Alyssa EarthFIT Testimonial Beaufort Personal Training

“Before EarthFIT, my life included a lot of migraine headaches, I weighed 217 Lbs, I was out of breath doing just about anything. I actually went to a rheumatologist because I had so many aches that they thought I might have lupus or some sort of other autoimmune disease because everything hurt including my hands, my feet, my back, my joints and every aching pain in my body. I even had pains in my teeth and so I went through a whole series of blood test and everything else, and they ruled everything out except they said that my weight was causing most of my issues and they said that I needed to gain strength in my muscles and so I knew I had to do something.

I came to EarthFIT because I didn’t really know anything else to do. I was trying to do things on my own like walking and doing some exercises at home, but it just wasn’t doing enough and so I came here and decided to see what it would do.

The results here have been significant weight loss, but more so than the weight loss has been a severe amount of energy. I can do just about anything from the time I wake up to the time I go to Bed. I feel strong, I don’t feel like when I’m doing things I don’t get fatigued like I used to. I don’t feel pain when I’m trying to accomplish tasks like when I’m doing anything from mowing the grass to doing things with my kids even in swimming from the pool with them, carrying them up the stairs, even putting them in the grocery cart, doing the grocery shopping, simple tasks like that, even standing at the stove cooking dinner, everything is much easier. The confidence level has gone through the roof, when I look at the mirror I feel strong and I feel healthy, I feel good about myself and since I’ve been here I feel like it’s changed my life.

I was very skeptical about EarthFIT, I really didn’t understand how the program worked, I was very self conscious about it, because when I walked in the door I could see all these people doing these exercises I never pictured myself being able to do. It was very intimidating to me when I walked in the door. I never pictured myself being able to do deadlifts with kettlebells, trap bars and then pull-ups and all these things. I just couldn’t have pictured myself being able to do them and so once I got into the program and it was so personalised for each individual person and they start you at such a slow pace and work with you and your level and get you into the program and work you into each individual exercise and work with your strengths and weaknesses that it really builds your confidence with each exercise and before you know it you’re doing things that you never knew you could do.

I definitely would recommend it [EarthFIT]. I think any person of any age, of any fitness level can walk in the door and have a program developed specifically for them, even if you have a shoulder injury, back, knee injury, if you’re overweight, underweight, whatever it is I think they can work with you and get you strong and get you healthy.”


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