexion Stretch
  2. Foam Roll (Soft Tissue)
  3. Active Calf/Achilles/Ankle Joint Stretch

Hip Mobility/Flexibility Drills

  1. Knee Grab
  2. Under the Hurdles
  3. Over the Hurdles
  4. Fire Hydrant Away From the Body
  5. Fire Hydrant Toward the Body
  6. Pigeon Pose
  7. Hip Flexor/Quad Stretch


-EarthFIT Coach Steve

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